Three Step Prosperity Formula

Three Step Prosperity Formula.

Here is my three step prosperity formula.  Enjoy!

awareness+ imagination + gratitude = prosperity formula


Have an awareness of all the abundance that surrounds you, abundance in sights, foods, and smells.

There is not a shortage of abundance, but a shortage of awareness.

Abundance abounds

You see abundance when you live with an open heart.

Be abundantly happy for others.

Be abundantly celebratory.

Take joy in the world you are living in-
Dance and sing.
I mean really dance and sing. Even if “She’ll be coming round the mountain” is the only song you know the words to.

I took the opportunity to bring my laptop to Mike’s office last night and asked him to dance to some dance music on a YouTube video. We were laughing and felt a little silly at first but, practicing this gets you to act in the moment. It teaches you to get outside your comfort zone.

Then when inspired action presents itself to you and you may need to make a decision that seems silly or outside your comfort zone, you will be. more comfortable with putting yourself out there.

If you always do the same things you will always get the same results.

Step out in joy with an open heart, listen to your intuition and act when an opportunity presents itself.

Take joy in life now and be very loving toward yourself and others.

Mantra- “My life is rich in so many ways that I am humbled.”


Start using your imagination to imagine good things for yourself and others. Imagine them having the most wonderful day.

Think to yourself “I’m going to imagine for you beautiful surprises.”

Imagine a beautiful day.

and when you find yourself slipping into a worrisome thought think,” I wonder what good will come out of this?”

I wonder if…

and think of 19 ways the situation could turn out for the best.

or “I wonder if I can let a bunch of things I think I need, go.”

There is always a solution.

Put yourself in a state of expecting good things.

Everyday when you wake up say out loud,”Today, I Expect good things.”

“I wonder  what amazing things are going to happen today.”

When you talk to someone either in person or on the phone say “Tell me something good.” It breaks the pattern of negative talk and gossip. Get in the habit of speaking like this to other people. It may seem unnatural at first, but stick with it, and it will become more natural, and the negative people in your life will either drop away or change.

Three-Step-Prosperity-Formula - Bren-Koger


Be grateful for all the things in your life. Write down all the wonderful things that happened to you at the end of the day.

There will be days when the list is endless and on the other days, just be grateful for your ability to hear your loved ones voices, or to taste a strawberry, or see a beautiful sunset. Abundance abounds in life.

We are alive and there is so much to be thankful for.


Share this three step prosperity formula with those you care about.

Love and light!


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Article:  Three Step Prosperity Formula

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