Five Reasons Why I Blog Today

“Five Reasons Why I Blog Today” written by Mike Marko.

Have you ever thought about blogging?

It was two years ago when Bren and I were really introduced to blogging.  I had no clue what it was back then… no idea at all.

But we took the bold step of making a decision to join, click the link, pull out our credit card and sign up.

And we haven’t looked back.

Tonight while Bren and I were on a webinar we were asked, “why I blog”.  I then realized that this wasn’t something I have really shared with you.  So that’s why I want to take some time and tell you why I blog.

Why I Blog Now

There are a lot of reasons why I blog now, but I have boiled it down to five key reasons why I blog now.

1. Why I Blog: Our Blog Is Evergreen

Blogging is a great way to get leads for your business.  Probably my favorite part about blogging is that blog posts are an evergreen source of leads

What that means is that you create a blog post and it will work for you 24/7, for as long as the blog post exists.  That mean it can be a source of leads for years after you write it.

If you blog daily like Bren and I do, 350-360 blog posts per year, after a couple years, gives you a lot of content that can continually generate leads.

While for paid traffic your leads dry up after you stop buying clicks to your link, a blog will keep working regardless.  Sure it starts off slow, but keep at it and you’ll have an amazing source of leads for years to come.

2. Why I Blog: We Develop Loyal Followers

A blog will help you develop loyal followers because as they read your posts they begin to trust you.

The more your readers learn about you, daily, the more rapport and trust is built.  I love it when our followers send us an email or Facebook message saying how much they love our blog posts.  You know that they will continue to follow you as long as you produce content.

3. Why I Blog: You Can Share Your Thoughts On “Paper”

It is really cool to share your thoughts on your blog.  It is your space.  You can say anything you want.

So if you have an opinion on a topic or how to do something, you are free to share it.  Your readers can either agree or disagree.  And if you can generate a discussion about your blog post that’s even better!

And when you share your thoughts, it goes even further to helping to develop a relationship with your followers.

4. Why I Blog: Something to Email to List

Why I BlogYou may have heard it said, “the money is in the list”.  What they mean is that the list of emails you are collecting can make you money.

But before someone pulls out a credit card, clicks your link, and then buys… you need to first build rapport and trust.

That’s where your blog posts come in: email a link for your latest blog post to your email list.  Have them come and visit your blog post regularly.  Your blog will work for you and help warm up those leads.

Emailing your blog posts to your list can be a great way of not seeming too pitchy in your emails and burning up your list (as people unsubscribe).

5. Why I Blog: Helps Generate Sales

Our blog is responsible for approximately 90% of our online sales.

When you look at all a blog can do for you, you can see how it helps generate sales.  That alone should be reason enough to blog daily.

So That’s Why I Blog

So there you have it, the five reasons why I blog today.  There is a lot of reasons why you SHOULD blog daily, but I expect that these five should help you get started if you have been sitting on the fence about blogging.

So what are your reasons for blogging daily?  I would like to know in the comments below.


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Five Reasons Why I Blog Today - Mike Marko

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Article: Five Reasons Why I Blog Today

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