Twitter For Marketing Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide

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“Twitter For Marketing Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide” written by Mike Marko.

“Quick” and “easy” are two aspects that define microblogging sites like Twitter. As a business person, “quick” and “easy” are two of the things that you look for in social media platforms.

However, some business owners still struggle using Twitter for their business.

Although online marketing is a norm, Twitter is still a problem for many business owners. And some of them would tell me that they just can’t get Twitter for marketing their business.

Twitter does have its unique advantages when compared to other social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, not all business owners know how to use Twitter’s features efficiently.

Without effectively using Twitter features, you could ruin your advertising efforts. Luckily, you’ve come to the right blog!

Twitter is fast-paced and simple enough for you to only worry about what content you will post next. This blog will guide you on how you can effectively use Twitter for marketing your business.

So let’s begin with…

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Using Twitter For Marketing Your Business

Twitter’s unique microblogging system differentiates itself from sites like Facebook and Instagram. However, you can share your ideas with only 280 characters or less on Twitter.

Don’t worry because this doesn’t limit your possibilities. Instead, it gives you more opportunities to create more content.  This means you get the chance to interact with your audience.

Twitter also gives you an option to be in the loop of trends. If you want to use Twitter for marketing your business, you need to stay knowledgeable about topics that are relevant to your consumers.

The fact that it’s easy to jumpstart a business on Twitter guarantees that you are marketing your business as soon as you click the “sign up” button. With its simple user interface, makes it easier for you to manage your business profile.

So now, how should you use Twitter for marketing your business?

Create A Unique Brand For Your Business

The first step to creating a unique brand on Twitter for marketing your business is choosing a proper username.

If you associate the account with your company, it’s better if you use your business name or a variation of it. Avoid the use of punctuation in your username. It will make your followers search and type your username easily

Your next step is your Twitter bio. Tell the story about your business by describing your brand, products, and services. That way, your audience will know more about you in 160 characters or less.

Twitter profiles also have the option to post a link to a website of your choice below your bio. Make sure you include your business website or blog so your Twitter followers can easily access your site.

Don’t forget to use a unique and catchy profile picture and cover photo. Since you are using Twitter for marketing your business. You can use visual elements or avatar that best represent your business.

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Update Your Content Regularly

You should be ready to create content if you want to use Twitter for marketing your business. Keep in mind that Twitter is a fast-paced platform for sharing ideas.

Old tweets can easily be forgotten and tweets can also be quickly replaced or reintroduced to your followers. There is also an option to schedule automated tweets, which will ensure that you will always have new content to produce.

While keeping up the number of your tweets, you should also mind their quality. Keep your tweets open for conversation and replies. This will make your tweets seem more like a two-way conversation than a one-way statement.

You can also like and retweet replies or tweets connected to your business. Keep in mind that you should reply within 24 hours and remain polite whether to criticism or praise. This will encourage more engagement from your followers.

Use Different Media Types

Tweets with media included are more likely to invite interactions than tweets with plain texts.

Make sure to attached relevant images to your tweets. This will invite users to view more of the tweet itself. You can also include GIFs on your tweets, can be a quick eye-catcher.

Twitter also has the option to record and directly post videos up to 140 seconds long.

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Follow Trends And Hashtags

Twitter is famous for having trending topics and hashtags. Nearly every tweet has its own hashtag. So you should frequently check what is trending around your target audience to stay on the loop of what topics appeal to them.

Plan ahead to include your business during occasions. You should cater your tweets to blend in with the festivities, such as Christmas and Halloween.

Don’t forget to create a keyword for your business. Include this keyword while using Twitter for marketing your business. Create a hashtag of your own to make it easier to trend and appear on timelines.

Being in the loop while using Twitter for marketing your business is important because Twitter thrives on what is trendy. Keeping your business trendy on Twitter will give the attention you need.

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Promote Your Twitter Content

Twitter, like most social media platforms, give you the option to place ads about your business, which are called “Promoted Tweets” and “Promoted Accounts”. If you want to use Twitter for marketing your business, you should take advantage of these paid promotions.

Promoted Accounts appear on the right-side column of Twitter’s desktop version. Having your account appear right beside the timeline draws attention for your account and makes it easy for your audience to follow you.

Promoted Tweets appear on users’ timelines regardless of whether they follow you or not. Twitter uses a link to your tweets when promoting your ad on timelines. So make sure to include the link of your website so you can promote your own site as well.

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Final Thoughts on Using Your Twitter For Marketing Your Business

In this blog, I have enumerated how you can use Twitter for marketing your business. Twitter is a simple microblogging site that has a lot of potentials.

Twitter has its unique features that other social media platforms don’t have. It is well known for its use of hashtags so you should fully utilize that to your advantage.

Twitter is a fast-paced nature that allows you to post content without flooding your followers’ timelines continually. With every tweet, you can showcase the different services that your company has to offer!

Follow my guide above to give your business a boost on social media. Soon enough, you will be able to reach more people with only 280 characters or less!

If you wanna know more about how to use Twitter for your business you may check 5 Key Benefits of Using Twitter for Business and learn more opportunities about this platform.

If you have any questions about today’s guide on using Twitter for marketing your business, feel free to comment below. Let me hear your thoughts!  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

By the way, if you need help in getting traffic to your website then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “Results in Advance” free consultation and let us get started right away.

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Twitter For Marketing Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide - Mike Marko

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