What Do I Write About in My Blog? – Starting a Blog

What Do I Write About in My Blog? – Starting a Blog.

Previously we talked about the importance of writing a blog to make money online, How to Make Money Blogging.  Now that you understand the why, I want to discuss what to write in your blog.


When starting a blog, you need to focus your blog on one particular topic.  There is a tendency for many bloggers to blog about a lot of different topics in one blog… I know I used to… but it is much better, for many reasons, to focus on one particular topic.  Although, the more you narrow down a topic the fewer people may be interested in your particular topic, but those people who are interested can become loyal followers.  Another thing to keep in mind is that narrowing down a topic means you have less competition in the search engine queries.

A common saying among bloggers is, “If you blog for everyone, you blog for no one”.


After you have a topic, you need to adjust it to reflect who you expect to read your blog.  Who do you expect to read your blog?  And what problem are they trying to solve?  Let’s imagine them and create an “avatar” to represent who your typical reader will be:

1. Who Are They?

Who do you expect your blog readers to be?  What age range are they?  Male or female?  What background do they have?  Create as detailed a description as you can.

2. What Do They Do?

Describe their typical day.  Where do they work?  Are they single or married?  What do they do on a daily basis?  What do they do for entertainment?  Do they have children?  What are their weekends like?

3. What Do They Want?

Be that person and try to get into their head.  What do they want out of life, business, or whatever you are writing about?  Do they want to be entertained, or do they just want information; to be educated?

4. What Are Their Problems?

What problems do they have?  What are they looking to improve?  Is it finances?  Their relationships?  Their spirituality?


Now that you have a narrow topic and have a good idea of who your readers are and what they want, it is time to deliver and get started blogging.  There are different types of content you can provide in your blog… and often you can provide all them in the same article.

1. Information.  Providing specific information on a topic like an encyclopedia.

2. Education.  Providing the “How To” on a particular topic, often step by step.

3. Inspiration.  Telling stories, or examples of success.  This could be your own, of others, or from books or movies.

4. Entertainment.  Be entertaining or be about entertainment.

5. Promotion.  This content is about selling, with a call to action for the reader. When you do promotion it is best to break the content of the article down to 80% value to your reader, and 20% promotion or selling.  That way the article is of value to your reader, but at the same time you still try and sell your product and have a call to action where you tell them to buy.

That’s it for now!  Let me know if you have any questions about what to include in your blog content.

For more information about the importance of blogging, check out this article on Blog Daily and Create An Online Identity.

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