Why Using Facebook for Marketing Is Important

Why Using Facebook for Marketing Is Important - using facebook for business

“Why Using Facebook for Marketing Is Important” written by Mike Marko.

You’ve probably heard that using Facebook for marketing can improve your business.

There’s no doubt that Facebook has had great impact on how people communicate with each other. Businesses too have benefited from the connections it makes possible. Through it, brands have found many opportunities to make their services known to the world.

But are you still looking for specific reasons why using Facebook for marketing is important?

If you are, look no further. In today’s blog post, I’ll let you know the most important reasons you should be using Facebook for marketing.

I guarantee that after this, you won’t think twice about using Facebook for marketing any longer!

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Why Using Facebook for Marketing Is Important

Facebook had more than 2.32 billion monthly active users as of January 2019. An additional 5 user profiles are made on it every second.

The platform’s users aren’t limited to the US either. As many as 307 million Europeans are on the network.

With numbers like this, Facebook is obviously an ideal platform to market your business. It provides you with a huge potential audience that’s all over the globe.

But before we go deeper into why you should be using Facebook for marketing, let’s talk first about how it works.

What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is the process of using Facebook to connect with potential customers.

To do it, you need a Facebook page. A Facebook page serves as a platform to maintain a connection with customers.

For example, business users post updates, promotions, or events on their pages. Some businesses are also using Facebook for marketing by making Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook users may follow business pages too. This will allow them to see any updates that a business posts.

This barely scratches the surface of Facebook marketing, of course. There are so many methods and factors in it that we can’t possibly cover them all here.

For example, content timing is an important part of using Facebook for marketing. That’s because timing your posts right can boost your chances of getting audience engagement.

The same thing goes for audience targeting for Facebook ads. It can have a big effect on the results of your advertising — and thus, your Facebook marketing.

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Why Use Facebook for Marketing

Now let’s talk about why you should be using Facebook for marketing.

Technically, you’ve already seen some of the Facebook advantages. For example, the platform’s huge user base is already argument enough for its use in marketing.

It’s also one of the most often-accessed social networks. In fact, about 50% of users check Facebook more than once a day.

The percentage of users who do that on the next-most-often-accessed social platform, YouTube, is only 28%.

But there are other reasons you should be using Facebook for marketing, of course.

Let me outline them for you below. Here are the three reasons why using Facebook for marketing is a great idea.

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1) Facebook Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Whether you own a small or big business, using Facebook for marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy. A fair number of basic Facebook tools such as pages and groups are free of charge, after all.

Now what if you opt to conduct paid promotions (say, by using Facebook Ads)? Even then, using Facebook for marketing is still inexpensive.

That’s because Facebook gives you a lot of options for controlling your ad spend on it.

For example, the two main Facebook ad cost reckoning methods are CPM (Cost Per Million) and CPC (Cost Per Click).

The CPM is charged every thousand impressions. On the other hand, the CPM is charged per click.

Business owners may also opt for other options for ad payment. These are the OCPM (Optimized CPM) and the CPA (Cost Per Action).

The OCPM is where the platform shows the ad only to the people who are likely interested in it. The CPA is charged based on a user’s specific action when they see your ad.

If you’re smart about how you set your ad payment options and bids, you should find costs on this platform more than reasonable… especially if the campaign is successful at generating leads.

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2) Features Are Often Updated

Another reason why you should be using Facebook for marketing is that its features are constantly updated. Developers often update the features of the platform for various reasons:

  • To increase the safety of users and marketers.
  • To offer new ad forms.
  • To offer new bidding options (for ads).

This makes using Facebook for marketing better each year! It also assures marketers that the platform stays in touch with current marketing trends and developments.

You don’t have to worry about your tools being outdated when you’re using Facebook for marketing.

3) Better Chances at Client Engagement

Company owners can easily engage customers when using Facebook for marketing.

In fact, just having a page on the platform already encourages engagement. For one, it offers consumers an official channel to use to reach a brand.

For example, people visiting the company’s page can choose to Like or Dislike the page or posts on it. They can comment on both as well.

There’s also the “Private Message” feature.  Interested clients can send their concerns directly to the company. This allows business users to easily address specific concerns or inquiries on Facebook.

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Final Thoughts on Using Facebook for Marketing

That sums up my blog post for today about using Facebook for marketing. There’s no doubt that the platform has added to the opportunities people have to connect and communicate. This makes it a good marketing platform for business owners.

A Facebook page acts as a platform to create and maintain connections with customers. Through the use of the various features, business owners can easily connect with their clients.

You can target a specific audience. You can also make use of the Facebook Ads feature for a more effective marketing strategy. You can even interact with consumers via direct messages.

If you find this using Facebook for marketing blog informative or have more questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Why Using Facebook for Marketing Is Important - Mike Marko

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