Strategizing What to Post on Twitter Business

Strategizing What to Post on Twitter Business

“Strategizing What to Post on Twitter Business” written by Mike Marko.

Not quite sure what to post on Twitter business?

Despite knowing the ins and out of your business, even the most brilliant social media managers run out of ideas on what to post on Twitter. This doesn’t mean they can use this as an excuse to take a break.

When you’re using Twitter to significantly grow your business, you cannot stop marketing or stray from your schedule in this age of social media hype. Even staying silent for one day can affect your business.

In 2017, there were 330 million Twitter users recorded… meaning there are 330 million potential customers for your business. Promoting to even 3% of that population will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

So when the creative juices have run dry, there are a number of ways you can still plan what to post on Twitter business. In this article, we will tackle how you can strategize posting to keep a relevant profile.

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Ideas on What to Post on Twitter Business

Promoting your business on Twitter doesn’t have to be too stressful. All you need to do is sit down and re-strategize your marketing.

Look at Twitter promotions from different perspectives to create interesting content and concepts. Brainstorm with a group of people who can provide fresh ideas to put on the table.

But before delving into those matters, let’s first start with building your Twitter account.

Building a Profile That Will Pique Your Clients’ Interest

If it’s your first time to create a business account, you’ll need to break the details down. Your account should exude business to create business.

Go straight to what your products or services are. In a brief and concise description, tell your followers what you offer and what value it will contribute to their lives.

When you have established your niche, make sure you maintain profile visibility. You do this by tweeting as regularly as you can with a definite number of tweets per day.

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Creating a Profile Theme

Present your brand with a look of professionalism by opting for a theme that represents your brand’s identity. This means having a profile theme that is pleasant to the eye, without being too flashy.

You also need to pick a theme that is congruent with your overall business’ brand.

Twitter offers a lot of default themes to choose from. There’s also an option to customize the themes to look more personal, if you possess coding and HTML knowledge.

It’s important that you write a compelling bio as well. This is how your customers will know who you are. Aside from the product details, what other purposes do you serve?

Don’t forget to include links to your other social media networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This will let your followers know which other avenues can you be contacted or followed.

Use of Visually-Inviting Images on Tweets

Images are what makes Twitter business profiles more engaging. If what you’re selling is already too bland or serious, bank on presenting them in more interesting and fun manner such as a meme or GIF.

A meme is a humorous image that is usually taken from a pop culture reference. Write a funny or witty caption on the photo and you’re good to go.  

A GIF, on the other hand, is a format in which a couple of static images become animated. People use this to induce humor too by using funny facial reactions or body movements that draw out an emotion.

Memes and GIFs are a huge thing on Twitter, so you should either share relevant ones that you can find or create your own. There are a lot of meme and GIF generators you can use.

However, ensure that all images you’re going to use aren’t copyright-protected ones to avoid legal issues.

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Replying and Quote Tweeting

Replying and quote tweeting is essential to business promotion on Twitter. You need to stay close and be more personal with your followers so you can build stronger relationships.  

Since characters are limited on tweets, you need to come up with concise replies. You have to keep it short but compelling and friendly.

As much as you can, don’t ignore replies. If someone or a company is very eager to discuss something with your brand, lead the way and send them a direct message.

Likewise, be vigilant in quote tweeting posts that are related to your business. If you run out of new posts ideas, this is a good alternative.

Go through your feed and look for news, articles or blog posts that you can quote tweet. Doing so allows you to not only share the tweet, but write your thoughts about it as well.

Using Promotions or Discounts

Do you have running promos and discounts? Make sure to let your followers about it.

Create eye-catching digital flyers, posters, and coupons that they can download, share or retweet to announce your deals. Catch your audience’s attention and make them want to avail of the promo.

If you want to earn more followers, you can also create promos that are Twitter-exclusive. This way, all attention will be driven to your Twitter account alone.

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Asking Questions or Creating Polls

Another way to get your followers’ attention is by posting polls or surveys. This creates a buzz that can increase your viewership.

Present a problem that you and your followers can have a conversation thread on. As people enjoy voicing out opinions and debates, this can be about prevalent societal issues that concern your line of business.

You may also ask for recommendations from your followers. This gives them a sense of authority. It makes them feel that their voices are heard of and valued by the brand.

Holding a Mini Competition with Prizes

Part of your promotional stint can be a mini Twitter competition. Initiate contests that will generate leads to earn sales and new followers.

What you need here are good mechanics. For instance, you can make them like or retweet a photo you posted to get a chance to win a prize in return.

Just be sure your instructions are clear, easy to follow and have no loopholes. Also, be sure that you will be able to monitor the whole course of the contest.

Visiting Other Business’ Twitter Profiles

Another strategy is searching for and recommending links to relevant and helpful business profiles. This gives you the opportunity to learn from other people or companies in the same industry.

Strategy-wise, sharing what you learned from them to your own followers helps build a good business relationship. That gives out an impression that you are open-minded and accommodating.

Retweeting others’ posts also earns you more likes and retweets. Increased engagement can lead to increased sales.

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Using Hashtags in Your Tweets

Hashtags are a huge thing on Twitter. In fact, their main use on the digital landscape was popularized by Twitter.

Create a unique hashtag that will represent your company name, a project or a promo that you have. This can be used to help you monitor how far your campaign has gone and keeps discussion within one space.

Make your followers use the official hashtag to help them stay involved and informed. If the discussion and campaign is particularly interesting, it may even reach the trending topics list.

What’s crucial is creating a compelling title as a hashtag. You don’t want one that is too long or too short. You’ll need one that’s short, concise, and has a catchy ring to it.

Be sure to check out the article, How to Use Hashtags on Twitter for Business, to learn more about using hashtags.

Final Thoughts on Strategizing What to Post on Twitter Business

In this blog post, we tackled different ways on how to get over not knowing what to post on Twitter business. But what use is having content if you do not have followers? Maintain your presence on Twitter by creating a compelling profile with the right bio and theme.

You also need visually-inviting images that you can create or import from others. Responding to tweets that you’re tagged in and quote tweeting are also essential in building Twitter relationships too.

If you have promos and discounts, you can tweet about them to generate more sales. You can start polls or surveys or hold contests where followers interact using tweets and likes.

Share and retweet articles and pieces of information from other business profiles. This will help in building relationships. Use hashtags to monitor your tweets’ stats, especially if you are running a campaign.

Now you have a handful of ideas on what to post on Twitter business. These strategies will help build your profile and get your more visitors.  You can also use these Twitter strategies as part of your overall Pervasive Presence™ strategy.

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And always remember to think before you tweet!

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