Kalatu Review | Why Choose the Kalatu Blogging System by Empower Network?

Kalatu review

Kalatu Review | Why Choose the Kalatu Blogging System by Empower Network?” written by Mike Marko.

The KALATU blogging system is Empower Network’s third flagship product (ENV3) makeover.  Empower Network has had as many updates to their blogging system as the company has been alive.  Since blogging is what Empower Network was founded on, it is not surprising that they are striving to prove the perfect blogging system.

The announcement of the new blogging system set to arrive the beginning the new year was a great birthday gift to all of us Empower Network bloggers.  IT was made on the third year anniversary of the company.  

After learning the lessons of the Blog Beast “experiment”, Empower Network is back, stronger than ever, despite harsh criticism and concerns about their previous platform.  I can tell you that the new blogging system is definitely worth the wait!

Kalatu Blogging System Review | Kalatu Review

To begin this KALATU blogging system review first of all let’s look at what is it …

kalatu blogging system empower networkWhat is Kalathu Blogging System?

Kalatu is the brand new blogging platform of Empower Network.

Kalatu is WordPress based, but without all the technology challenges, hassles, and costs that come with building and hosting your own word press website.  Kalatu makes things easy for things like finding the right theme for your business, determining what are the best and safest plugins, online data security, and backups for your website, lead capture, etc.

What More Can We Learn About the Kalatu Blogging System?

We’re finally able to give you a sneak peak of the Kalatu Empower Network for this Kalatu review.  And you know what?  Bren and I LOVE it.  We wished we had this blogging system when we started.  It truly is WordPress made easy.  The success of Empower Network has always been it’s blogging platform, and with this product the competition doesn’t stand a chance, and neither does your competition once you start using it.

The success of Empower Network was always been it’s blogging platform.


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When asked recently about Kalatu, David Wood said …

“What we have done is we’ve made it attractive, we have made a great product, we have made it something that bloggers are going to want to blog on to…. they can blog about their passions, and then we’re going to help them to profit from that.

"We’re going to help them to make money from that. We are going to help them to create a financial result from that

"That’s really what our platform is designed to do.”

In this Kalatu review video, you can see that the strength of the Kalatu blog is that it has a wizard to walk people through creating their blog.  It holds their hand by having bloggers answer questions and copy and paste in links to create their blog posts.  It only takes 10-15 minutes to create blog posts now.  And if you are new to blogging, the Kalatu blogging wizard makes the struggle of coming up with blog post ideas and how to laying out the blog non-existent.  And even experienced bloggers once and a while get stuck for blog content ideas: in that case there is an blog post idea generator to help you get out of your writers block.

There are also a lot of different themes you can choose from to help customize the overall look of your blogging website.  You can choose from professional looking themes, to themes just designed to rank on Google... you get the choices to suite your needs.

When you add in the plugins available, and the SEO (search engine optimization) advantages of being on a blog network, the Kalatu blog is a must have for any serious online marketer and blogger.

Anything Else?

There is so much to cover that it is difficult to cover it all in this review.   If you would like more information then you can check out this other KALATU review If you are interested at all in making money online, then the Kalatu blog is something you are going to want to get your hands on!

Kalatu blog review- next step


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Why Choose the Kalatu Blogging System by Empower Network - Mike Marko

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Article: Kalatu Review | Why Choose the Kalatu Blogging System by Empower Network?

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