Using Twitter for a Business: Tips and Tricks

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“Using Twitter for a Business: Tips and Tricks” written by Mike Marko.

Building a Twitter presence for your business can be daunting…

With the growing number of companies getting into Twitter to promote their businesses, it seems like standing out from the crowd is impossible.

With all those advertisers, how do you get seen through the “noise”?

What if there was a way…

That with the right strategies, you can make your marketing campaigns in Twitter stand out AND get your new business.  

Using  Twitter for a business is crucial for commerce growth. If Twitter marketing is done right, it could help you widen your online presence and increase website sales.

That’s why in this blog post, I will share to you my tips about using Twitter for a business and the effective strategies to help you grow your commerce.

How to Use Twitter for a Business

You probably heard that Twitter is a great platform for your business.  It’s one of the main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Using Twitter properly takes effort.  

So is it worth it?  

With all the other social media platforms out there, so why bother using Twitter?

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Why Use Twitter for Your Business

Twitter has a lot of advantages.  It has excellent features for research, engagement, and awareness .  Therefore, using Twitter for a business can really help a lot in identifying the demographics and the current economic needs.

Twitter also offers easy ways to communicate and connect with people. So, if you’re looking for a place to engage, Twitter is definitely the place to be!

Also, marketing on Twitter promotes and develops your brand. Using it properly can take your brand and business to a significant growth.

Twitter updates in real time. That means your tweets can be instantly seen by your followers the moment you post it. It’s a great way to announce exclusive deals and promos.

However, Twitter for a business isn’t just all about promoting, engaging and tweeting.  

Twitter also has data about customers which your marketing team can easily access. That’s why it’s considered the best place to research for your prospect target audience.

Not only that, Twitter for a business lets you track your brand’s activity and improvements through Twitter Analytics. You will have insight about how your ad posts are doing, which one had engagements, and which didn’t work well.

Now that you know a few points of how Twitter for a business works, here are the tips on how you can use it to market your business.

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Set Up Your Twitter Business Profile

The first step you need to do is to set up your business profile completely.

There are five important parts of a Twitter business profile.

  • Your Twitter handle (@username),
  • Profile picture,
  • Bio, (short description)
  • Header image, and  
  • Pinned tweet (featured tweet).

Ensure that these elements work cohesively to create an accurate representation of your business.

Your username, or Twitter handle, is your identifier on Twitter. You can create your Twitter handle with 15 characters. You have to make sure that it is easy to remember and distinguishable by your target audience. An example would be @MikeMarko1.

You also have to spice up in writing for your bio. You have 160 characters to describe your business and include important information. Make it concise but full in information.

Basically, a Twitter for a business profile wouldn’t be complete without a profile photo. You have to make sure that your profile photo visually represent your business and brand. Setting your brand logo is an obvious choice.

Your header image is right behind your profile picture. It can be used to highlight promotions, events or news about your business.

And lastly, the pinned tweet. This is the first tweet people see when they visit your profile. You can either pin a tweet about the latest news on your business or a recent announcement.

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Always Make Use of #Hashtags

Using hashtag can help in making a better Twitter for a business experience. Hashtags help in driving you traffic too. Hashtags are words or phrases that give users the chance to tag an identifying word that groups hundreds of tweets together.

Hashtags are searchable and are useful for live events. You can easily search a trending topic using the hashtag.

What’s more, hashtags can help increase the visibility of your posts.

But remember, you don’t just use any hashtag phrase you can think of. You need to make sure that you use relevant ones. You can also create your own hashtags.

Using hashtags doesn’t also mean that you use it in every tweet. It’s best to limit how many hashtags you use. The more you use hashtags, the less likely people are to interact with your content.

Handle Problems Through Direct Messages

It’s a smart business tactic to resolve customer issues through direct messages. A common mistake most brands do on social media is that they response back to defend their side of story publicly.

Here’s the thing… you don’t want to display your problem with the public. Arguing publicly can lessen your credibility as a business owner.

That’s why if there’s any complaint or issue from the customer, best to have it resolved through direct message.

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Tweet Interactive Graphics and Multimedia

One of the ways to ace your Twitter for a business is by posting interactive graphics and multimedia. Interactive tweets are a great way to connect with followers.

Twitter allows you to tweet photos, GIFS, and polls. These can help you hook your followers to see more of your posts.

Twitter allows users to add up to four photos to their tweets. You can post top 4 of your best shot on your products or events you’ve recently hosted.

Twitter also has a built-in GIF keyboard. You can just search a keyword and choose a clip that best suits your tweet. Then share it with everyone or even ask them to retweet their favorite Twitter GIF too.

You can also create graphics to add to your tweets. Either you customize your own graphics or let a professional do the work.

Also, one of the best ways to engage with your followers is to create a poll. You can craft your question and select the responses. This will help in driving engagement for customers. You can also have the benefit of asking them what they wanted to see and hear from your brand.

Check out this blog Strategizing What to Post for Twitter Business to learn more.

Take Advantage of Live Tweeting

Best way to promote business, send announcements, and interact with your followers is through live tweeting.

Live tweeting is when a user tweets his or her reactions to a live event as it is happening. Live tweeting is another way to get a topic trending on Twitter.

When planning for a live tweet, make sure that you create your own hashtag to use and share it with the invite list.

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Never Buy Your Followers

There are sites that lets you purchase followers from certain services to beef up your follower count. Don’t do this!

Buying followers means you will only get fake followers. You will have a good number of followers but these followers won’t be able to react and engage with your tweets. Meaning your money and effort won’t be worth it.

Instead, try your best in crafting the solid advertising and marketing strategy to make sure you get authentic and real followers. You can collaborate with Twitter influencers and other brands to get more leads and followers.

Learn more simple yet effective ways to  market your business through Twitter by checking out this blog Simple but Effective Twitter for Business Tips.

Final Thoughts on Quick Tips in Using Twitter for a Business

That sums up today’s blog post on using Twitter for a business efficiently. As a marketer, crafting the best digital marketing strategy is crucial in your business’ success. Marketing in social media channels like Twitter can give you a good online presence for your target audience.

However, using Twitter for a business doesn’t just mean tweeting photos and announcements. You have to ensure that:

  • You have completely set up your business profile.
  • Incorporate the proper use of hashtags in your posts.
  • Handle and resolve problems through direct messages.
  • Using interactive medias in your tweets.
  • Using live tweets for important events.
  • Lastly, the importance of not buying fake follower counts.

These are just a few tips and tactics to effectively use Twitter for a business.

IM Consultant Services offer social media marketing services to help businesses like yours get more customers through proven effective marketing strategies.

Still have more questions in using Twitter for a business? Leave it in the comments section below.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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Using Twitter for a Business: Tips and Tricks - Mike Marko

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