Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition Marketing Strategy

Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition Marketing Strategy

“Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition Marketing Strategy” written by Mike Marko.

It can be tough.

When I first started consulting and internet marketing I quickly noticed that a LOT of people did it too.

There is little barrier to entry; anyone can call themselves a consultant and anyone can say they can do internet marketing.

That “can” be a good thing.

But when you offer a quality service that stands out from the crowd, it can appear challenging: how do you let your customers know you offer a superior, and specialized service?
That is where it is important to have your own unique proposition.

What that means is, “how do you stand out from the crowd.”

That’s why today I want to talk to you about how you can develop your own unique selling proposition marketing strategy.

Your Own Unique Selling Proposition Marketing Strategy

Let’s start looking at what you can use in your own unique selling proposition

Looking At What You Got

You probably have experiences and training that can help you form your own unique proposition.

So the first step is to take inventory of your skills.  Take the time and brainstorm EVERYTHING you bring to the table.  Leave no stone unturned.

Later you can decide what you can use in crafting your unique selling proposition.

My Unique Selling Proposition Examples

Here is the start of the list I made for myself:

  • mechanical engineer; masters degree with an emphasis on thermal design
  • almost two decades of project management experience
  • project manager for multi-million dollar projects
  • black belt in lean six sigma (how to optimized business and manufacturing processes; and mentored others to do the same)
  • lead/facilitated many interdepartmental process improvement teams and made significant business process improvements
  • supervisor for hardware manufacturing cost estimating team
  • led in development of manufacturing processes
  • led in design and developing in manufacturing new products; and product lines
  • field troubleshooting for new product development
  • new product development (concept and design)
  • high tech software development team
  • software manual writing
  • leader board with network marketing
  • artistic and have sold artwork (and was given opportune to have my artwork to be made into prints in sold in franchise)
  • owned and managed rental properties for over a decade
  • second in province second month of selling door to door sales

Now Your Turn

Create your own list.

In the next section I’ll talk about how to start forming your own unique proposition from your list of skills and experiences.
(So do your homework).  🙂

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“Crafting” What You Got

So what makes your offer unique?

The Competition

When you are building your business on the world stage you effectively are competing with a lot of people.

And that is very intimidating.

But you don’t have to put yourself in that position.

If you offer something unique to the marketplace you stand out. And you greatly reduce your completion.

That’s why it’s important to have a unique proposition.

Previously I talked about the first step in creating your unique proposition.

Now let’s take what you did and create a framework to augment your offer.

Creating The Framework of Your Offer

For example, I take the fact that I’m applying engineering principles to marketing and flat out call it for what I do: “An Engineers Approach to Marketing”.

I have a proven method, using engineering principles, to assess business needs, work with my clients on developing a solution unique to their business goals, and then help them implement that solution.

I then make it clear in my marketing that I offer skills that few consultants can offer. Not only am I really good at Internet marketing (funnels aren’t that difficult to design on their own), but I have the training and experience that helps me effectively help my clients make business decisions, and implement effective solutions.

  • I’ve managed multi-million dollar projects.
  • I’ve optimized both interdepartmental office and manufacturing processes.


And so when I say that I’m a business growth consultant it carries with it a lot of experience.

And my expertise frames my offer, my unique proposition, to my clients.

I’ve gone through this exercise with my own clients. And I believe it’s important process that should be revisited regularly.

Take the time to develop your unique proposition.

In the next section we’ll start talking about how you can implement it into your business.


Do You Boast the Most?

Previously we framed your unique proposition.

But what’s next? What do you do with it?


That’s where a little boating can go a long way…

And a lot of boasting can springboard your business.

In our society, many refrain from “boasting”. They believe it wrong, or bragging.

Yet that is a wrong way to look at it, and that belief is actually hurting you.

How will your customers know what you can do if you don’t boast of your skills.

And it is very important to boast about your unique proposition.

If you don’t tell your audience what you can do and what experience you have, regularly, how will they know?

Proclaim Your Message

You need to literally “shout it from the rooftops”.

That’s why the past couple years my messaging has been evolving. I keep refining my message, “An Engineer’s Approach to Marketing” throughout my digital assets.
I offer something dramatically different than any other consultant: they don’t have the exact experience or skills I have. So it is my job to make sure my audience knows it.

The same applies to you.

Now that you have that unique proposition make sure that your audience knows.

And then remind them.

And then remind them again.

In the next section we’ll talk more about how you can spread the word and make your own marketing more effective.

You Are YOUR Biggest Advocate

You have to be your biggest advocate.

Yesterday we talked about how you not only need to identify your unique proposition, you also need to boast about it.

Otherwise your customers won’t know what makes you different, or all the ways you can help them.

So you need to take your unique proposition and broadcast it.

  • Include it in the messaging on your website.
  • Put it on your social media banners.
  • Put it in your email signature.
  • Write blog posts around it.
  • Send emails around it.
  • Shoot videos around it.

And then keep doing it.

If you are busy, then re-purpose content.

For example, I’ve been taking this weeks messages and posting them on social media, and emailing them. I’m also going to combine them together into a blog post, and use them for future video topics.

And it all starts with your unique proposition…


It really starts with taking a self inventory of your skills and experiences. Then use the list to form your unique proposition so that you can broadcast it to the world.
This is the type of work I do with my clients.

If you need help with forming your own unique proposition then shoot me a message.

Together we can help make this your best year yet.

Final Words About Your Unique Selling Proposition Marketing Strategy

Crafting your unique selling position marketing strategy can be key to your future business growth  If you don’t stand out from everyone else, you won’t grow faster then the competition (if you grow at all).

No longer will the “typical” or old “techniques” work.

If you want more effect with your marketing, make sure you also check out my article, “Why Traditional Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work”.

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