Use of Video Marketing Online That Actually Works!

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“Use of Video Marketing Online That Actually Works!” written by Mike Marko.

You’ve probably seen a lot of success stories about video marketing online using YouTube.

Why can others bag millions of views in just one click while my videos get crickets no matter how hard I try?

I’ve been there, and I’m sure other marketers did, too. So we all know, getting the results you want is not always easy…

…I learned that the hard way.

But today, your situation won’t be the same as mine.

In this blog post, I’ll give you a head start and teach you how to use video marketing online that actually gets results. Let’s get into it!

Tips on Promoting Businesses Using Video Marketing Online

There’s no doubt that how Google is related to searching is what’s also becoming to YouTube for video marketing online.

And optimizing content for Google is hard. The same goes for YouTube.

So what you need are an advantage and techniques that can give you an upper hand.

And fortunately, you can find these techniques below!

But why YouTube?

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Marketers Need to Know These YouTube Statistics

Technically speaking, YouTube is now the second largest search engine coming after Google with more than 3 billion searches a month.

It’s also the second largest social media platform with more than 1.9 billion monthly active users after Facebook.

Not to the mention, almost 5 billion videos are watched every day. Okay, don’t tell me you don’t find that impressive.

But let’s face it.

Getting views isn’t always easy. Because here’s the catch: 300 hours worth of videos is uploaded per minute.

How can your video content get past that?

Now that we answer the “why” of video marketing online, what about the “how”?

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Types of Videos for Your Business That Actually Work!

When we talk about YouTube, what comes to mind is entertainment. But when it comes to business matters, entertainment is not what you bring, is it?

So how exactly are you going to compensate for that? How can you bring in video content besides for entertainment? And will it bring in more views?

Let’s find out!

Opinions of Others Are Important to Customers

“Will I be satisfied with this purchase?

Your customers are always wondering about this before they buy something.

A product review answers that question, and often they will proceed with the purchase when the review is positive.

And considering that 84 percent of people trust online reviews, there’s no arguing that you need to start making this videos as well.


YouTube Is a Place to Learn

Tutorial videos are more important than you think.

In a survey conducted on 2017, 87 percent of the people asked said that they rely on YouTube for learning.

What’s more, tutorial videos are watched over and over again. Admit it, you can’t remember everything in a video in just one go, I know I can’t.

So getting repetitive views is natural when it comes to a tutorial video.

The Revelation of Your Products

In 2010, making an unboxing video might be a joke on YouTube. But now, it’s surprisingly popular!

This is because people are excited to see what the product looks like. But not only will it excite watchers, but it’s also what drives them to purchase.

Now that you know the best types of videos, how can you make them into a “great” video? You got to make them great somehow, right?

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How to Make a Great Video?

“Don’t steer away from the main purpose of the video.”

A golden rule when making a video, but most of the time… ignored.

Your target audience is watching in hopes of finding a solution, and so that’s where you come in. Give them a hint that you have the answer.

Remember, it’s not all about your business, it’s about helping the audience. Okay, call-to-actions should not be forgotten, but don’t make it too obvious.

You’ll ruin the mood.

People trust people more than the specs of your product, so add a testimonial if possible!

And remember, a perfect video isn’t always a great video.  In other words, don’t make it look totally scripted. Shoot from different angles like the audience is walking around the speaker.

Take note, even a video taken from your personal phone can pay off. There are also useful YouTube tools that can help create great videos.

But besides the actual video, there are factors that affect ranking.

Factors That Affect Ranking Besides the Actual Video

I divided these factors into two — those that should be taken into consideration before you click the Upload button, and those that come after.

Let’s get to the “before” first.

Getting the Video Ready for Optimization

When you start getting the video ready for optimization, a title should get the most attention

Why? Because it’s the most obvious part of a video.

Although they won’t be seen in the preview, the description and subtitles of your video are important. And it’s because search engines run a check on them for keywords.

It’s also important that you insert your video tags into the description.

Then, the quality should be taken into consideration, too. Not only will it make for a better visual, but it will also add more keywords such as 4k, 1280p, 2080p, and more.

And don’t forget about thumbnails. Besides being eye-catching, it should have the preferred measurements of YouTube

A size of 1280×720 and aspect ratio of 16:9.

Now to go into the “after.”

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After the Video Was Uploaded

The video is already uploaded, and this is the point where ranking will be tough because you can’t control it, only monitor.

Whether you like it or not, the like and dislike ratio, the watch time, and the engagement rate (comments over views) will affect your video’s ranking.

We’ve only tackled organic traffic, but you actually have a trump card.

Learn more about the secrets on how to get more views by reading my blog post Key Secrets to How to Get a Lot of Views on YouTube.

Using YouTube Campaigns Is Risky… but Worth It!

More than 51 percent of business run YouTube ads for marketing. Okay, that’s a LOT!

Over a billion people are on YouTube, that means the rewards are just surprisingly large!

YouTube campaigns are a tempting tool. But what are the pros of such a tool?

For starters, you don’t need a large marketing budget. YouTube ads will last longer, and you can precisely set your budget!

And at the end of the day, you can measure your video’s success with the analytics. At this point, you can adjust your current or next campaign the way you want.

So it would definitely drive more traffic to your channel, organic or paid, you can further increase this traffic.

But how can you do that?

Share Your Videos on Other Social Platforms

It’s essential that you share every video that you make because it will add to your brand’s exposure.

But how can you get the most exposure when sharing your video content? What are the best social platforms for sharing your video content?

Well, you can easily figure this out by going to the Analytics… again. Just by checking the top sources of your video, be it from Facebook links, Tweets, or Pins.

Another thing, don’t stop creating content once you start! So we can say that the Upload button is a point of no return.

From now on, for every video content that you make, apply these steps to get the most out of video marketing online!

Final Thoughts on the Use of Video Marketing Online

Before you read this blog post, you didn’t know how to rank well on YouTube.

But there you have it! Making video marketing online work is not impossible after all, right?

Since you now know the ins and outs of making fantastic video content, the next time you do video marketing online will be the easiest all the while having the best results!

If you have other questions regarding video marketing online, leave them in the comment section below! I’ll make sure your question gets answered.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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