WordPress for Beginners | WordPress Blog Tutorial

“WordPress for Beginners | WordPress Blog Tutorial” written by Mike Marko

Do you want a WordPress for beginners tutorial for setting up WordPress?

Then look no further because I’ve create a simple to follow guide.

There’s a lot of website creation tools all over the internet. The most well know is WordPress.

With WordPress.com you get to choose from either a free domain or a premium domain. What I like about WordPress is their graphical user interface. Their control panel is clean and user-friendly especially for beginners. There’s a lot of things WordPress can offer… whether you want to use it for business, blogging, or to advertise any product or service.

But WordPress can seem intimidating to beginners. That’s why I create a WordPress for beginners tutorial that is easy to follow.  The tendency is for people to think WordPress is only for programmers or tech related personnel.  But that’s not the case!  I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be some master programmer to do this… heck you don’t have to know anything about code.

Below you’ll find an easy to follow tutorial teaching WordPress for beginners so that anyone can start their own website.

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Installing and Setting UP WordPress For Beginners

Time to roll up your sleeves.  We’re going to dive into creating your very own website.

WordPress For Beginners – Creating A WordPress Account

Let’s start with creating a WordPress account. I posted screenshots to help illustrate how easy it is… so don’t get intimidated. The one I am demonstrating is for free but there’s not much difference between that and if you purchase your own domain.

  1. First things first go to www.WordPress.com then click “Create Website.”
  2. After that you will be naming your own site address. In this example I named the website URL, “honeyclairechua1.wordpress.com”.  Now click the button, “Create Your Site and Continue.
    WordPress for Beginners
  3. Next you’ll create and register your email, username and password. Keep in mind that you need to use your active email account or else you cannot verify your WordPress account.
    WordPress for Beginners
  4. Here’s the part where you can purchase your own domain. Pricing may vary depending on the extension you want to use. But as a free user I ‘am going to skip this part and click, “No thanks.”
    WordPress for Beginners
  5. This is my favorite part, choosing the theme. Here you can see some of the wordpress website themes available. You should take your time deciding which theme to use. Take your time, and don’t rush this part… but don’t procrastinate either.  Note that any you choose wouldn’t be permanent; you can always change it later. In this example I choose the WordPress theme, “Penscratch”.
    WordPress for Beginners
  6. Now you are given another chance to upgrade your account.  You get to choose between Free, Premium or Business. In this example I chose the free option. When you are beginner blogger, free can be sufficient.  But as traffic builds up you’ll have to upgrade to keep up.
    WordPress for Beginners

WordPress for Beginners – Customizing Themes!

We’re almost done! You now have your own WordPress website!

But were not done yet.

We still need to customize your page. Design is one of the most important factors in webdesign.  You want something that will wow your visitors. Avoid a webpage that is compose of 7 or more colors. These multicolored websites are a big of an eyesore.  Instead try to make your designs simpler as you can.

Take a look at this WordPress example page. It is mostly compose of blue and white background colors with black fonts. These colros makes it look more professional. As a free WordPress user you can’t access the CSS panel, so we’ll skip that step.

Danger Territory!

Here is the part where most of us get stuck. We don’t know where to click next, and mostly just quit after being confused.

The page below is like your own WordPress admin page.

  1. Start by clicking “Customize your Site” button.
    WordPress for Beginners
  2. Then well take the next step.  On the left, try editing your Site Title, Tagline and Logo. In this tutorial I didn’t add the logo, but you always can if you want to. In my exmaple I set my site title to be “My Personal Blog” then set some tagline with “#NotSoEasyExperience.”
    WordPress for Beginners
  3. Next you’ll upload a header banner. If you don’t’ have a banner, you can always order one from Fiverr.  Click Header Image then Select the file. It doesn’t matter if the banner is a JPEG or PNG. After choosing and uploading an image, Select and Crop it.  The banner doesn’t have to be as big as your background image. Ideal banners are usually rectangle shaped and not square. See my example below!
    WordPress for Beginners
  4. Click “Save and Publish” from the upper left of the screen.

WordPress for Beginners – Your First Blog Post

Go ahead and check out your new WordPress webpage! If it doesn’t look the way you want you can always go back and edit your profile anytime you want.

You’re now done customizing our profile so go ahead and check you site by clicking, “View Site”.

But wait!! I bet there’s something still missing…

Of course! W’re missing your post! Readers just don’t visit websites just to look at the design. You have to welcome them with your blog post to them something to read.

  1. To begin your blog post make sure you are logged into WordPress then click “My Site.”  Next click “Add” for the blog posts.  In the screenshot below you can find this button about half way down on the left.
    WordPress for Beginners
  2. Now write something. Add a title (in this case I called it, “My first blog post”) and then write the body.  What you write is completely up to you. Think of any writing about topics you’re comfortable discussing.  This can be movie reviews, favorite hobbies, about your vacations, or some tips or tutorials, etc. Write something you have experienced so that you don’t have to copy someone else post (be wary of plagiarism). Setting up the look of your blog with fonts and styles is very similar to Microsoft Word.
    WordPress for Beginners

That’s it! You have customized your own webpage!  And now you even have content in it.

We’ve talked about the basics of using WordPress for beginners to understand.

WordPress for beginners isn’t that complicated. Now you don’t have to be afraid of dealing with such.

Final Takeaway About WordPress for Beginners

In this tutorial we talked about setting up WordPress for beginners. Although not overly complicated, there are a lot of steps to follow before your website is up and running.

And you options are very limited unless you start paying for upgrades.

Typical of anything, right?

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to pay for tons of upgrades to use a powerful and flexible blogging platform?

And that you didn’t have to worry about hosting, or messing with WordPress themes.

Or not have to worry about system upgrades.

And you also get great themes, a webinar platform, an integrated social media platform, and a bunch of expensive WordPress plugins.

And it ranked easier in the search engines.

You can make it into a membership site.

And it cost the same amount as your self-hosted WordPress platform (or cheaper!)

If you are interested in eliminating all the work and getting tons of value, then let me show you the system I use.

What We Use

Bren and I rank a lot of our content high in Google.  We have over 50 blog sites as part of our blog network.  And from our experience, the Influx Entrepreneur blogging platform is the superior blogging system in a lot of ways.  It has a lot of advantages such as

  • It is inexpensive
  • You didn’t have to worry about maintaining the site, and so less headaches,
  • It has a membership site so you could sell your own products and make money directly from PayPal,
  • It can have capture pages so you can generate more leads,
  • It has themes already integrated into the platform,
  • It comes with access to webinar software so you can promote & sell to groups of people at a time,
  • It ranks in Google a lot easier than hosting your own site,
  • It is self-hosted so you don’t have to be technically inclined,
  • It has its own social media site integrated into the platform.

And there is a lot more advantages…

Normally a platform alone like this would cost $400 or more a month!  Luckily, that isn’t the case here.

The basic platform doesn’t event cost $100/month.

Or even $25/month.

They are practically giving it away.

To learn more about it click the button below.

How to install WordPress


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