Should You Be Using WordPress As a Website

“Should You Be Using WordPress As a Website” written by Mike Marko.

Are you thinking about using WordPress as a website?

Are you looking to create a website because you see the value of having a website?

That’s great, because you have the vision to know why having a website is important to promoting anything online.

Should You Be Using WordPress As a Website?

WordPress is pretty cool.  You can create powerful, professionally looking sites with WordPress without having to learn a ton of coding.  With some practice, you can create a website in a week (or even weekend) what normally would take someone a month or more to do from scratch.  Once you install WordPress on a server, there are a bunch of tools to help build and manage amazing websites.

WordPress works really good for certain types of sites like blogs, personal porfolios, and bruchure sites (for example).  These types of sites are really easy when you are using WordPress as a website platform.  They have well developed plug-ins to make it easy to also build membership sites, e-commerce sites, social networks, and other custom sites.

So what about you?

Should You Be Using WordPress As a Website

When Should You Be Using WordPress as a Website?

Although some claim that WordPress is overkill for super-simple websites: I disagree.  When I talk to clients, I tell them to think of a website like buying a house.  You don’t want to build a website that you’ll quickly outgrow.  Moving to a new platform can be done, but why bother when you can build up a website and have plenty of room to grow in the future.

When you start looking at complex sites, you’ll move into an area where you’ll have to do some coding to get WordPress to work the way you want.  Though there is a point of diminishing return: at some point you may have to do so much hacking and tweaking that it could have been better to build the site from scratch (and using JavaScript, and back-end website programming languages like Ruby or PHP).  This is rarely the case because there are so many themes to choose from with WordPress.

Most people using WordPress as a website platform run basic sites.  These basic sites have a few static pages, a blog (or news) section), and may have some common features like contact forms, newsletter sign up pages, and more.  These features are easily handled with WordPress plug-ins.  These plug-ins help you customize your site.

Therefore most likely you’ll have to activate at least a few plug-ins to get your site looking and working like you want.  In some cases you’ll have to do some template coding to do even more custom content.

Using Themes in WordPress

We have already briefly talked about themes in WordPress.

Themes make it easy to customize your website and make it look like it was done by a professional designer.  There are thousands and thousands of themes.  Many of them look amazing, well-supported, and there are designs for a wide range of typical web industries and trends.  This is why Influx Entrepreneur offers hundreds and hundreds of different, including premium, themes.

When you are using WordPress as a website platform, you will mostly likely begin customizing themes they either free or purchased from a theme developer.

Customizing Themes in WordPress

To properly customize a WordPress theme to the need, you will likely create a child theme.  Using child themes is the preferred method for customizing themes. This involves setting up a new folder in your themes folder, then you copy and paste any files from the main theme you want to customize into this new folder. This can include the main style.css file or one of the theme PHP files.

Now when you are getting into creating child themes and customizing your own themes, someone using WordPress as a website platform needs to start learning a little HTML, CSS and even some PHP. Fortunately this is not like building a website from scratch.  You only need to know a little bit of each of these languages in order to customize the theme.  While the themes, plugins, and WordPress itself do most of the work for you, a little coding goes a long way.

You can cheat in the department a little as well by using tools.  I use Microsoft Expression Web to help generate a lot of the code I need.  You can just create what you want in one window, and the code is automatically generated in another window.  Alternately you can drop in existing code into the one window, and then change the code in the other box using the easy to use user interface.

Final Words

You can learn these basic skills and create the WordPress website you are looking for.

Now that you understand how WordPress works, and the importance of using themes and plug-ins for customization, you are now ready to get started.  There is a natural tenancy for people to want to create their own site and have it hosted.

But installing and setting up WordPress can complicated and confusing.  You also have to keep updating the website whenever WordPress is updated.  Add on top of it all the “upsells” of having to buy the nicer themes and plugins.  That’s why it can be much easier (and cheaper) to use a marketing platform like Influx Entrepreneur.


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