9 Answers to Why Twitter Is Good for Business

9 Answers to Why Twitter is Good for Business - Twitter, Social Media, Business

“9 Answers to Why Twitter Is Good for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you wondering why Twitter is good for business marketing?

As a business owner, it’s essential for you to find which social media platform suits your business best. Twitter is one of the leading options, and a lot of businesses are already on it.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to help many businesses grow. But many small businesses think they can be at their best even without an active Twitter presence.

However, that may be wrong…

Twitter has more than 200 million monthly active users worldwide. That’s a huge number of consumers. It could represent a big waste of opportunity if you ignore this powerful platform.

So today, I’ll share with you 9 answers to the question of why Twitter is good for business.

So let’s begin with…

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Tips about Why Twitter Is Good for Business

A lot has changed since Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms came to dominate the Internet. Many opportunities have opened up for amateur photographers, singers, and business owners.

Anyone who has access to the Internet has social media accounts. There’s a possibility that even your potential customers are using Twitter.

The chance of reaching out to those is just one reason you should consider creating an account on Twitter and maximizing its potential. Here are other reasons why Twitter is good for business.

1) Twitter Connects You to Your Customers

This is obviously the first reason why Twitter is good for business. Small businesses that are having trouble with sales can use Twitter to attract a large number of potential customers.

Twitter has millions of active users, which makes it one of the best places to get more potential customers for your business. With the right marketing strategy, you can bring your brand to their attention.

What’s more, you can use Twitter for more than reaching potential customers. It can also help you connect with your existing ones.

Interacting with both prospective and current customers can also help you determine how well your business is doing and how to improve on that. This is just one of the reasons why Twitter is good for business and customer relations.

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2) It Builds B2B Relationships

As I just noted, Twitter allows you to build a relationship with customers. But it can also be used to build a relationship with other businesses.

Twitter allows organizations to communicate with even other organizations. Companies use Twitter to connect with users in real-time, to answer questions, post updates, and response to other posts.

Building a relationship with other companies on Twitter is easy:

  • You can share thought leadership.
  • You can build awareness within an industry or subtopic.
  • You can share insightful content using subtopic hashtags.
  • You can engage in social selling.

This is why Twitter is good for business to business relationships: it offers so many ways to build them!

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3) It Can Increase Sales

Another reason why Twitter is good for business is that you can use it to tell your followers about your deals or discounts. This can attract people to buy your product or retweet your announcements.

46% of Twitter users are on the platform daily. That’s a huge potential audience.

Think about getting your products and promos in front of just a small portion of that. Think of the sales that could come as a result!

4) It Gives Your Business More Exposure

Exposure is another reason why Twitter is good for business. It’s especially important if you’re just getting started on Twitter.

Twitter is generating 500 million tweets a day from its 200 million active users. In a new report from Optify, Twitter accounted for 82% of all social media-originated leads. Twitter was also reported as the most effective social network when it comes to generating new leads.

All of that shows you why Twitter is good for business exposure.

Twitter lists can help a lot here. These lists organize Twitter users into groups that you can then target more effectively for various exposure-getting campaigns. Here are some examples of lists you can build:

  • Small businesses – This is your “Prospect” list. This list can help you gain exposure by reaching out to another small business within your area. You can build a relationship (sometimes even a partnership) with other businesses to boost your brand’s reach.
  • Current customers – This list reminds you to interact with your current customers. By keeping them engaged, you can retain them and possibly even encourage them to promote your business for you.
  • Specialists in your field – Influencers in your field are great sources of exposure. You may find great tips from them to share with your audience or even have them mention you in their own posts if you come to their attention.

Another thing you should do to get more exposure on Twitter is participate in Twitter Chats. These give you a podium to stand on to communicate with your existing clients and show off your expertise on a topic.

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5) It Has Online Reputation Management

Some people ask me why Twitter is good for business when so many dissatisfied customers use it to post complaints about a brand. They’re worried the platform hurts more than helps them.

But look at it this way: whether you have an official online presence or not, some of your existing and potential customers will still talk about your business on the Internet. They may do it while praising your brand or voicing out a complaint.

So one way or another, your company’s sure to be mentioned online.

This is why Twitter is good for business reputation management. If you’re on it, you’ll be able to learn and monitor what’s being said about your brand as a whole. You can use the feedback as a guide for your business plan and manage it to build a positive reputation.

Always keep your cool when managing negative feedback, by the way. If you respond well enough to it, you may even turn a critic into a fan.

6) It Can Be Used to Spy on Competitors

Expect your competitors to be on Twitter too because they’re probably also using it for their social media marketing strategy. With that, you can use Twitter to spy on your competitors.

By spying on your competitors, you can come up with ideas for countering their business strategies. There’s even a possibility that you can do this well enough to steal some of their customers.

Isn’t that just more proof of why Twitter is good for business?

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7) It’s an Effective Medium for Promoting Your Company Blog

If your business has a blog, you can promote it on Twitter.

First, you can add a Twitter share button at the bottom of your content. It will allow your followers to share your posts with just a few clicks.

Second, you can also add shortened links to your tweets or Twitter profile that lead to your latest posts. This can help to bring traffic to your blog.

Take note that if your followers appreciate your content enough, there’s even a possibility that your post will trend or go viral. That’s definitely another reason why Twitter is good for business promotion.

8) It Can Help You Go Viral

As you gain more loyal followers, your chance of having tweets shared goes up too. Why does it matter?

Because if you get enough interested followers and put out enough interesting content, you may actually have a chance of putting out something that will go viral.

Viral tweets can gain you massive exposure. They may be shared anywhere from several thousand to even several hundred-thousand times.

Imagine getting your brand in front of that many eyeballs with a post that’s just under 280 characters long! Such huge impact for (relatively) small effort is just another reason why Twitter is good for business.

9) It Allows You to Advertise Your Business

When people ask me why Twitter is good for business, this is one of the first things I say. The platform has so many advertising options for a business owner!

You can use Twitter to advertise your business through the Twitter ads tool. It can help you get your message in front of the users who are most likely to be interested in your product.

There are 3 types of ads on Twitter:

  • Promoted Tweets – These are ordinary tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users. All promoted tweets are labeled as “Promoted” when an advertiser pays for their placement on Twitter.
  • Promoted Accounts – These are accounts suggested by Twitter to others who may find them interesting. The owners of the accounts pay for that suggestion, of course.
  • Promoted Trends – These paid Promoted Trends appear at the top of the Trending Topics list on Twitter and are marked as “Promoted.”

However, you can also use Twitter to advertise your business for free through organic advertising. This makes it the perfect marketing solution for small businesses with limited advertising budgets.

For example, I’ve already talked about using the platform to promote your blog. This is free advertising that, if done right, can still generate leads. That’s why Twitter is good for business.

Final Thoughts on Why Twitter Is Good For Business

There are a lot of reasons why Twitter is good for business.

Now you know that Twitter can help you in many ways, such as advertising your products, protecting your online presence, and spying on competitors.

Another reason why Twitter is good for business is that it can drive traffic to your blog and website. You can use it to build a relationship with other businesses as well as consumers.

The best part of it is, you can do most of these things on Twitter without having to spend money. You can pay for promotions, true, but most of Twitter’s functions are free. You can even advertise for free on it, provided you know how to strategize what to post.

If you want to know more about “Why Twitter is Good for Business”, let me know! Leave any questions in the comment section below.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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