Why Your YouTube Marketing Plan Isn’t Working

Why Your YouTube Marketing Plan Isn’t Working - Youtube marketing plan

“Why Your YouTube Marketing Plan Isn’t Working” written by Mike Marko.

If you’re here reading this, you’re YouTube marketing plan obviously isn’t working out the way you expected.

No sense feeling awful about that, by the way. A lot of people actually find themselves in the same situation when they execute their first YouTube marketing plan.

That’s because it’s all too easy to make mistakes in YouTube marketing. I’d know, having made my own share of mistakes with it years ago.

Fortunately, most YouTube marketing plan mistakes are common ones.

In other words, most of the things going wrong with your YouTube marketing plan are ones that have gone wrong with others’ plans too.

That’s what we’ll talk about in today’s article. Below, I’ll show you the most common errors people make in a YouTube marketing plan and how to fix them.

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Common YouTube Marketing Plan Mistakes

Despite the disappointments some experience with video marketing, they typically continue using it.

It’s not hard to see why. 51% of marketers actually say that video marketing gives them the best return on investment or ROI.

But if you’re here looking for reasons your YouTube marketing plan isn’t working, you’re likely not one of the people in that 51%.

So let’s get started on changing that.

As I said before, most YouTube marketing plan flaws are common ones. Youtube marketing beginners tend to make the same mistakes.

Here’s a rundown of those common errors and how you can resolve them.

1) Undefined Goals and KPIs

This is easily among the top errors people make when drawing up a YouTube marketing plan.

It’s particularly deadly because it ruins the way you assess and improve your plan while executing it.

The thing about marketing — whether it’s Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, or what-have-you — is that it depends a lot on testing.

You test a plan by executing it, then constantly evaluate it to see what you can do to improve, what should be replaced, etc.

If your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) aren’t properly defined, it’s very hard to evaluate your marketing plan.

That makes it impossible to improve it as well.

So when you create a YouTube marketing plan, take time to specify all the goals and KPIs involved.

For instance, specify the number of views and ad impressions as KPIs for the goal of awareness. Distinguish that from KPIs like clicks and sales, which would belong to the goal of action/conversion.

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2) You’re Not Posting at the Right Time

This remains a consideration in a YouTube marketing plan.

If you want your video content to have the best chance of being seen, you want to post right before your audience is likeliest to be online.

That maximizes your chances of getting a big initial surge of views and engagement to start the ball rolling.

Since most people watch YouTube videos on weekends, I’d advise posting right before that.

To be exact, try to use Thursdays and Fridays as the “posting days” in your YouTube marketing plan.

That way, your videos will be in the system and indexed by the time your target audience is on the site.

3) You’re Not Optimizing Content

It’s amazing how many people still skip optimization in their YouTube marketing plan. That’s a big mistake, as it immediately lowers your chances of having content found by viewers.

I’ve written about optimizing YouTube content before. But in brief, here are some tips to follow for it:

  • Use keywords in your tags, video titles, and video descriptions.
  • Add a video transcript to your videos. YouTube’s crawlers also love them, especially if they have keywords.
  • Create a custom thumbnail image for each video. Better thumbnails mean more views!

Want to learn more about how to include optimization in your YouTube marketing plan? Just take a gander at some of my other YouTube marketing guides.

They can help you iron out other aspects of your YouTube marketing plan too.

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4) You’re Not Branding Effectively

There’s little point to creating great video content if it doesn’t remind customers of your brand.

Make sure branding is part of your YouTube marketing plan.

Consider it part of your content production strategy, even.

A really simple way to do it is to just have your logo appear in your video at the beginning and end. This keeps your brand at the forefront.

A rather more involved but also effective way of doing it is to have all your videos use a unique, identifiable style.

That brands them in the sense that when people see video content with that style, they’ll immediately associate it with your brand.

5) You’re Sending Too Many Messages

Every video has a message. In some cases, it may have more than one.

When all of the messages seem to fight for primacy, though, that’s a problem.

This is a common error people make in the content strategy of their YouTube marketing plan. They try to pack too many messages in their videos.

This ends up confusing viewers, and certainly doesn’t encourage them to follow a call to action (CTA).

So try to keep videos clear. Have one main message, and make sure all the others are just supporting ones.

This can help you keep your marketing from getting muddled.

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6) You Don’t Cross-Promote

Some people think a YouTube marketing plan should only involve YouTube.

Well, think again. Any type of marketing now should seriously involve an element of cross-platform promotion.

In other words, you shouldn’t just be promoting your YouTube marketing plan content on YouTube. You should be promoting it on other social networks too.

Consider sharing your videos using networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can even do it on LinkedIn too.

In fact, embed videos on your blog as well. That further enhances the promotion your videos get and gives viewers multiple access points for your content.

The idea is to maximize exposure. That’s why you should make sure your video gets distributed or shared out on as many platforms as possible.

7) Your CTA Is Weak

Taking time to develop a strong, effective CTA is an important part of any YouTube marketing plan.

A lot of people make the mistake of forgetting to add a CTA to their YouTube content.

Others do add a CTA, but it’s so weakly-presented that it barely registers for their viewers.

Both are major mistakes. You never want to miss out on an opportunity to support your brand or business.

You want a CTA that’s obvious, but simple to act on.

As much as possible, it should also be related to the topic of the video. That enhances the chances of people following through on it.

It wouldn’t make sense to leave a CTA that encourages people to visit an online shop for bungee cords after a video about how to feed your pet dog, after all.

Unless — of course — your video was about how to use a bungee cord to feed your pet dog.

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Final Thoughts on YouTube Marketing Plan Errors

That wraps it up for today’s piece on common YouTube marketing plan mistakes.

As I said above, YouTube marketing can be one of the most rewarding things you can do when promoting your business. The potential ROI is huge, as most professional marketers will tell you.

But certain mistakes can bring down your chances of getting those big returns. Those are the marketing mistakes we discussed in this article.

To reiterate, here are those mistakes once again:

  • Failing to define your goals and key performance indicators properly. This can lead to poor assessment, improvement, and execution of your YouTube marketing plan.
  • Failing to post at the right time. This hurts your content’s chances of being seen by your target audience.
  • Failing to optimize content. Using keywords in critical areas is part of good video marketing, for instance, yet many people forget to do it.
  • Failing to brand content. That makes your content ineffective at promoting awareness of your brand.
  • Failing to clarify your main message. This can lead to viewer confusion about what your videos are trying to say.
  • Failing to promote videos on other platforms. This wastes opportunities for exposure.
  • Failing to include an effective CTA. This error squanders a chance at achieving conversions or certain goals.

So keep an eye out for these YouTube marketing plan errors. They may be bringing down your own video marketing.

Have more questions about how to make a good YouTube marketing plan? Just leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer!

Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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