Your Prosperity: Don’t Worry About How Things Are Going to Happen

Your Prosperity: Don’t Worry About How Things Are Going to Happen.

Typically, when people want something to happen we want it NOW!  But by wanting things too badly too quickly we actually push it from us if we focus on the lack of not having obtained our desires.  In the following video, Bren talks about visualizing and letting go to help prosperity come to you.

VIDEO: Your Prosperity: Don’t Worry About How Things Are Going to Happen

You know what you want.

But the key to achieving our desires is trusting that what we focus on wanting (and not the lack there of), we will get it.  But the achieving will typically not happen until you let go of the outcome… visualize and then take deliberate steps not putting a lot of emphasis on having to achieve your desires immediately.

Prosperity, and the universe, is funny that way.

If you focus on not having it then you will not have it.

You get what you focus on.

Tony Robbins talks about this in his audio books… that you need to focus on your desires and not your lack.

What it really boils down to is this: what do you think will motivate you more?  Thinking about driving that amazing car of your dreams, or thinking about how you don’t have an amazing car but instead have a boring car.  Now be careful because the feelings could be subtle.  I bet you felt more positive excitement thinking about that amazing car… and it is that positive feelings that helps propel you to prosperity.

Prosperity By Letting Go

I believe the reason why it is important to first visualize what you want, and then forget about it… is that if you focus too long on the desire you will spend more time thinking about not having it and less on the actual final outcome.

The coolest thing is that if you do let go, and take deliberate action each day (again not focusing on the fact you don’t have prosperity yet) then the universe will meet you part way.

Try this sometime… it really does work.

My Own Prosperity

I achieved my own prosperity using this same technique.  I visualized regularly on what I wanted (I had a computer reminder pop up to reminder me it was time) and I would spend a few minutes imagining what it would be like to have achieved my goals… how I would feel, what it would be like, etc.

And then I forgot about it and carried out my day at work.

Then before I knew it things began to fall into place.  Opportunities like learning about online marketing presented itself (I had never even thought about online marketing before Sam introduced us to it), and soon by a series of inspiration we created and grew our successful online business.

Your Turn Now

It is now your turn to create the prosperity you deserve in your life.  Write down some ideas of what you want… make it fun writing down this list.  You can even create a vision board like Bren did.  And then focus on achieving them, and then carry about your day.

Here’s to your prosperity!

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Article: Your Prosperity: Don’t Worry About How Things Are Going to Happen

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