7 Must-Know Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign

7 Must-Know Tips Improve to Your Facebook Ad Campaign - Facebook, Social Media, Desktop

“7 Must-Know Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign” written by Mike Marko.

Frustrated trying to get results with your Facebook ad campaign?

I can certainly relate…

When I first started running my own Facebook ad campaign it felt like I was just giving donations to Facebook with little to no result.

But then I found out the secret sauce… the key to getting great results.

So what if I told you that it may only take a few tweaks to your Facebook ad campaign to start getting meaningful results?  And stand out from the competition?

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to market a business. That’s why there’s a tight competition between businesses on this platform.

And if you want to achieve success in marketing your business on this social media platform, you need to have an effective ad campaign that’s done right and stands out.

In this blog post I’ll share my top 7 tips to improve your Facebook ad campaign!  So let’s get started so you can fully utilize this marketing platform.

Get Better Results from Your Facebook Ad Campaign

An effective Facebook ad campaign shouldn’t cost you too much money.

Yes, you need to pay so your ad campaign will reach people. And the more you pay, the more people will see your ad.

I know, it’s costly. And what’s more, it’s risky!

You never really know what the result will be. But did you know that you can reach a big audience even without spending too much?

Is that even possible? Well, yes… It’s not magic. It’s about using an effective and proven strategy.

The first step and the first must-know tip is finding your audience.

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1. Know Your Target Audience

There’s a big difference between Google ads and Facebook ads. A lot of people actually buy when they click on a Google ad. On the other hand, people usually click on Facebook ads just to browse and look at the content.

There’s only a small possibility that your target audience will buy something from your Facebook advertisement. That’s why you should focus on content that’ll get engagement from your audience.

The goal of your content shouldn’t just be to get sales either. Instead, it should be about helping you know the types of people who are interested in knowing your products or services.

Check out the blog post How to Define Your Target Customer To Grow Your Business to help you determine your target audience.

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2. Monitor Your Facebook Ad Frequency

If you just spam your audience with ads, your ads will more likely be ignored and will be less effective. In addition to that, people will probably hate your brand if you’re spamming their newsfeed with advertisements.

That’s why I recommend monitoring the Facebook ad frequency.  

Ad Frequency

The frequency value in the ads report is the number of times on average that the ad is served to the audience during the reporting time period.  If you do a report for the last 7 days, and the frequency is 5, that means the ad is shown to everyone in the audience 4 times (on average).

When someone isn’t aware of your company or brand, a frequency of 2 to 3 over 7 days is acceptable for the ad set.  If you’re trying to promote a special, then a frequency of 8 over 7 days is OK… as long as you’re varying the ads in an ad set (otherwise the image tends to blend into the background and becomes less effective).

Increasing the frequency is acceptable IF the viewer has shown an interest in your products or services, and has performed an action to demonstrate it. That’s where retargeting can plan a big role.   

This Is Social Media… So Be Social

Remember, you’re on a social media platform.  People aren’t using Facebook to be advertised. Instead, they use it to connect with their relatives and friends.

Seeing ads on their newsfeed casually will be acceptable.

Flooding your audience with too many ads will cause ad fatigue. Ad fatigue happens when your audience gets tired of seeing your ads.

Ad fatigue will hurt your return on investments (ROI). So to avoid that from happening, you need to manage your ad frequency to ensure the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Make sure to check out my blog about how to create simple but effective Facebook ads.

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3. Prioritize Your Best Advertisements

Monitor your ads regularly. Doing this will give you insight on which of your ads is performing well with your target audience.

You can monitor the performance of your ads by clicking on the all your available ads” section. Then, select “View Charts.” You will see which ad worked and got engagement and also those that didn’t work well.

Prioritize the advertisement that’s giving you engagement. The ad that’s getting engagement will more likely help you achieve your marketing goal.

With that said, consider increasing the budget of your best advertisement by 15% to 20% (at most) every couple of days. Keep it running as long as it’s giving you engagement. Once it starts to decline, that’s when you need to post a new advertisement.

Regarding the failing ads, consider waiting for 24 hours before you make adjustments. Facebook has a feature called “learning phase.” This will stabilize your ads for the next 24 hours.

If your advertisement still isn’t performing well after 24 hours, consider replacing it with a new one.

4. Serve Your Ads to the Right Audience

The most common reason why a Facebook ad isn’t performing well is that it’s aimed at the wrong audience. To prevent this from happening to your ads, make sure that you’re posting directly to your target audience. This is very effective not just for Facebook marketing, but also in other SEO marketing strategies.

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook has unique filtering options for targeting your audience.  You can choose audience based on their age, gender, location, or interests.

Aside from that, Facebook allows you to choose from three options in choosing your audience.

Core Audiences: manually chosen audiences based on age, gender, or location.

Custom Audiences: users from your contact list.

Lookalike Audiences: users based on the information of your current audience.

The right choice of audience depends on your budget for your ads and your business goals.

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5. Choose the Proper Placement

Aiming your advertisements at your target audience isn’t the only way to get more engagement. You can also maximize your reach and engagement if you choose the proper placement for your ads.

Facebook allows you to choose different types of placement, devices, and platforms when you’re making a campaign. Your business’s type and its audience will determine the right placement for your ads.

But regardless of your choice, it’s advisable to add Instagram and Messenger to your placements. Both of these platforms can increase your reach because many people are using these apps every day.

6. Pick the Best Bidding Option

The payment for Facebook ads is done as an auction. That means you’re going to bid for it.

It’s important for you to know how you can optimize your ad bidding. If you don’t know how the bidding option works, you could end up paying too much for your Facebook ad campaign. Aside from that, it’s possible that your ads will not reach your target if you’re not placing the right bid.

Facebook will give you two options for bidding, and these are Lowest Cost and Target Cost. To give you an idea, here’s the difference between the two bidding options:

  • Lowest Cost – Formerly known as automatic bidding. It gives you the lowest possible cost per optimized event while consuming most of your budget.
  • Target Cost – This will give you high-quality leads, but this is usually a more expensive option (based on total cost per event) compared to Lowest Cost.

If you’re trying to keep up with a competitor, the best option for your ads is the Lowest Cost. This option can give you results without paying too much.

Target Cost tends to be better if you want to scale expenses. It tends to take more effort, though, and often more money. This is only the best option if your ads are made for a specific event such as conversions, lead generation, app installs, and catalog sales.

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7. Recycle Your Old Advertisements

Again, your Facebook ad campaign shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. To keep costs down, consider recycling your old advertisements. Doing this will also save you time.

You don’t want to keep the old ads exactly as they are, though. Like what I said earlier, your audience will suffer ad fatigue if you use the same advertisement repeatedly. To avoid that happening, make changes to your ads so they look new.

Final Thoughts on Making an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

To have an effective Facebook ad campaign, you need to know or find your audience first. Doing this will ensure that your ads will get engagement.

When you finally have an audience, make sure that your ads are aimed directly at them. Make use of Facebook’s filtering options for an audience. In addition to that, make sure that you choose the right place and bidding option for your ads to ensure effectiveness.

Lastly, don’t forget to monitor your ads and keep track of their frequency. Your audience will be less interested in your ads if they’re seeing them all the time.

If you have more questions about the Facebook ad campaign, leave them in the comments below.

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7 Must-Know Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign - Mike Marko

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