13 Tricks to Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

13 Tricks to Using Twitter to Promote Your Business - using Twitter to promote your business

“13 Tricks to Using Twitter to Promote Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

If you’re not already doing it, you should be using Twitter to promote your business.

The microblogging site is ripe with marketing potential. I’ve mentioned this before, in my article on the reasons to use Twitter for business marketing.

But just in case you need reminding, here are a few facts in Twitter’s favor.

First, Twitter’s active daily user number has risen steadily over the past 3 years.

To add to that, recall for content seen on Twitter is 31% better than recall for content seen through general online browsing.

So there are more than a few reasons Twitter should be among the platforms you use to promote your business.

To help you with that, I’ll give you a number of handy tricks to get you started. These tips can improve the way you’re using Twitter to promote your business.

Useful Tips When Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

There are certain things to do before using Twitter to promote your business.

For instance, you need to set up your Twitter business account, as well as develop a strategy for Twitter post content.

I’ve covered those topics in my other posts on using Twitter to promote your business, though.

The tricks I’ll show you here will cover different ground, for the most part. They’ll reveal the techniques you should use after your marketing basics have been set up.

So without further ado, let’s begin with my list of tricks for using Twitter to promote your business.

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1) Search for Potential Contacts/Customers

A lot of business owners seem to forget that Twitter has a search bar.

Make use of it when using Twitter to promote your business.

More specifically, use it to search for tweets that you can reply to in order to start a conversation or build a connection.

Say you sell bungee jumping gear online, for example.

Look for tweets with the words “bungee jumping gear” or similar keywords.

Respond to these tweets and try to start a dialogue through them!

You may end up introducing your products to entirely new customers while using Twitter to promote your business this way.

2) Respond Often

As often as possible, respond to tweets others send you.

You’re using Twitter to promote your business. This means your actions on the platform represent the way your brand deals with consumers.

If you respond to others’ tweets, people will take that as a sign that your brand cares about consumers enough to reply to them.

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3) Use Influencers, But Only Use the Right Ones

Influencers can help promote your tweets, account, and brand to their followers.

However, don’t pick just any influencer when using Twitter to promote your business. Look for ones that meet the following criteria:

  • They should embody your brand’s principles and be in line with its image.
  • They should be capable of following the agreement you’ve set on how to promote your brand. You’d be surprised how many influencers can follow simple instructions — I’m looking at you, Scott Disick.
  • They should have a highly engaged following. Don’t choose an influencer with a huge following that’s not likely to engage them (or you). Choose one actually capable of getting followers to execute a call to action.

4) Don’t Start Off Influencer Marketing by Paying

This relates to the previous tip for using Twitter to promote your business.

When reaching out to influencers, don’t think you have to pay them immediately.

That typically happens only when the influencer concerned is genuinely huge, e.g. a sports star or famous film celebrity.

In most cases, however, you can start off by offering influencers free products they can use as well as give away to their followers.

It’s a relatively low-cost way to start influencer marketing when using Twitter to promote your business.

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5) Build Content around Trending Hashtags

Check the trending hashtags regularly when using Twitter to promote your business.

Every now and then, you’ll see one that you can relate to your business.

Build content around it and link that content to your brand.

If a hashtag has to do with a national holiday or event, for instance, think of ways to link your brand to that.

For example, create a marketing image that shows how to celebrate a holiday with your products.

That way, you can exploit the popularity of the trending hashtag for your own purposes.

6) Reshape and Repeat Tweets

Many of the most popular brands on Twitter repeat their tweets.

That’s because they know the large volume of tweets posted daily means a portion of their audience can miss the first tweet. Material gets buried quickly here!

So when using Twitter to promote your business, don’t be afraid to repost your own content.

Just don’t do it in the exact same form. Change something in the phrasing, use a different image or video, and so on.

You can repeat a Tweet up to two times. That means you can post about the same thing up to 3 times in total.

7) Advertise on Twitter

Yes, using Twitter to promote your business can be done without paying a cent.

But using ads just boosts your business exposure so much more.

Besides, the platform’s CPE (cost per engagement) for advertisers seems to be decreasing.

So it’s more than a little worthwhile to try a few ads while using Twitter to promote your business. It could pay off massively if you do it right.

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8) Check Twitter Analytics Often

Twitter Analytics is something you should be checking often when using Twitter to promote your business.

See if any of your posts is getting a lot of traction, if a campaign or post seems to be followed by an increase in your follower count or profile visits, who your audience is, etc.

Information like this is vital when using Twitter to promote your business.

It gives you a sense of what’s working, what isn’t, and what you can tweak.

So don’t neglect Twitter Analytics. Consult its data after every campaign you run on the platform.

9) Automate Your Tweets

I want to be clear that this doesn’t mean you should automate tweet creation when using Twitter to promote your business.

That’s a recipe for disaster, especially if a tweet is supposed to be a response to a consumer’s tweet to you.

Instead, I’m telling you to automate the way your regular tweets are posted.

Use a scheduling tool to publish your tweets at specific times of the day for you.

Since the ideal number of posts per day on Twitter can range from 3 to 30, depending on whom you’re asking, just publishing tweets can be a time-consuming task.

You might as well use an automation tool for it. Just line up the tweets for the day and put them in the tool’s queue.

Remember to use Analytics to determine your best posting times, by the way.

10) Assign Staff to Provide Customer Service

I’ve said before that Twitter is a great place to provide customer service. However, that comes with a requirement.

You have to provide that service speedily or you may disappoint customers.

64% of consumers on Twitter actually expect companies to respond to them within 24 hours.

That tells you how demanding social media customer service can be when using Twitter to promote your business.

To manage it better, assign members of your staff or new employees to the task.

It’s better than constantly scrambling to catch up with customer service concerns.

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11) Promote Consumer Testimonials

One of the best ways to build credibility for a company is to let your customers be your advocates.

Ask your customers to use a hashtag or @mention when they publish posts showing off their usage of your services/products.

Use their tweets when using Twitter to promote your business. You can simply retweet them with a reaction or note of thanks to the customer for the post.

12) Use Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards offer users a way to add more content to a tweet without taking up more of the limited character space.

You can use Twitter Cards to attach images, videos, or even descriptions to the tweets where you share links.

Make use of them to make a tweet (and the link in it) more appealing.

13) Make Lists of Possible Partners/Contacts

There are many ways to employ Twitter Lists when using Twitter to promote your business.

This is one of my favorites.

Create a list of around 20 Twitter accounts that could be partners or useful contacts for marketing.

Let’s say we’re looking for possible influencers to work with, for example. You should create a list of all the candidates.

This helps you keep track of them and start engaging their content early on.

That way, once you’ve finally worked out which of them you want to tap for influencer marketing, you’ll already have a history of interaction with them.

You can call on that history when proposing your partnership.

Final Thoughts on Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

That wraps up my list of tricks for using Twitter to promote your business. These tips can do a lot for your marketing on this social media platform.

To reiterate, here they are again:

  • Search for potential contacts/customers using Twitter Search.
  • Respond often to tweets.
  • Use the right influencers.
  • Don’t start off influencer marketing by paying them.
  • Build content around trending hashtags.
  • Reshape and repeat tweets.
  • Advertise on the platform.
  • Check Twitter Analytics often.
  • Automate your tweets.
  • Assign staff to provide customer service.
  • Promote consumer testimonials.
  • Make lists of possible partners/contacts.

Use as many of these as you can to make the most out of using Twitter to promote your business.

If you have questions about them or about using Twitter to promote your business, just leave me a note in the comments!

Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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13 Tricks to Using Twitter to Promote Your Business - Mike Marko

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