Before You Start

Install Alexa Toolbar

Before  you start working on anything, please install the Alexa Toolbar in the browser you'll be using the most.  Download based on the browser:

Chrome extension


1. SEO - How to Write Articles For Spinning

Step One of Person Blog Network Building

Important Elements:

  1. Aim for 800 to 1000 words per article.
  2. Have one H1 (title header), and at least two H2 (subheadings) and at least three H3 (sub-subheadings)
  3. Have the "XXXX" keyword in the H1 (title header) and at least in the H2 (subheading) twice, and two H3 (sub-subheadings).
  4. Use an asterisk ("*") for bullet points.  This can be switched later on when posting the article.
  5. One line space before paragraphs, and two before headings (except title).
  6. REMEMBER: Each article you write needs to be unique, and NOT copied from someone else or from a previous article you write.
  7. There should be an introduction and a summary at the end.  At the beginning tell them what you will say, and then at the end tell them what you told them. By including this it should be easier to target the number of keywords for the article.
  8. Try to spend 1 hour or less to write each article.
  9. First and last sentence should have the XXXX keyword.
  10. Paragraphs should be one to five sentences in length.  There should be very few exceptions to this general rule.
  11. Do NOT write directly about the target page.  I know it's a bit confusing in the video for the example "Restaurant Enclosures" but in that case the articles should be about "restaurant enclosures" or similar articles, and not about the business directly.  If you are creating backlinks to ABC Company, do not write about ABC Company, instead write a topic in the same niche and casually mention the keyword anchor text for the link.  You can write a maximum of 5 sentences related to the target page.  That may mean that some of the XXXX keyword placeholds SHOULD NOT have the primary keyword used in that spot.

2. SEO - How to Spin Articles

Step Two of Person Blog Network Building

Important Elements:

  1. Make sure Titles are also spun.
  2. Use the medium setting for spinning.
  3. Use articles a maximum of 30 times in blog posts.
  4. The name of the spun article should help identify the use.  The format of the name should be " - - - ".  The square brackets [] are replaced with the actual value that the text describes.  As an example an article name may be "Mike - 23 - Organo Gold - Organo Gold Review"

3. SEO - How to Use Spun Articles In Blog Network

Step Three of Person Blog Network Building

Important Elements:

  1. Alternate between putting target page Title OR website in bottom of blog post as "Source" and then hyperlink to target page.
  2. Use one primary keyword (alternate per blog post created).  Spread through blog post to 1/3 of XXXX's.  Put link to target page on ONE primary keyword.  If that keyword is a company name, then do not use in a heading (use a secondary or keyword instead).
  3. Use a secondary keyword (alternate per blog post created).  Spread through blog post to 1/3 of XXXX's.  Put link to target page on ONE primary keyword.
  4. Use a diversity keyword if it exists (alternate per blog post created) otherwise use a secondary keyword.  Spread through blog post to 1/3 of XXXX's.  Put link to target page on ONE primary keyword.
  5. Half the time use an image.  Half the images hyperlink to target page.


  1. Link to an outside source like Wikipedia, dictionary.com,  or a similar site.  Use it to define the definition of a word in the blog post.  This should be done in half the blog posts you create.  It shows Google that you are referencing sites outside the target source... to HIGH AUTHORITY sites.
  2. You need to identify some of the keywords.  At least one use of each keyword should be identified by making one italics, one bold, and one underlined.  Since there are often three keywords per blog post then there should be three italics keywords.
  3. Make sure you use free sources of images that we can post without infringing on copywrite laws.  Possible sources include:
    Haute Chocolate.com
    The stocks.com

4. SEO - Blog Commenting

Additional Step For SEO - Beginning of Work Day

Important Elements:

  1. You will be assigned at least one URL to comment for.
  2. You will comment only on base URL.
  3. If you have two URL's assigned, then you need to alternate between them.
  4. Must be done at beginning of each of your days.

5. SEO - Pinging Pages

Final Step For SEO - After Creating Each Post