What Are Autoresponders and Which One to Pick?

What Are Autoresponders and Which One to Pick?

It is unfortunate that so many online marketers do not use email autoresponders to help collect and promote their content and products.  I talk to marketers all the time and it seems like 90% do not utilize an autoresponder.  I really think the reason that most people do not know what are autoresponders, and if they do they are not sure which one to pick or how to use it.

Let’s address some of these issues starting with “what are autoresponders?”

So You Want to Know What Are Autoresponders?

An email autoresponder is an automated message sent in response to either an email or a web form inquiry. It can be something as simple as “Thanks for contacting us!” to a series of ten or more emails sent at specific, pre-determined intervals.

At a very basic level, you set up the email response in an autoresponder system when someone signs up, and also set the parameters for when it (or they) gets sent. The automated program then takes care of the rest. Almost everyone I know uses either GetResponse or AWeber to handle their autoresponders, but there are many providers out there catering to specific needs and budgets.  You can check out a thorough review of both email autoresponders in the article, Aweber vs GetResponse Autoresponder Review.

Who Needs an Email Autoresponder?

Ok I am going to be straight with you.  If you have a list of even a few emails and you send out regular emails, or you have a need to have responses sent to people who sign up to an email list, then you NEED an autoresponder.

At a very minimum, you can have an email sent to anyone who signs up to your list…

but emails auto-responders can do so much more.

You can collect as much or as little information you want from people signing up.  You have a lot of flexibility that way… and you can customize to your needs.

Using Autoresponders to Walk Leads (or Prospects) Through the Sales Cycle

IF you are LUCKY… you get 10% of people who see your offer signing up on the first exposure.

That means you are losing at least 90% of your potential customers if you are not using an auto-responder setup with a sales funnel.

A possible sales funnel can look like this:

Immediately When They Register

Send the lead a thank you email, maybe along with a product brochure. Give them contact information if they should have any further questions.  Personally I like to provide a variety of contact methods like Skype, email, phone, Facebook, twitter, etc…

Day One

Send the lead a follow up to help educate them about your products or services, maybe including a case study involving the product. Again provide a call to action with the same contact information we talked about earlier.

In this email it is really helpful if you can lead with free information that could help the potential customer.  It is important to lead contact with new leads with lots of free information to help get them into the habit of opening your emails.

Day Two

Send a helpful email with a few FAQs and a client testimonial.

Day Three

Send the review article you have and offer to help address any problems they may have that you can provide a solution for.

Day Four

Send along an industry report on the subject.

Week Five


Other Ideas on How to Use Your Autoresponder

Some other ways to use email auto-responders can be:

  • Answer frequently asked questions with email autoresponders.
  • Deliver information via autoresponders that increases sales & shortens the sales cycle.
  • Build client loyalty with quick autoresponder information.
  • Automate customer service with email autoresponders.
  • Give tips on how to use a product during a free trial.  If you need to convert as many customers as possible use autoresponder systems to give tips about your free products.
  • Follow up after a purchase.  When people purchase your products you can use autoresponders to thank them or even include a coupon code to invite them back.
  • Holiday and birthday wishes.  Customers like to feel appreciated.  Sending them messages during their birthdays or holidays.

Automating Your Business with Email Autoresponders

As you can see, setting up an email responder series for each of your products and services creates a hands-free follow-up system that keeps you top-of-mind with your prospect for weeks or even months.

Of course, be sure to follow SPAM guidelines and always make it easy for a prospect to “stop receiving emails” if they want to. It’s only good business (and otherwise you can either put off your prospects or worse… get into trouble).

So take advantage of autoresponders to help grow your business.  Again you can check out a thorough review of two popular autoresponders in the article, Aweber vs GetResponse Autoresponder Review.

Comment below if you found this article useful, or have any questions.

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