Starting Out – Should I Use Twitter for My Business?

Starting Out - Should I Use Twitter for My Business - Twitter for my business

“Starting Out – Should I Use Twitter for My Business?” written by Mike Marko.

Just the other day I overheard someone ask, “Should I use Twitter for my business?”

The question of whether using Twitter for my business is a good idea or not is actually timely. This is because social media platforms like Twitter have seen a lot of advancements lately.

For instance, Twitter implemented changes this year to improve user experience. These included enhanced search and improved trends, both of which are useful to business marketers.

Given this sort of progress, it’s no surprise more people are asking “Should I use Twitter for my business”.

I remember when I asked the same thing, many years ago… and that was when Twitter was still relatively new and unpolished.

But now, Twitter has tons of features beneficial to businesses. In fact, it’s such a good marketing tool that I’ve already written a comprehensive Twitter marketing guide!

So today, I’m going to take up that business owner’s question — “Should I use Twitter for my business?” Below, I’ll show you all the ways you can benefit from putting your brand on Twitter.

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Will Using Twitter for My Business Help?

Most of the hesitation I see over the query “Should I use Twitter for my business” seems to come from its potential costs.

That is, business owners are concerned about how much time and energy it may consume.

For those with limited resources, it might also be a question of “Why should I Twitter for my business instead of focusing on another platform?”

After all, not all business owners can manage multiple platforms for their social media marketing.

The thing is, Twitter has a lot of good points going for it where marketing is concerned. We’ll go over some of those points today.

Below, I’ve set down a checklist of ways Twitter for my business has been beneficial. With this, I’m sure you can see how helpful Twitter can be for your business, too!

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Help with Customer Service Requests

Before I started using Twitter for my business, I was always flooded with emails from customers. My inboxes were always full of emails and conversations that took too long to resolve.

If you’re experiencing something similar to this, then using Twitter for your business can help. You should know that 80% of customer service requests actually happen on Twitter.

This is because Twitter can be a faster and quicker way for your customers to reach you. This is compared to sending emails that usually take days to earn a reply.

You can also easily find these customer service requests under your “Mentions”. Just click on the “Mentions” tab and you can find them all in one place.

There’s also no queue when a customer wants to leave a request or message. No one needs to sit and wait for someone to reply, and no one has to sit down and type a long reply.

Users can send their message and come back later to check for a reply. They can also immediately follow up because of how similar “tweeting” is to “instant messaging”.

Other users can also read your replies when you answer through tweets. This is because your tweets can be seen and searched for by any user.

Through this, you can showcase your customer service. At the same time, you can also provide an answer for users with a similar question.

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Find Local Customers

Next, I’m primarily a local business and to my surprise, using Twitter for my business made searches easy for me. And by “searches”, I mean looking for local customers or queries.

This is because Twitter provides an option to do an advanced search for tweets related to your business. This allows you to narrow down tweets using keywords or hashtags.

For example, you can find users who recently tweeted about wanting to order food. You can then reach out to them, offering your services.

You can also use this tool to monitor mentions of your competitors. For me, this was one of the most important reasons to use Twitter for my business — I wanted to keep an eye on my competitors!

This tool can also help you keep track of trends in your industry. This is in order to keep your social media strategy up to date.

Once you’ve narrowed down tweets and users, you can even add them to Twitter Lists. With Twitter Lists, you have a group of targeted users whom you can immediately interact with.

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Connect with Influencers

Now another huge factor that got me to use Twitter for my business was the ability to reach influencers.

Sure, you can reach influencers elsewhere… but Twitter makes it easier and faster! And if there’s one thing you should remember when doing business, it’s to make sure that you act fast.

But you might be asking, “Why should I use Twitter for my business to reach influencers?” Well, you can interact with influencers in your industry to give your business a big boost in exposure.

Influencers get their name because they can influence a community. Thus, you can use their connections to your business advantage.

With the ease that Twitter provides when making connections, you can join in on their conversations. Just make sure that you choose conversations that your business can relate to.

You can also build relationships with influencers in order to have them as business partners. This is because influencers can choose to endorse your services or products to their audiences.

Doing so can greatly increase the number of people who can find your services.

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Relate with Your Audience

Another way using Twitter for my business has helped me is by helping me relate to my audience. If you feel like you and your audience aren’t connecting, let Twitter help you out!

Nowadays, a business owner’s target audience will most likely consist of Millennials. If that’s true of your demographic too, you’re in luck, because 40% of Millennials use Twitter.

This makes Twitter a den of users that fit your buyer persona, all just waiting to find a new business. This makes it easier for you to market your brand because most of them are all in the same place!

You should remember that understanding your audience is the key to understanding how to relate to them. So stay in the loop of what’s “trending” on Twitter.

You should also create tweets based on their interests in order to encourage them to engage with you. Luckily, it has been found that one-third of Twitter users retweet business-related tweets.

This means that it’ll be easier for word about your business to spread because there’s a good chance your audience will retweet your content. They are also more likely to simply share tweets than to publish their own.

When your audience knows you well and often interacts with your business, they are more likely to buy too. This is because 93% of people who follow a Twitter business account are likely to make a purchase from that business.

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Provide Light-Hearted Marketing

Lastly, I’ve learned that using Twitter for my business can help me break free from the formal chains of business.

Thus, if you want to try a more unconventional approach when doing business, Twitter can be the platform for you.

The beauty of Twitter lies in its freedom as a platform. This means that Twitter isn’t constrained to the notion that interactions should be strictly formal.

Twitter has relatively few restrictions when it comes to what you can tweet. Therefore, a business can publish smart, fun, witty, and/or relaxed tweets.

This freedom provides more space for a business to show personality. This can be a way for your audience to see your business as something more than “just another brand”.

A show of personality can also be a form of entertainment for your audience. For example, Wendy’s Twitter account has made a name for itself by providing snarky remarks to followers.

They’re even known to tweet out fun and shady statements against their competitors. This means that you can do something similar to get your audience to remember you!

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Final Thoughts Using Twitter for My Business

Today we answered the question, “Should I use Twitter for my business?”

I’ve been using Twitter for my business for a while now and it’s been an asset to my company. I’ve shown you the many ways it has done that above.

For example, I showed that using Twitter for my business has made it easier for me to fulfill customer service requests. If you struggle with replying or even finding your customer service requests, Twitter has a whole tab dedicated to helping you out.

Using Twitter for my business has also helped me find local customers more easily. With just a quick search, every relevant tweet made in your area will be narrowed down for you.

If your struggling to reach influencers in your area or industry, Twitter can help with that, too. Because of how fast-paced Twitter is, you can be interacting with numerous influencers in no time!

In my experience, Twitter for my business has also made it easier for me to relate to my audience. That’s because on Twitter, you’ll always know what’s “trending”.

And finally, “using Twitter for my business” can also mean you can take a break from formal setups. Twitter content tends to be fairly free-form, so you can let your business personality out in it!

Frankly, I think there should only be one answer to the question “Should I use Twitter for my business”. It’s a resounding yes, so you should get on Twitter and sign up now!

However, if you still need help with “using Twitter for my business”, I can still lend a hand. All you have to do is leave a comment and I’ll reply!

Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

By the way, if you need help in getting traffic to your website then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “Results in Advance” free consultation and let us get started right away.

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Starting Out - Should I Use Twitter for My Business - Mike Marko

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