What is Kalatu?

what is kalatu

What is Kalatu?” written by Mike Marko.

Have you heard about the new Kalatu blog?

It is the new Kalatu blog platform that was rolled out by Empower Network in January of 2015.

Check out the video below as Bren and I talk about the new Kalatu blogging platform.

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What is Kalatu Blog – Video Transcript

Bren: Hi, it’s Bren.

Mike: Hi, it’s Mike.

Bren: And we just want to talk tonight a little bit about the Kalatu blogging system.

Mike: And tell you what Kalatu is.

Bren: So Kalatu it means story telling.

Mike: Exactly which is actually really appropriate for a blogging system right. So isn’t the best bloggings, a blogs actually storytelling Bren?

Bren: Yeah, they really are, telling a story in your own voice, they’re my favorite blogs when you feel like someone is speaking in their own voice and telling something about themselves, so I guess that’s story telling right?

Mike: Exactly and the nice things about the Kalatu blogging system is it only takes me about 15 minutes to set up because you got premade templates, just click a few buttons make a few selections and you raise our blogging right away and tell your own stories.

Bren: Yeah.

Mike: Exactly.

Bren: Well, yeah some of the people that sign up with us and are on our team. One of the biggest questions we get over and over again is how do you find content how to you find fresh content every day that you can connect with your audience and your list, and how do you blog every day if you run out of ideas. And sometimes I think people have a hard time getting over just the hump of sitting down and making it a daily habit. I know for me it’s gotten easier and easier and easier and it’s just something that I put into my routine. But for those people that are having a hard time getting started and finding content and getting over that, it’s perfect.

Mike: Exactly because the best part about it is once you get started it has a 21-day challenge built into it. What it does it actually takes you through like a template setup where it actually helps you come up with content for each of those 21 days and that’s how you get into an actual habit and routine of blogging. If you have something kind of hold your hand and help you through those initial stages. So you end up having 3 weeks’ worth of content.

Bren: Yeah.

Mike: Perfectly once you get started.

Bren: And I think that’s from psycho-cybernetics, that’s Dr. Maltz and he did a study too and it’s kind of a theory that some people are saying isn’t completely accurate but it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Really from my experience it is all about a habit and if you do it daily and get into a habit and you get into a routine. Trust me it become so much easier to develop that habit and if you can commit to 21 days then you’ve formed a brand new habit.

Mike: And really the system is an amazing system, it’s coming really soon here and I’m really excited about it so what we’d like to do is have you become a part of our blogging team. Okay so by click the link below and you can have both Bren and I mentor you and helping you get started with blogging as well so and we can help mentor you so you start showing up on the first page of Google.

Bren: Yeah, we would love to have you on our team and join us.

Mike: So click the link below and we’ll see you on the other side.

Bren: See ya.

Mike: Bye.

For More Information About Kalatu

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What is Kalatu


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