The Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Social Media Strategy

Do’s and Don’ts of Youtube Social Media Strategy - youtube social media strategy

“The Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Social Media Strategy” written by Mike Marko.

Have you been struggling to get the results you want in your YouTube marketing? It’s pretty common.

I myself have friends with businesses who’ve reached out and asked what they’re doing wrong on the platform. Some even say they have their own YouTube strategies, yet still don’t get the results they expect.

Of course, the problem is obvious for those who don’t even have a YouTube social media strategy. There’s nothing organizing their promotions on the platform.

But for those with a YouTube social media strategy, the issue is different. It’s often that their strategies miss a vital rule or two about YouTube marketing.

Either way, I’m here to help you if you’re having problems like these. Whether it’s that you don’t have a YouTube social media strategy yet or just need to improve your current one, this post can assist.

That’s because I’ll show you the most important rules of YouTube marketing strategy. In other words, I’ll reveal the do’s and don’ts of marketing on YouTube.

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YouTube Social Media Strategy – Doing It Right

An excellent YouTube social media strategy can do a lot for your video marketing efforts.

It helps you have a sense of direction and set measurable goals for your YouTube marketing. It’s essential for day-to-day decisions and for assessing performance, changes, and weak points.

Without a YouTube social media strategy, your YouTube marketing efforts aren’t likely to produce satisfying results. That’s because you won’t have a proper plan or structure guiding them.

But not every YouTube social media strategy is a sound one.

Some strategies aren’t good ones, for example, because they don’t fit a business’s needs or resources. As a result, they fail to provide the desired results even after a ton of investment in time and effort.

Thus, it’s wise to take time to plot out the best YouTube social media strategy for your business. To that end, I’ll provide you with do’s and don’ts that can guide the process.

Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High

You may have seen ads and marketing videos that gained thousands — or even millions — of views.

And after seeing them, you probably think your videos should get that much attention too.

But remember, setting your expectations too high isn’t a good YouTube social media strategy. You must set realistic expectations, especially when you’re still building up your channel.

Just because you’ve uploaded a video doesn’t mean you’re going to gain millions of views and get the results you want instantly.

After all, it’s not just about creating and uploading videos. A good YouTube social media strategy also means having a promotion and distribution plan (aside from the fact that your content should be compelling and engaging).

In fact, behind most successful YouTube videos is a meticulous distribution plan. Every video should be a campaign that can be spread across your social media pages with a strong intent of conversion.

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Don’t Think Small

On the other hand, thinking small is a big no-no too in YouTube social media strategy.

We’ve discussed that you shouldn’t set your expectations too high and that you should be realistic.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make your videos go viral just because you’re a small enterprise.

With creativity, an excellent promotion and distribution plan, and quality content, you can make your videos the talk of the town. You can even try some YouTube views hacks to boost views!

That being said, here’s a YouTube social media strategy tip that you should remember — YouTube views tell you how many people your videos have reached. But they’re not the end-all and be-all of marketing on the network.

For most brands and campaigns, what’s really important is the engagement and conversion your videos get (except for vloggers who earn from views). Keep that in mind.

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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Another thing to remember is that YouTube isn’t the only online video platform you can use. In fact, YouTube may not offer the best chance of success for all brands.

So, the third Don’t of YouTube social media strategy is not to put all your videos on YouTube. Think about the other video-sharing platforms available.

Why not consider using Vimeo? It could be regarded as a more credible platform, especially for creative professionals.

Now, YouTube has over 1 billion viewers per month. Vimeo, on the other hand, only brings in over 280 million viewers per month… so why bother with Vimeo?

Well, you can dump all your videos on YouTube as long as they’re not sexually explicit and overly violent or gory. But Vimeo has a stricter policy of what videos you can upload.

That means there are fewer pointless and spammy videos on Vimeo. The videos uploaded on the platform are perceived as more professional.

As such, Vimeo attracts more sophisticated and prestigious audiences. Depending on your brand’s target audience, that may mean the platform has marketing opportunities for you.

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Don’t Create YouTube Videos Out of Impulse

Regularly creating and uploading videos is a great YouTube social media strategy. Consistency is essential for branding.

But creating videos on a whim isn’t a good YouTube social media strategy at all. You wouldn’t launch a social media campaign without setting goals and planning, right?

Likewise, uploading YouTube videos without proper planning and execution is a bad YouTube social media strategy. It will reflect on your company poorly.

It’s basically uploading low-quality content. So what you need to do is to plan and execute — create a script, practice, and create high-quality videos that your audience will enjoy.

Don’t Upload Low-Quality Videos

Your YouTube channel reflects your company’s standards.

That means uploading low-quality videos can tarnish your brand’s reputation. Poorly created videos shouldn’t be included in your YouTube social media strategy… ever!

If you submit low-quality videos (bad lighting, poor audio, and shoddy visuals), your audience is highly likely to go to another channel and may not return.

Produce high-quality videos and content, and your audience will know that they can expect high-quality products and services from your company.

This is one of the most important Don’ts because it can have serious effects on your brand’s image. Now we’re done with the DON’Ts of YouTube social media strategy, however.

As such, let’s now go over the DO’s. Let’s start with how to optimize your videos for search.

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Do Apply Proper SEO 

SEO (search engine optimization) plays a significant role in the success of your YouTube social media strategy.

In fact, it should always be part of your YouTube social media strategy.

When it’s applied correctly, your videos are likelier to get the views and engagements they deserve. That’s because SEO makes them more prominent in search engine page results and YouTube search results.

Apply targeted keywords in your video titles for SEO. Don’t forget to use your main keywords and other relevant words in the tags too.

Your description should also be keyword-rich, while being properly descriptive. All of this will make your videos easier to find on Google and YouTube.

Do Choose the Right Thumbnail

We discussed earlier that promotion is a contributing factor to the success of your YouTube social media strategy. Thumbnails are an essential part of YouTube marketing and have always been effective in promoting videos.

You see, a lot of people can be swayed into watching a video if it has an attractive thumbnail. The same people may be dissuaded from watching a video with a dull thumbnail.

So, pick the best thumbnail for hooking in your audience to click on your video.

Your thumbnail should be eye-catching and draw your audience into watching your video. Try to use one that represents the content of the video.

Keep in mind, when you upload a video on YouTube without a preselected thumbnail, the platform randomly picks a frame from your video instead. You’ll have no control over what it picks.

Most of the time, thumbnails chosen this way aren’t that pretty. Thus, it’s often best to use a custom thumbnail you’ve created and uploaded yourself.

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Do Use YouTube Tools

A good YouTube social media strategy is to use YouTube tools to full advantage.

YouTube has tools that can improve your video, obtain engagements, and promote your channel. For example, you may use Cards to lead viewers to your other videos.

Cards are overlaid text blocks that pop up (like notifications) during your video. They often appear on the top right corner of your video.

Cards can be used to lead your viewers to your other videos, a playlist, a donate page, a poll, or a webpage. You can even have up to 5 Cards in one video!

Use the Cards at the appropriate time in your video. For example, you could promote another video of yours that your viewers might like to watch… but make sure you’re not asking them to leave at the most exciting part of your video.

Cards are just one example of the many YouTube social media strategy tools you can use. Another one is the End Screen.

An End Screen extends watch time by directing the viewers to check on your other videos. You can use the End Screen to promote your other videos, website, merchandise, etc.

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Do Create Content Regularly

If you’re already creating and uploading content regularly, then you have an excellent YouTube social media strategy.

You must submit videos regularly as it builds your identity and affects your branding. For example, you may choose to upload once or twice a week.

The bottom line is that your audience must know that they have something new to expect from your channel. This is important if you’re a vlogger or offer services.

Do Produce Great Videos 

As I said earlier, low-quality videos produce poor results. But a high-quality video can give you a satisfying outcome.

Better videos tend to get more attention, for obvious reasons. Most people would rather watch a video that looks like it has high production values than one of poor quality.

That being said, don’t think you have to spend a lot of money to produce such content. You can produce pretty good videos now with just a decent camera and some editing savvy.

Of course, better hardware can help you along. That’s why most people make it part of their YouTube social media strategy to invest in good video recording equipment.

You may also want to hire professionals like videographers and a video editor to help you come up with the best videos.

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Final Thoughts on YouTube Social Media Strategy

Having a YouTube social media strategy is extremely important if you want your video marketing to work out.

A strategy helps you focus on your goals and evaluate success. It provides structure and direction to your efforts.

To help you formulate the right strategy, I told you the dos and don’ts of YouTube social media strategy.

Here are the Don’ts:

  • Don’t set your expectations too high.
  • Don’t think small.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Don’t create YouTube videos out of impulse.
  • Don’t upload low-quality videos.

And here are the Do’s:

  • Apply proper SEO.
  • Choose the right thumbnail.
  • Use YouTube tools.
  • Create content regularly.
  • Produce great videos.

Keep those in mind when you create or tweak your YouTube social media strategy.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me anything about developing a YouTube social media strategy in the comments section below!  You can also check out my guide to YouTube marketing for more ideas for your B2B strategies.

Please also check out other articles I’ve written on the topic, like my post on easy ways to increase YouTube video views. And if you have any more questions about how to get more views on YouTube, leave a comment below.

Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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