Basic Use of Twitter for Business Marketing

Basic Use of Twitter for Business Marketing

“Basic Use of Twitter for Business Marketing” written by Mike Marko.

What’s the real use of Twitter for business?

Twitter is a social networking website used by millions of people to discuss various topics. With a purpose of being a communication tool for gaining new friends, Twitter was able to adapt itself for business purposes.

Today, Twitter helps business owners gain new customers and promote their products.

Bringing your business online could open a lot of opportunities. Twitter contains every basic feature needed to market your business. This makes it one of the best social media platforms for advertising.

In this article, we will discuss the basic use of Twitter for business to understand how its different features can help your business grow.

The Use of Twitter for Business Marketing

Communication is an important aspect of marketing a business. This enables you to promote your product and inform your target customers about exclusive deals and sales.

Despite its minimal character limit, Twitter is still most commonly used by businesses for marketing their products and services.

This begs the question: What makes Twitter stand out from the other platforms?

What is Twitter

In the social media world, Twitter is considered as a microblogging tool. This is due to the short and disconnected messages. These messages have a limit of 280 characters.

These short messages are known as “tweets” and can include links, images or videos.

The main purpose of Twitter is to communicate and share thoughts in a straightforward manner. This makes the platform unique.

However, it is able to still share similarities with other popular social media platforms.

Facebook – A tweet is basically what a status update is to Facebook. However, a tweet only allows 280 characters. Every tweet posted appears on the Twitter feed of your followers in real-time.

Pinterest – Twitter allows its users to upload photos just like Pinterest. However, many people find Twitter easier to use as it allows users to have a conversation on the tweet that contains the photo.

LinkedIn – The only similarity between LinkedIn and Twitter is the length of the updates allowed. Unlike LinkedIn where the connections are based on relationships, Twitter allows its users to connect even with strangers. This feature is helpful for reaching out possible customers.

Youtube – Tweeting a video is allowed on Twitter, but linking to Youtube videos are generally preferred.

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Things to Consider Before Using Twitter for Business

Sharing information on Twitter is faster than other social networking platforms. A tweet could reach thousands of users in just a matter of seconds.

In this fast paced platform, having a plan is a must.

There are risks involved in having an online presence on Twitter. With information being delivered in real-time to millions of users, publishing a wrong or inappropriate tweet can instantly inflict major damage to your brand’s image.

To avoid any issues, it is recommended to create a marketing plan first.

This plan should address:

  • The audience you want to reach.
  • How you will interact with your followers.
  • The person who will handle your Twitter account.

The points given above will help secure the success you want from your online marketing campaign. Marketing your business on Twitter without a plan will prevent you from maximizing its capabilities.

Taking Advantage of Twitter for Business Marketing

Twitter has all the tools and features you need for marketing your business. Knowing how to make use of Twitter’s features allows you to effectively use the platform without having to pay for anything.

Below are different tips to help you make the most of the platform.

Allows You to Follow More People

With its millions of users, creating a presence on Twitter opens a lot of opportunities for businesses.

The key to your success will be the acquisition of followers. However, this isn’t easy. It takes effort and time in order to be noticed.

To begin making yourself visible to your target audience, consider following the important people to your business first. These people are:

  • Existing customers,
  • Business partners, suppliers, contractors, vendors,
  • Competitors and peers,
  • Trade organizations or professional organizations for your industry,
  • Business in your area, and
  • Businesses owned by the people you personally know.

If you have the emails of these people in your database, you can easily integrate your email with Twitter. This allows the platform to scan these emails and show you existing accounts.


An Opportunity to Interact with Your Followers

A business on Twitter should keep a healthy communication with its niche.

Tweeting once or twice a day will not make the difference you hope to achieve.

Being active in responding and engaging other users is the only way to successfully market your business.

There are five ways to interact with your followers on Twitter:

  1. Tweet – This is a short message that you publish on your page and will appear on the feed of your followers.
  2. Reply – This is the way you respond to tweets. To do this, simply type “@” followed by the username of an individual that you want to talk to. You can also click the reply button on the bottom of a tweet. Your reply will be visible to everyone who follows both of you.
  3. Mention – Just like a reply, mentioning someone will easily notify them about your tweet. To do this, simply compose a tweet and type “@” then the username of the user you want to mention.
  4. Direct Message or DM – These are private messages that only you and the other user can see.
  5. Retweet or RT – This one is similar to the “share” button on Facebook. By retweeting, you are sharing the tweet to your own followers.

Relevant Tweets Catches Your Followers’ Interest

A business page on Twitter should only tweet relevant and related contents about its products, services, or customers. Create a communication plan to help you focus on topics and conversation that will attract your audience.

A tweet showcasing how customers will benefit from your products is an example of great content. Give important information to your possible customers and answer the questions you’ve received from them. This is the key to build a group of solid loyal customers.

A tweet that contains photos, videos, GIFs, and links to websites and blog posts generates more engagement. This helps in acquiring more followers and reaching potential customers.

However, be aware that a great content would reach its maximum potential if it’s published when most of your followers are active.

Study the behavior of your target audience, and post whenever most of them are active to get the most engagement.

Accessible Anywhere Via Smartphone or Any Mobile Device

Lastly, Twitter is the preferred social networking platform for many business owners because it gives them mobility. It allows access wherever they may be, as long as they have their mobile phones with them with the Twitter app installed.

The app allows users to send and receive tweets. It also has push notifications enabled so you will be aware every time a message, tweet, retweet or a new follower is received.

Final Thoughts On Important Use of Twitter for Business

The use of Twitter for business is to reach out to millions of potential customers with a single push of a button. Twitter contains all the features needed from other social networking platforms to help you achieve this purpose.

But success is not gained simply by creating an account – you also need to create a presence. Effort, time and a strategic online marketing plan is needed to reach success.

After gaining followers, don’t forget to engage with them. Tweeting, replying, retweeting or sending direct messages are examples of different ways you can interact with your followers.

It is also important to always provide your followers with relevant content. Showcase your products, brand and services in a manner that provides value to their feed. To help you ensure this, create a communication plan that allows you to focus on conversations and topics that interest them.

If you have any questions about the basic use of Twitter for business, just leave them in the comments section below.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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