5 YouTube Marketing Tips for Better Marketing Results

YouTube Marketing Tips for Optimizing Your Channel - Social media, Youtube, Mobile

“5 YouTube Marketing Tips for Better Marketing Results” written by Mike Marko.

I know that marketing on YouTube isn’t easy.

Many business owners are having a hard time marketing their business on this platform. They have a hard time getting views or subscribers

Do you know why?

It’s only because they’re not optimizing their channel.

If you’re having the same problems, then let me help you with the following 5 YouTube marketing tips.

YouTube Marketing Tips for Optimizing Your Channel

Your business should be on YouTube.  

YouTube videos allow you better connection with your audience.  While many people don’t listen to the sound of videos on other platforms, people expect to have sound on YouTube videos.  .

To successfully market your business on this platform, you need to optimize your channel first.

With that said, let’s talk about YouTube marketing tips you can use to optimize your channel.

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1. Choose The Right Video Titles

You need to make sure that your videos have the right titles to increase its views. The title of your video will help encourage your audience to watch your content.

It’s advisable to check the popular videos in your niche and see the way how the titles are constructed. Usually, experienced online marketers start the title of the video with a keyword. This is because keywords help increase the content’s visibility in search engine results.

Each video’s title shouldn’t be more than 70 characters long. Popular videos commonly have a short title that clearly describes what’s in it. With that said, optimize the title and make the best of the allowed characters.  

Alternately, “How to” videos can titled as such.  “How to” videos are very popular on YouTube.

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2. Always Use Interesting Graphics

When’s the last time you clicked and watch a video with a low-quality thumbnail? I’m sure you can’t remember it because usually, people only watch YouTube videos with an eye-catching thumbnail.

A YouTube video with a good title gets more views if it has a good thumbnail. The reason for this is because people often assume that a video has high-quality content if it has a good thumbnail.

With that said, consider investing in graphics editing tools because it can help you a lot in marketing your business on YouTube.

Graphics editing software such as Photoshop isn’t only useful in creating a thumbnail, you can use it in making a channel banner as well. Your channel will get more visitors if you’re using a high-quality banner that clearly describes your channel.

3. Make a Good Intro Video

Aside from a channel banner, you also need to create a good intro video. The intro video will play every time a user visits your channel.

Unlike Facebook cover video, a YouTube channel can display two types of featured videos on their channel’s homepage.

The first one is displayed only to new visitors and those who have not subscribed. The second one appears to users who already visited your channel

Usually, experienced online marketers use the intro video to show what the channel is all about. However, you can also say something about your business on your intro video or a CTA (Call to Action). There’ a lot of things you can do in your intro video, just make sure to send a clear message.

For the second video, you can use it to announce events about your business. Also, you can offer promos to the users who are visiting your channel frequently.

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4. Upload High-Quality Videos

Of course, your channel should be filled with rich and informative content that’s related to your business or industry. Your efforts in making your channel look professional will mean nothing if it contains poorly produced videos.

To get ideas on how to make high-quality videos, search for popular videos in your niche and study how it’s done. Watching the videos produced by influencers in your niche is the best and easiest way to do this.

Having high-quality videos can attract your target audience. However, when I say high-quality videos, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to capture your videos through a DSLR camera. In fact, you don’t need a DSLR camera to produce high-quality videos. You can use an ordinary camera or make videos online.

If you don’t have a DSLR or any professional camera, just record with lots of natural light. Also, purchase a lapel mic to record the audio.

After shooting the video, you can also do the editing yourself. There are tons of video editing programs you can purchase and download. If you have money, hire video makers and editors to make the content for you.

5. Organize Your Videos and Playlists

For the last of the YouTube marketing tips, you should organize your videos and use playlists. Consider deleting unnecessary and poorly produced videos because it can drive away your audience. Most people only follow channels that are consistently posting the same quality of videos.

Post high-quality content and organize it by creating playlists. When you’re creating playlists, don’t forget to add titles, tags, and descriptions. To do this, click on a playlist in the left pane and select Edit when the playlist information screen opens.

Always share your playlists or content on your social media accounts. Doing this will increase your subscribers and views on your YouTube videos.

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Final Thoughts on YouTube Marketing Tips for Optimizing Your Channel

In this blog post, I talked about YouTube marketing tips for optimizing your channel. If you’re using video content in your online marketing campaign, you definitely need to upload it to YouTube. That’s because YouTube is one of the most popular websites for video content.

To ensure the success of your marketing campaign on YouTube, make sure to follow the tips I gave in this blog. Remember, always use the best possible title for your videos and use an eye-catching thumbnail.

Aside from that, make your channel look professional by using high-quality banners and intro videos. Also, don’t forget to organize your channel by making playlists and uploading finely produced videos.

If you have more questions about YouTube marketing tips, leave them in the comments section below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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5 YouTube Marketing Tips for Better Marketing Results - Mike Marko

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