What Is Instagram Marketing and the Instagram Algorithm

What Is Instagram Marketing and the Instagram Algorithm? - What is Instagram marketing

“What Is Instagram Marketing and the Instagram Algorithm” written by Mike Marko.

I get a lot of business owners nowadays asking me what is Instagram marketing.

Instagram is known mainly as an image-sharing platform, after all. Some people may find it hard to imagine more to Instagram than that.

However, Instagram has grown a lot over the years since its launch as a social network in 2010.

It’s no longer just a place for sharing images with friends. Over the years, it’s been gaining popularity as a marketing channel for businesses.

Instagram has even developed a new algorithm that can aid business owners. Because of this update, more and more business owners are asking questions like these:

  • What is Instagram marketing?
  • What does it offer a business or brand?
  • How can I make Instagram’s algorithm work for me?

If you’re a business owner with these questions, you’ve come to the right blog! We’ll have an answer to your question “what is Instagram marketing”!

advantages and disadvantages of instagramUnderstanding Instagram Marketing and Its Algorithm

When learning about what is Instagram marketing, business owners should take note of the platform’s content format.

It’s a one heavily reliant on images and videos. There are text captions, yes, but they’re secondary.

That means you can’t learn what is Instagram marketing if you don’t know how to market using visual content.

As you learn about what is Instagram marketing, you must also understand that the platform has its own algorithm.

This algorithm loosely resembles Facebook’s. As such, it’s easy to understand if you’re familiar with marketing on that other network.

(You can even check out my comprehensive guide to Facebook marketing to learn more about that.)

The main thing to understand for now, though, is that Instagram’s algorithm is most concerned with relevance.

In other words, to make sure your audience sees your content on Instagram, you have to ensure it’s relevant to them.

We’ll talk more about the algorithm later. For now, let’s talk about some of the ways people market on this social network.

If you see some of the most popular marketing features on it, you’ll have a better sense of what is Instagram marketing.

How People Market on Instagram

As I hinted earlier, the answer to “what is Instagram marketing” is pretty much “visual content marketing”.

Most of the people promoting here do it by showcasing their goods in beautiful photos, graphics, and videos.

In fact, Instagram is one of the most popular places to promote visually-appealing products.

But even if your business doesn’t offer products like that, don’t tap out yet. You shouldn’t stop learning what is Instagram marketing.

This is because Instagram is still developing its platform to cater to commerce. This means that even businesses without physical products can still use Instagram marketing!

Instagram Stories and videos give you a chance to show what goes on behind your shopfront, for instance. Instagram ads are also popular due to the network’s high engagement rates.

Recently, Instagram has even been adding features that help online with lead generation and conversion.

Instagram has also added a feature that allows users to buy products directly from a post. For example, you can take a photo of your products and add call-to-action buttons!

Recently, business profiles with over 10,000 followers have also gained the ability to use a “Swipe Up” feature in their Instagram stories.

This feature makes it easier to drive traffic to a site. You can just have users “swipe up” after they view an Instagram Story.

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Instagram Marketing and Its Algorithm

But while learning what is Instagram marketing, you might worry about your post getting lost. There’s a sea of other posts here, after all.

So, how can you effectively post and market your products and services in this situation?

Back in 2016, Instagram actually went from having a chronological feed to having an algorithm. Now, the latter decides what shows up in a user’s feed.

This was because Instagram’s growing popularity made it hard for users to keep up with all the posts that got uploaded.

An average of 70% of their feed was missed with the earlier version of the platform’s feed. That’s a LOT of wasted posts that could hurt business marketing.

But with the change, Instagram now shows the user what content is more relevant to them.

This algorithm is constantly being updated. But there are several factors that have special importance.

1) User Interest

The first thing you should always remember when learning what is Instagram marketing is that interest is very important. This is true for any type of business marketing, actually!

However, interest is especially important in learning what is Instagram marketing because of the Instagram algorithm.

You see, it actually studies posts previously liked by users.

It then uses this past behavior to determine what posts a user will most likely “like”.

For example, say you’ve liked a video about cooking. Afterwards, your “explore page” will show more cooking-related posts.

Furthermore, if a user you follow posts something cooking-related, Instagram will deem it interesting to you. Hence, that post will be brought up at the top of your feed.

This factor is also why hashtags are very important in learning what is Instagram marketing. With hashtags, your posts can be classed with similar posts that your target audience liked!

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2) Timeliness of the Post

Next, you should also consider the timeliness of your posts when learning what is Instagram marketing. This is because post placement still depends on how long ago it was posted.

Your feed still doesn’t show posts based on age, though. Instead, Instagram  makes sure to avoid showing posts that are too old.

For example, if a post has high engagement but is over a week old, Instagram will most likely avoid prioritizing it.

However, if a post is fairly recent and is gaining more attention, it will climb up a user’s feed.

3) User Interactions and Relationships

While on the subject of engagement and attention, you should note that interactions are important to learn what is Instagram marketing.

This means that posts of accounts that a user often interacts with will be prioritized.

This also means that if you often comment or like things posted by a certain user, they will appear more often in your feed.

Instagram sees this as an indication that you like to see their content often.

If you also get tagged often on another user’s posts, that user will fall under your “friends and family” category.

This is why it’s still a good idea for online businesses to know when their followers are most active.

During active hours, this is when businesses should post content. Doing so will make it possible to gain more likes and engagement from an audience.

It’s also a good idea to encourage your audience to tag your business in their posts.

Doing this will further encourage Instagram to view your business as a profile that is important to your audience.

4) User Usage

Lastly, how often a user uses the Instagram app can also determine how their feed will appear.

This is why you need a clear understanding of what is Instagram marketing. It can help you predict audience log-in behavior.

If a user opens the app often, their feed will look more chronological.

However, if a user opens the app less frequently, their feed will only show highlights. These contain posts that are of interest to them.

This again suggests that businesses should try to adjust to the three previously mentioned factors. That way, their posts will be deemed interesting and relevant by Instagram.

This, in turn, ensures your post is seen as a “highlight”. This makes it easier and more likely for your posts to be seen by your audience.

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Final Thoughts on What Is Instagram Marketing 

As a fellow online business owner, learning what is Instagram marketing was tricky for me too. I myself had to spend some time getting the know the platform to learn how to use it well.

However, the effort was worth it. Learning what is Instagram marketing can definitely boost your business and your sales.

So, you need to remember the factors that will help the Instagram algorithm notice your posts more. The easiest way to do that is to cater to your audience’s interests.

Then, with an interesting post, you should time your posts accordingly. A stable schedule can help you put out a lot of fresh content for Instagram to see.

Then, you should encourage engagement from your audience. Likes, comments, and tags will go a long way!

Finally, you need to consider that not all of your audience will be frequent visitors of the Instagram app.

So, you need to make sure that your post is relevant and caters to all previously mentioned factors.

With these factors in mind, you’ll have a recipe for success in learning what is Instagram marketing! But if this all sounds too tricky for you, you can always leave a comment below so I can help you out.

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