Simple but Effective Twitter for Business Tips

Simple but Effective Twitter for Business Tips

“Simple but Effective Twitter for Business Tips” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for effective Twitter for business tips?

Twitter is currently one of the more popular social media websites. Marketing your business on this platform can help you reach a large number of potential customers.

But before you reach your target audience and get the benefits of using Twitter, you’ll encounter a lot of problems. This is inevitable especially if you’re still on your starting days.

Fortunately, you’ll never have to experience those potential problems with these simple but effective Twitter for business tips.

Easy to Do Twitter for Business Tips

Your first days on Twitter will be crucial. The fate of your marketing efforts will depend on how you setup and use your Twitter account.

Remember, there are things that you can’t undo (easily) on the internet. With that said, you need to avoid messing up your first few days on this platform.

To ensure your success on Twitter, let’s now discuss some simple and easy Twitter for business tips.

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Engage with Influencers in your Niche

Influencers are people or establishments that have a large number of followers. Engaging with them can help you:

  • Create buzz,
  • Increase brand recognition, and
  • Get more traffic.

Many small businesses usually turn to engaging with influencers to increase audience size and post reach. As they have built popularity and influence, they are able to spread the message faster.

The ideal influencers are those who frequently post on social media and have already built a loyal following. However, when choosing an influencer, ensure that they are relevant to your business or industry.

Getting the attention of an influencer can be hard. But with frequent interaction, this can be done.

One way to establish a relationship is by sending tweets or direct messages.

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Increase Your Presence on Twitter

The main purpose of online marketing is to make your presence known.

Having an account on Twitter is just a beginning. Afterwards, you must frequently engage and interact with your target audience to increase brand awareness and gain their interest.

Avoid making direct advertisements to your followers. When you’re tweeting, make sure to share links, images, and infographics as much as necessary without being spammy.

It’s also important to build a relationship with your followers. You can do this by replying to tweets, listening to suggestions, and expressing gratitude for their loyalty.

Statistics show that 77% of Twitter users trust brands that interact with them.

Get the Best from Your Tweet

In September 2017, Twitter introduced the new 280-character count to chosen accounts before making it official in November. As a business owner, you can maximize this new feature by improving the quality of your tweets’ messages.

When you tweet, look for a way to start a conversation that will encourage your followers to engage.

Make sure to focus on relatable and relevant topics.

Add hashtags to increase your tweet’s visibility to your target audience and maintain the conversation. To ensure that your tweets will get engagement, post it when most of your target audience is active.

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Make Use of the Underutilized Features

Make sure to use some of Twitter’s underutilized features to increase the quality of your business’ Twitter account. Doing so will help you maximize the platform’s potential.

Twitter Chats

You can engage with potential customers by joining a Twitter chat that’s related to your industry.

A Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation that revolves around one unique hashtag. Twitter chats usually occur when a number of people are talking about a specific topic.

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are finely-curated feeds of all the people you want to hear from on a given topic. Lists can help improve your outreach efforts because it’s not affected by Twitter’s complex and sometimes frustrating algorithm.

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Impress Your Target Audience

Sometimes, bragging about achievements is acceptable. Consider sharing them with your followers every once in a while to help you gain not only their attention, but also that of influencers.

Your business will stand out from its competitors if you show your accomplishments. Your influencers and followers will also appreciate the transparency and may encourage them to help you increase your reach.

Use Twitter as a Customer Service Tool

Since you’re using Twitter to communicate, why not use it as a customer service tool as well? Users are graced with the ability to easily connect with other users via Direct Messages — use this tool to your advantage by doing the same.

When current or future clients contact you for questions or inquiries, you need to connect with them on a personal level and provide good customer service to increase your satisfaction rate.

Remember, many consumers trust brands that offer good customer relationships.

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Final Thoughts on Simple but Effective Twitter for Business Tips

Today, we’ve discussed a few simple but effective Twitter for business tips. If you’re using Twitter to market your business, you need to maximize the use of all its features to ensure online marketing success.

One of your priorities should be to engage with influencers within your niche to increase audience reach and brand awareness. You can also increase your online presence by posting tweets frequently.

But simply posting is not enough. Your tweets should provide useful content for your audience and are relevant enough for them to engage with.

Your goal should always be to start and maintain conversations with your audience. To reach this goal faster, use features such as Twitter chats and Twitter lists.

Lastly, consider using your Twitter account as a customer service tool. Remember, a good customer service ensures customer satisfaction.

If you have more questions about Twitter for business tips, leave them in the comments section below.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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Simple but Effective Twitter for Business Tips - Mike Marko

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