5 YouTube Advertising Tips to Help Your Business

5 YouTube Advertising Tips to Succeed - YouTube advertising tips

“5 YouTube Advertising Tips to Help Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Did you come here because you were Googling YouTube advertising tips? If yes, then you’re not alone.

According to Google, there are more than 1 billion people who watch YouTube videos every day. That’s a very large audience for anyone with content on the platform.

So it’s only natural that businesses should be eyeing it as an advertising channel.

In fact, many businesses already have advertisements on YouTube. And aside from the one I gave you above, there are other statistics encouraging them to continue advertising on it.

All of this means that YouTube advertising tips are worth knowing for business owners nowadays. I’ll give you my top 5 YouTube advertising tips so you can make the most of your own YouTube ads.

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Make the Most of YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Nearly 1 out of every 2 Internet users is on it.

So if you’re not using YouTube marketing to promote your business, youre missing out.

YouTube reaches a lot of Internet users. That can be seen from the data I revealed above.

Google also reports that YouTube users are in age 18-49. Most businesses happen to have target consumers within this age range.

YouTube also has a significant impact on customer purchases. A recent YouTube Insights report records that YouTube helped the following types of consumers decide to buy, for example:

  • 72% of vehicle purchasers.
  • 66% of beauty product purchasers.
  • 62% of smartphone purchasers.

In addition to that, a recent meta-analysis reveals that YouTube advertisements offer higher ROI than common television ads. YouTube also offers a wide range of ad format and pricing options for businesses.

All of this means that YouTube is a worthwhile advertising channel. If you know how to go about it, you can achieve a lot for your brand by putting up ads on this platform.

That’s why I’ll help you today by giving you my top YouTube advertising tips. With these YouTube advertising tips, you can produce campaigns that get the results you’re aiming for.

1) Choose the Right YouTube Ad Format

The first of my YouTube advertising tips is for you to choose the right ad format.

There are various options on how to feature your ads on YouTube. So, before choosing the right ad format, consider first what you want to achieve.

The format of your ad affects your reach to different audiences. Your choice of ad format also depends on your business’s needs and requirements.

Learning the different ad formats is one of my YouTube advertising tips. So let’s get to know the options for ad formats on the platform right now.

TrueView Ads

TruView Ads are skippable ad formats. This is where the viewers have full control of whether they watch the full ad or not.

Here, you do not pay for the views from those who skipped the ads. You only pay those who viewed the ads for 30 seconds or longer.

Other TrueView Ad benefits and YouTube advertising tips for using this ad type include the following:

  • You have an opportunity to try different ad settings at a low cost.
  • Ads appear naturally and are not compulsory to viewers.
  • You will only pay for engaged viewers.
  • You can target your audience through AdWords.
  • You can reach distant audiences.

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Non-Skippable Video Ads

The non-skippable video ad is an ad format that may appear pre-, mid-, or post-roll. It plays while viewing partner content.

Non-skippable ads are effective for showcasing your product’s value for specific target markets. These ads on desktop and mobile devices can be up to 15-20 seconds long.

Viewers must watch the ad before they’re able to watch the selected video. That means some businesses may hesitate to use them (because they seem compulsory).

But like most things, these have a good and bad side to them.

For instance, they do have a higher video view abandonment rate than most other ads… but also usually have better engagement.

As part of my YouTube advertising tips, craft and target these with great care. The thing here is to make your video communicate your message visually and audibly.

One of the benefits of this ad format is the cost-per-mille (CPM) ad cost basis. Through CPM, you have more control over how much you spend on advertising.

Digital or In-Discovery Ads

Digital ads are the best option to feature your ads through user searches. For a specific search, these ads show at the top of video suggestions and look like sponsored videos.

Here’s one of my YouTube advertising tips for these — digital ads work best when you offer a service.

The service may be in the form of DIY advice or any content that provides a quick solution.

Note too that on the YouTube mobile homepage, these ads appear on the list of next related videos. Other benefits and YouTube advertising tips for using digital ads include these:

  • They are best for how-to videos.
  • You can use them to introduce a service.
  • Use them when it would benefit your ad to look native on the page.

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2) Create a Dynamic YouTube Channel to Support Ads

Managing and improving your YouTube channel is the second of my YouTube advertising tips.

Your YouTube channel should have content beyond advertising. After all, people interested in your ad may actually check out your channel first to learn more about you.

So it’s in my YouTube advertising tips to use your channel to establish your credibility. You can include video FAQ’s for your business website, product demonstrations, and reviews.

Aside from proving your brand’s legitimacy, your YouTube channel can further encourage consumers to buy from or use your services.

That’s why the best YouTube marketers use organic content on their channels to support their YouTube ads.

You should ensure your channel is representing your business in a way that encourages people to trust it. This is one of the essential YouTube advertising tips.

3) Remarket to Engage with Customers

Remarketing is among the best YouTube advertising tips. It lets you show personalized ads to a targeted group of users who have already interacted with your ads, content, or channel.

Applying remarketing helps to increase your return on investment. It lets you pinpoint people who may have indicated some interest in your offerings before.

That means if you show an ad for a similar product or service to them, they’re likelier to act on that advertisement.

There are a lot of conditions you can use to set up your retargeting audience. For example, you can create a remarketing list of people who have done any of the following:

  • Subscribed to a specific YouTube channel.
  • Commented on any video from a channel.
  • Viewed specific video ads.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg too. You can get very specific with your remarketing thanks to these options.

Finally, here’s another of my favorite YouTube advertising tips — you can create custom audiences with combined remarketing lists. So feel free to combine lists if you think that will give you a viable custom audience!

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4) Look for Ways to Optimize Performance

Optimization is a requirement when learning YouTube advertising tips.

Your YouTube account requires constant attention. This means you need to look for ways to improve its performance.

Here’s another of my YouTube advertising tips — before you optimize the ad content, focus first on your target audience. It’s one of the fastest optimizations you can make.

In fact, getting your audience targeting down to a T can be the best thing you do for an ad campaign.

You can also create video viewer audiences to layer onto search campaigns. Targeting parameters can help you figure out what drives the most engagement.

5) Check on the Right Metrics to Determine Success

This is one of the most important YouTube advertising tips. It means you should be careful about what you focus on when studying the analytics for your ads.

Related to this, one of the tips to succeed in YouTube advertisement is not to treat it like Search Ads.

Users don’t watch a video on YouTube to see an ad and click off to go buy something. Instead, they watch a video with an ad and (with any luck) absorb the ad message.

If they find that message compelling enough, they will follow up search later.

To determine ad success, you should look at views, watch time, and view rate. You should assess too what the users did after watching the video.

  • Did they like or share the video?
  • Did they comment?
  • Did they subscribe to your channel?
  • Did they watch other videos?

Besides that, check if there is an increase in the search volume on Google and traffic to your website following your YouTube ad’s release.

Use the data you learn here to tweak your ads. If you find watch time low, for example, try to make changes to elements like the title and description of the ad.

You may even try to do some retargeting in case your ad is just being shown to the wrong audience. Things like these are among the YouTube advertising tips every marketer should know.

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Final Thoughts on the YouTube Advertising Tips

In today’s blog post, you learned about YouTube advertising tips.

YouTube advertising helps to take your video marketing strategy to the next level. In order to make the most of it, however, you should keep in mind certain pointers.

By applying the five YouTube advertising tips I gave you above, you can make every dollar of your ad spend count:

  • Choose the right YouTube ad format.
  • Create a dynamic YouTube channel.
  • Re-market to engage with customers.
  • Look for ways to optimize performance, e.g. by creating compelling content.
  • Check on the right metrics to determine success.

There are other YouTube advertising tips you should keep in mind, of course. I’ll go over those in a later post on more YouTube advertising tips.

For now, you should just keep in mind the ones I’ve already listed. You can also check out my article on YouTube social media marketing if you need advice on using the platform in general.

Finally, if you have more questions about the YouTube advertising tips, leave them in the comments section below. You can also share your own YouTube advertising tips here.

Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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