Top 5 YouTube Channel Marketing Practices to Try

Top 5 YouTube Channel Marketing Practices to Try - YouTube channel marketing

“Top 5 YouTube Channel Marketing Practices to Try” written by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling with your YouTube channel marketing? Then maybe you should experiment and try new YouTube channel marketing practices.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to know that YouTube channel marketing is becoming very popular nowadays. Most consumers are even likely to discover new brands because of YouTube channel marketing.

However, maintaining an effective YouTube channel marketing practice can be harder than you think.

Some marketers think basic YouTube channel marketing will be enough to properly boost their channel, but it isn’t, as they find out later.

I know a lot of businesses doing YouTube channel marketing who make this common mistake. I’ve also seen how doing so can compromise a YouTube channel’s potential to grow.

As an online business owner, I also know how important YouTube channel marketing is. So, I’ll use this blog to provide other marketers with new tricks to add to their YouTube channel marketing practices.

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Boost Your YouTube Channel Marketing Strategy with These Key Tricks

Now, it’s actually good to remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine, following Google. 17% of Internet traffic even flows through YouTube.

Because of this, marketers would be at a loss if they don’t invest enough in their YouTube channel marketing.

“But why don’t I just focus on my YouTube content?” you might ask. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t—I’m saying that your YouTube channel marketing also plays a crucial role.

I say this because you don’t want your possible consumers to only remember you because of a few videos.

To ensure that you’ll have a consistent audience for all your future videos, you’ll have to market your channel as a whole.

Just presenting your YouTube channel as your YouTube channel marketing won’t cut it, either. You have to make your channel subscription-worthy for your audience.

One easy way to do YouTube channel marketing right is to make your channel look appealing.

1) Brand Your YouTube Channel

Like I’ve mentioned before, you should avoid focusing only on your video content. This is because doing so could lead you to forget your YouTube channel’s appearance.

In turn, that could result in ineffective YouTube channel marketing. So you should always remember to add touches of your brand to your YouTube channel.

By branding your channel, you’re differentiating your YouTube channel from other channels that are similar. You won’t be “just another clothing brand” or “just another retailer”.

Branding also helps users immediately see what your channel is about. Users can then remember your specific branding when they think about your business.

You should also consider creating a business-centered but creative and engaging YouTube channel trailer. Making one and putting it up on your YouTube channel’s front page can also help make your brand stand out.

Watermarking your content can also be beneficial. Keeping this a part of your YouTube channel marketing practices can keep a subtle reminder that each video’s a product of your business.

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2) Share Your Content on Other Social Media Platforms

Although using YouTube to upload and promote your content can already be effective, you should also reach out to other platforms.

Luckily, social media platforms can cross-promote content.

Your YouTube content can reach your Facebook or Twitter audience. This also means that your YouTube channel marketing strategy can boost your other social media business pages.

Your followers on other social media platforms will also be able to share your content. This can help it spread on different social media sites.

Think of it this way—followers that you have on other social networking sites can help your YouTube content reach other users who aren’t on YouTube. It’s one of the best YouTube channel marketing practices that can involve a larger audience.

You can also choose to post teasers or announcements about new content on YouTube and other social media sites.

Doing so can hype up your audience with hints about what your video will be about while announcing when it will be uploaded.

This also helps encourage them to look forward to seeing your content, even if they’re outside of YouTube.

You should remember to post all your content on your own website as well. This way, users who visit your website directly will be able to find your YouTube content too.

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3) Start Using Keywords

Now you may have already heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO before. Commonly, you’ll see SEO being used on content such as articles on blogs or websites.

You might even be using SEO already. And if you are, your SEO knowledge can be of great use to your YouTube channel marketing.

This is because SEO still applies to YouTube.

Implementing SEO is actually one of the best ways to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. Doing so can increase your views and grow your audience.

Don’t worry if you are having a hard time looking for keywords, by the way. Using keyword tools that are specific to YouTube, such as, can help you find commonly-searched-for YouTube keywords.

Choosing a keyword before creating content can also help you build around and focus on that keyword. This can be highly helpful if you’re struggling to draft your next video.

Also, make a habit of searching for your keyword on YouTube. This is to see if your content is similar to the videos currently ranking high for your keyword.

You should also remember to implement SEO in your title and description. Doing so can help your content rank high, just like putting keywords in an article.

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4) Engage with Your Subscribers

Remember, YouTube is still a social media platform, so do your best to “socialize”.

It isn’t optimal for an online business owner to just upload content on YouTube without involving the audience.

So, you should upload content that encourages discussions or replies in the comment section. Maybe you could start a poll in your video, or ask for your subscribers’ opinions on the topic.

You can also ask your subscribers about what your next video can cover. That way, they can actually help you with your YouTube channel marketing by stating what they want to see.

Generating engagement can even lead you to receive rewards from YouTube. These rewards can help boost your channel’s visibility.

You should also remember to keep interactions professional. This is because your interactions will reflect on your brand.

You can also engage with your subscribers by showing up in your videos. Doing so allows you to connect with them as an individual while giving your channel a face and personality.

5) Keep an Upload Schedule

Lastly, you need to have consistency in order to have a successful YouTube channel marketing strategy. You can’t keep growing your audience if you barely produce content for them to watch.

So, try to keep your uploads as consistent as you can. This way, your subscribers can be assured that you will be able to provide them with content regularly.

Your subscribers expect content about your business after all. Plus, you mostly just need to be consistent with your time and quality of uploads. Your videos don’t actually need to be long.

You should also keep your subscribers in the loop about when new videos will be uploaded. Doing so lets them know that they will have new business-related content to watch soon.

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Final Thoughts on YouTube Channel Marketing Practices You Should Try

New YouTube channel marketing practices can sound hard to keep at first. Results might not even be noticeable right away.

However, you should always remember that these YouTube channel marketing practices should be consistently followed in order to ensure results.

Eventually, as you keep implementing them, they’ll become a natural part of your YouTube marketing strategy.

So, remember, you should always make sure to keep your YouTube channel marketing practices branded. Don’t be afraid to show your audience your brand and how your online business is different from the rest.

Your branded YouTube channel marketing content should also be shared on other social networking sites. You’ll never know how many more viewers you can gather through doing this until you try!

SEO is also your best friend on YouTube. YouTube still is a search engine, after all, so make sure your YouTube channel marketing practices can help you rank high on it.

And while it’s a search engine, YouTube is also a social networking platform. So, make sure to engage with your audience as much as you can.

Lastly, you need to be consistent with your content too. You should always remember that a poor YouTube channel marketing strategy will most likely lose you subscribers fast.

If you persist with these YouTube channel marketing tricks, your channel will get the boost that it needs. But if you still have questions regarding YouTube channel marketing practices, you can contact me or leave a comment on this blog.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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Top 5 YouTube Channel Marketing Practices to Try - Mike Marko

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