When Bren Speaks I Listen – Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

When Bren Speaks I Listen – Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

“Gratitude even for what looks like a failure because it is always a stepping stone to something you desire…Visualize your end results with emotion if you can 3 minutes a day…know that the supply of abundance is unlimited for EVERYONE (non-competitiveness), do only what needs to be done today in a successful manner. Do not concern yourself with future seeming obstacles.. they WILL disappear as you approach them..just do the tasks for today to the best of your ability. guard your speech….speak your truth about who you really are! “I am Julia! I am a woman of power. “I am making alot of money doing what I love”! Train yourself to look upon the world as something becoming…Your thoughts truly do impress on the formless substance and become reality! THIS IS A TRUTH. Thinking the best feeling thought in spite of appearances is work though. It might be the hardest work we do. Go forward in full faith because the ability will be furnished to you as you need it. Do not wait for an opportunity to be all that you want it to be: when an opportunity to be more than you are now presents itself and you feel impelled toward it , take it And it will be the first step toward greater opportunity (inspired action)”

How are you going to manifest your dreams?  Listen to this podcast, and please like and comment on it if you it was of value to you.

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Article: When Bren Speaks I Listen – Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

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