Common Website SEO Mistakes Made by Consultants and Small Business Owners

Common SEO Mistakes

“Common Website SEO Mistakes Made by Consultants and Small Business Owners” written by Mike Marko, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Is your website failing to bring you new customers or clients?

It may because you haven’t had your website properly optimized for Google.

Consultants and small businesses often ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is usually not their fault… they hire a website company assuming that they know what they are doing… but often this is not the case.

Anyone can build a website (even high school kids), but it takes someone who knows what they are doing in order for the website to get results.

Even if a website is optimized for SEO, they may still not be getting any qualified leads. This is not unusual because small business owners don’t realize that their SEO was done incorrectly.

If you think your small business is facing the same struggle, then it’s time to reevaluate your SEO.

In this blog post, we will talk about common SEO mistakes made by consultants and small business owners. If your company has committed these common SEO mistakes, then it’s time for you to look at what it takes to fix things.

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SEO mistakes That Your Company Should Avoid

If you want to get benefits from your website, you should optimize it for SEO.

But using SEO doesn’t come with zero opportunity for mistakes.

Small companies unknowingly do things that are considered common SEO mistakes. These mistakes hinders their ability to be found by their potential customers.

Take a look at these common SEO mistakes made by small busienesses. Avoiding these mistakes will help get you more business.

But first we need to answer the question…

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a webpage rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Many companies use SEO to increase traffic to their website. They are often doing it with the help of SEO companies.

Google algorithm is complex and it requires deep understanding to make a website rank higher.

Even with the help of SEO specialists, some small companies still fail in making their website rank higher. The common reason for this is by not setting up their website for SEO properly.

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Evaluate Your SEO

When evaluating a client’s site, the number one mistake we see in SEO is that it’s not setup properly, and it never was set up properly. You can tell by looking at the meta title and meta description.

Usually, the SEO has been set up by a web agency so long ago that the tactics have drastically changed. Every couple of months or sooner, Google updates their algorithms and criteria. If your SEO was last evaluated four years ago when your site was created, it is incorrect, and that is going to significantly impact your relevancy and positions on search.

1. Your Website Should Give Details

Hovering the cursor to the website’s tab on the browser will display the company’s name. Aside from that the “About Us-Company Name” can also be seen on the tab.

We sometimes see where it’s not setup properly because they list twelve different services that they offer on that service page. It might be a services page, but it has twelve different keywords.

2. Typing Domain name on Google

Type your domain name into the google search box. The results will display all the page of your site that’s indexed by Google. From here, you can check if the meta title and description of your pages are done correctly.

The meta title is listed at the top and allows only a certain amount of characters, and you’ll also be able to see the meta description. These are both incredibly important because this information is what shows up when people search. It’s a small amount of information to entice them to click.


Misusing the Keywords and Phrases

The search queries and topics in small business don’t usually have a high monthly search amount. You’ll have a hard time finding keywords that have 1,000 – 10,000 searches a month.

In most small business, it’s lucky for your relevant keywords to have 500 searches a month in the United States.

A partnership with a marketing agency that understands your industry is very important. But the problem’s the way small businesses and consultants choose their marketing partner.

Most marketing companies choose a marketing partner that serves a wide area of demographics.

However, agencies like those have zero experience working with relevant keywords and phrases for your industry.

Failing to use the correct search queries in your industry will make it hard for your target audience to find your business.

Yes, there’s a high possibility that your business can be found using particular keywords. However, many companies prefer being found using the most searched keywords in their industry.

For example, consultant and kitting companies use the keyword “consultant” and “kitting”.

Using the most searched term in your industry will land your website on the first page of search results. Also, using the keywords in your posts will make it easier for your target audience to find your contents.

However, figuring out the most searched keywords and phrases is a time-consuming task. With that said, prefer making a partnership with an SEO company that understands your industry. They must know your target demography and buyers.

3. Wrong Structure for Webpage Content

Usually, most companies make 300 word blog posts. This is the minimum number of words for blog posts to make it look respectable. But if the company wants to get more attention on a popular keyword, their blog’s number of words should be 600 to 1200.

A few years ago, using the keyword plenty of times in the blog’s content will result in a higher rank on Google search results. Today, this strategy no longer works as well because Google cares more about a blog’s content.  

So instead of making a post that’s littered with keywords, fill your blogs with useful information. Relevance is what matters most on every SEO content as it helps determine your Google ranking.

Consultant and small businesses tend to provide too little content on their blogs. It’s important to show in your blogs that you have knowledge in your industry.

Create blog posts that are professionally made with the right amount of content. Once you do, Google will then reward you of higher rank.

Aside from that, consider organizing the appearance of your page. Prefer using images that are related to the content. Websites use this method to break long texts on their content using high-quality images.

Since Google rank websites based on its content, don’t just focus on one keyword or phrase.

Instead, consider talking about two related topics on one post. Manufacturing companies should do this to link other products to each content.

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4. Not Getting the Right Number of Posts

It’s true that your content will give your page a high rank. However, keep in mind that your rank will not remain the same.

Your rank will depend on Google’s algorithms, what Google places importance on, and your competitor’s activities.

High quality post won’t improve your ranking if you’re not posting regularly. There’s also the likelihood of your rank going down if you’re not as active as your competitor.

Not posting regularly is one of the common mistakes made by manufacturing companies. Having a minimal number of posts can make your website’s Google ranking down.

Don’t increase the gap between your posts. Make sure you post relevant contents on a regular basis to improve your website’s ranking.

And don’t make posts just for the sake of posting. Remember that the content of your posts matters.

Base your contents on what your target audience wants to see and read. This will help your content to get engagements.

In addition to the regular posting of relevant contents, make sure that your posts are optimized for SEO.

5. Failing to Maintain and Utilize SEO

Manufacturing companies tend to not pay attention to their SEO. This then results in a lower search volume for the industry.

One thing that is often overlooked, or not done well, is backlinking.

Look for new backlinks, keep writing content, and continue making minor changes on your on-page SEO.

And your website’s SEO backlinking should be continuous. Don’t just stop once your posts appear on the first page of a search engine.

Always take the time to do minor adjustments on what composes your on-page SEO…

  • Meta texts,
  • Meta descriptions,
  • Themes,
  • Phrases,
  • Content, and
  • Alt tags on images.

Once your website is indexed by Google, make sure to update it regularly. And always update your SEO to Google’s algorithms.

Remember that failing to update your SEO will result in missing out the opportunities to increase your positions and rankings.

Make sure to find an SEO company that can help you maintain and utilize SEO on your website. Though this is a time-consuming process, it will improve your business’ leads and sales.

Final Thoughts on Common SEO Mistakes

Today, we discussed common SEO mistakes made by consultants and small business owners.

Though SEO optimization is often done by SEO companies, these small businesses still tend to always make common SEO mistakes. Usually, these mistakes are…

  • Not setting up the SEO properly,
  • Misusing the keywords, and
  • Not posting regularly.

Google ranks websites based on its content. So make sure that each of your posts is full of relevant information. Once your website is indexed by Google, don’t stop updating it to keep up with Google’s algorithm.

If you have questions about the common SEO mistakes made by consultants and small busineses, feel free to leave it below.


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Common Website SEO Mistakes Made by Consultants and Small Business Owners - Mike Marko

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