8 Ultimate Twitter Tools for Business

8 Ultimate Twitter Tools for Business

“8 Ultimate Twitter Tools for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling to find the ideal Twitter tools for business?

Twitter allows businesses to appear in line with the trend and helps companies reach out to new and existing clients.

Twitter tools for business helps businesses stay on top of trends up to date. However, with a variety of tools available, it’s difficult to choose what’s best for your business.

In this blog post, we will discuss a few Twitter tools for business commonly used to build and maintain a Twitter presence.

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Twitter Tools for Business

When it comes to marketing on Twitter, there are many things to think about and tasks to accomplish in order to reach your marketing objective.

Ultimately, the goal is to establish your brand on the platform and attract potential customers.

So how do you do this?

Simple… Engage with your followers and maintain your profile according to your image.

You can do this by creating regular content that is relevant to your target audience. Irrelevant tweets will only leave your audience confused about your brand and what you can offer them.

There are different Twitter tools for business that can help you through this process and relieve the burden that you may face.

1. Hootsuite

Management of Twitter profiles can be difficult. Hootsuite is one of the few Twitter tools for business that offers a free plan if you have less than five social profiles to manage.

The following are the benefits of using Hootsuite:

  1. Measure the effectiveness of your social media outreach.
  2. Gain new insights and identify social media influencers.
  3. Identifies your audience by listening to conversations about your brand.
  4. Allows you to respond to comments in real time.
  5. Schedule tweets according to a two tweet schedule:
    • Auto schedule – sends your tweets at optimal times. You’re able to set times to auto-deliver messages.
    • Manual timing – you’ll post your tweets at specific times.
  6. Allows you to upload any file on Twitter

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2. Socialoomph

Although Socialoomph is considered as the “Underdog of Twitter”, it’s great for boosting productivity. Socialoomph contains a lot of unique features that other Twitter tools for business doesn’t offer, and all while being free.

The following are the features that Socialoomph offers:

  • Schedule your tweets, track keywords and extend your Twitter profile with an unlimited amount of accounts for free.
  • Use Socialoomph’s automatic direct messaging feature to send out messages to new followers.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a social posting scheduler tool that helps you share tweets in a timely manner without annoying your followers.

Buffer also allows you to determine which of your tweets receives the most engagement and at which time of day.

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4. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a tool for streamline account management, wherein you’ll be able to manage your followers on all of your Twitter accounts.

It also allows you to schedule tweets at optimal times. You can find out when your followers are most active, enabling you to schedule your tweets appropriately.

Lastly, ManageFlitter has simple Twitter analytics. It gives you an overview of the following:

  • Number of your followers,
  • Number of people you follow,
  • Number of tweets, and
  • Influence and Spam score.


IFTTT  stands for “If This Then That”. This app works on statements and lets you specify explicit definitions you would want this app to work around.

IFTTT can connect multiple apps and integrate them with one another, while automating specific tasks called recipe.

There is a long list of possible recipes for Twitter. Some are:

  • Saving Twitter links to your Pocket to Google spreadsheet,
  • Automatically tweeting images posted to Instagram,
  • Sharing a new blog post on Twitter,
  • Tweeting positive reviews from Fiverr, and
  • Getting an email digest of Tweets from specific people or topic.

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6. SocialMention

SocialMention is the best platform for social media search. The app collects content generated by users and collates it into a single stream of information.

SocialMention tracks and measures what people are saying about products and companies. This makes tracking of trends much easier.

7. Sprout Social

SproutSocial is a Twitter tool for business that promotes communication between you and your audience.

Building a better relationship with your clients is crucial in your success. With this tool, this can be accomplished by easing the way you respond to followers.

Their easy-to-use dashboard and single stream inbox feature that lets you see all messages from your clients, allowing you to respond to questions and resolve issues quickly. You can also maintain connection to your audience by scheduling your tweets, monitor mentions and track hashtags.

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8. CoTweet

CoTweet lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts, collaborate multiple users, track clicks and provides analytics.

The app lets you schedule posting tweets and keeps your conversation history for 30 days.

Final Thoughts on 8 Ultimate Twitter Tools for Business

With the popularity of Twitter as a marketing platform, it is no surprise that there is a wide variety of tools available to make its use easier for businesses.

But contrary to popular belief, not all the best tools need to be paid for. In this blog post, we shared 8 Twitter tools for business that are both free and effective in boosting your marketing.

These 8 Twitter tools for business are:

  • Hootsuite,
  • Socialoomph,
  • Biffer,
  • ManageFlitter,
  • IFTTT,
  • SocialMention,
  • Sprout Social, and
  • CoTweet

Now you have a list of recommended Twitter tools for business. These tools will help you get more use from your Twitter account.  You can also use these Twitter strategies as part of your overall Pervasive Presence™ strategy.

Share with us your thoughts on today’s topic and leave them in the comment section below!  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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8 Ultimate Twitter Tools for Business - Mike Marko

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