Nailing Your Next Viral Video Marketing

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“Nailing Your Next Viral Video Marketing” written by Mike Marko.

Have you dreamed of getting your marketing video on YouTube’s trending list, getting picked by Vimeo’s staff, or being shared by 9Gag?

Have you ever wondered why videos of a singing homeless man will attract millions of viewers?

How a single video can change the life of a talented singer from a developing country?

If you’re wondering about any one of these questions, you’re not alone.

The real trick is how to use that to market your business…

But is it really possible to create marketing videos that can go viral?

Yes, it is — with the right planning and execution.

All you need is to know the important elements of effective viral video marketing.

The Blueprint of Effective Viral Video Marketing

So what turns video marketing viral? A big part of it is the content.

Viral video marketing content varies based on what you want to convey and whom you’re trying to reach. Identifying these factors can help you create content that booms.

To create viral video marketing content, you must know who your target audience is. It’s the key to making video content that’s compelling and engaging.

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Identify your Audience

Identifying your target audience is a crucial part of viral video marketing. This will determine your video’s content because it helps you figure out what people want to see.

Different audiences may like different things. For example, adult audiences and teenage audiences may prefer to watch different videos.

That means a video targeting an adult audience could be boring for a younger audience. So if you create a video for mothers, don’t always expect a high-schooler to appreciate it.

In fact, you shouldn’t care about the high-schooler’s opinion at all. In this case, you’re only measuring the effectiveness of your viral video marketing through the mothers’ feedback.

But take note that some viral videos don’t follow this rule. They have a universal topic that everyone can relate to.

The problem with these videos is that they’re very hard to create and test. Making something that appeals to everyone isn’t easy.

I don’t advise you to use a universal topic unless your business is for everybody. You’d be surprised how few businesses are actually like that.

Viral Video as Part of Your Bigger Marketing Strategy

After you’ve identified your audience, figure out where viral video fits into your marketing plan. What’s your goal for the video? What’s it supposed to do for your business?

Questions like these can guide your viral video marketing. They tell you what resources you can allot to it and what you need to put in it.

Otherwise, you’ll end up just “winging it”… and that’s not a good idea for anything that consumes time and money to create.

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Create to Impress

All viral videos have something in common. They leave an impression on their audience.

They’re not just visually appealing but also thought-provoking. They don’t superficially attack you but make sure to hit your core.

That means you need videos that have lasting impact. You want your viral video marketing to do more than entertain a viewer for a few seconds. You want it to make him think about it afterwards… and even share it with others.

Give Your Video a Script

When doing your viral video marketing, remember that you’re basically telling a story. A story that portrays your business’s image and values.

Write a script of what should happen in your video. A good script will guide you once you do start on the visuals.

You want a memorable introduction. In viral video marketing, it’s ideal to get your viewers’ attention within the first 10 seconds of your video.

You can get them to stay after that with a meaningful story. And let them leave the video with a powerful conclusion.

Write a message into your script that’s clear and real. Viral video marketing aims for genuine reaction from your audience, not mindless viewing.

Of course, it’s not enough to have a well-written story. Your script must be executed through visuals.

Luckily, video-making technology is now more accessible than ever.

Find Quality Video-Making Tools for Your Budget

Using your phone to record a video is a practical choice to save money. Still, decent video cameras are inexpensive now, so take that step up if you can. An HD clip in true color can do a lot for your viral video marketing.

Whatever device you do use to record, remember to edit afterwards. Polish videos to ensure they look like something a legitimate business would make.

You’re probably thinking about how much video editing software costs right now. Don’t worry, though — some are actually both user-friendly and affordable.

A lot of tools now exist to help you create high-quality videos without breaking the bank. Some even do most of the work for you! Check out my blog post The Best Video Marketing Tools for YouTube.

Add Some Intriguing Element

Viral videos often hook audiences by using intriguing elements. For instance, combining contrasting things or people can start up a debate or post-watching discussion. You want that!

You can use influencers who have different views on your subject. Let them express their opposing opinions. They’ll pretty much start the discussion for you that way.

You can also add intrigue to your video by proposing a solution to a seemingly impossible problem. If the solution happens to be offered by your business, even better.

You can challenge norms, ask provocative questions, or even remind people of outrageous facts. Viral video marketing is about setting yourself apart from all the other content out there.

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Hacks in Gaining Viewers

After producing your video, you should work on making it reach your target audience. There are a lot of simple hacks for this part of viral video marketing.

Start with social media. Sharing your video on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a great way to gather views.

Remember to put your video on both YouTube and Vimeo. Engage your audience in the comments on these sites. Hit “Like” buttons for positive comments, for example.

If you get negative feedback, don’t ignore it. Be polite when answering and think of critiques as lessons to improve your next viral video marketing efforts.

Smart engagement is just one of the ways you can boost your viral video marketing. Learn how to do more by reading my blog post Key Secrets on How to Get a Lot of Views on YouTube.

Finally, don’t forget to use SEO. Optimize your viral video by using the right keywords and riding the trending hashtags.

Plus, you can direct your viewers to your other social media accounts using SEO marketing. Take advantage of their marketing features and tools to further spread your video.

Analytics Are There for a Reason

Keep in mind that YouTube and other video platforms offer analytic tools. These are vital when optimizing your viral video marketing.

Such tools can give you a statistical view of how each element of the video made an impact. YouTube’s Analytics tool even gives you demographic data on your audience, viewer retention reports, and so on. That’s a ton of useful info for viral video marketing.

Take notes and use them to improve your viral video marketing.

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Final Thoughts on Effective Viral Video Marketing

There you have it! Doing viral video marketing isn’t rocket science, but it still requires care and attention. You have to make content that can catch viewers’ attention and get them to take action.

Remember, don’t just showcase what you can offer. You have to present it in a storytelling manner.

You have to tell that story with the best, most eye-catching visuals you can provide. Investing in the right equipment and software can take your viral video marketing to the next level.

And even after your video’s gone public, you still have to monitor it. Study its performance and the audience’s feedback. Use the gathered data to get insights that can guide your later viral video marketing.

If you still have questions about viral video marketing, let me know by leaving a comment below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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