The Best Way To Use Twitter For Business

The Best Way To Use Twitter For Business

“The Best Way To Use Twitter For Business” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for the best way to use Twitter for business?

Despite its popularity, Twitter remains an underrated social media platform. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. Because it functions differently from other popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, many businesses find it confusing.

I know until a couple years ago, I didn’t understand Twitter and didn’t think it was worth my time… now it’s one of my favorite social media platforms for marketing.

Although it appears confusing, Twitter is actually easy to use and should be incorporated in every marketing strategy. It was created for the purpose of generating public conversation and exposure. As thus, features and tools are available to help businesses achieve this vision.

But businesses have to expect to adapt to a different strategy on Twitter to help ensure success when marketing your business. That’s why today I want to discuss the best way to use Twitter for business.

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8 Best Way to Use Twitter for Business

Before you start tweeting about your business, it’s important to know the various do’s and don’ts on the platform.

Incorporating the wrong strategies on Twitter can have a drastic negative impact on your online presence.

So let’s get started talking about the best way to use Twitter for business:

1. Enhance Your Twitter Bio

The first thing you should do once you have created your Twitter account is to complete your profile. Make sure to use images that represent your brand and fill the necessary fields in your bio.

Since your account is for your company, it’s important to clearly describe the nature of your business in your bio. This is to let your customers know you more with just a click.

Always include the link to your company’s website or accounts on social networking platforms. If you have special promotions or exclusive deals, you can include this in your bio to attract interest.

2. Find and Follow Your Target Audience

Building a following is the hardest part of online marketing.

However, this can be quickened by following users that fit your target audience to make them notice you.

Finding your niche and target audience on Twitter is not a problem.

One of the best ways to find your target audience is by tracking keywords that are relevant to your business. Doing this will help you find users that might be interested in your business’ products/services.

Consider reaching your target audience by forming a partnership with an influencer from your industry. This will allow you to tap into their following and give your business a big boost.

Try asking your existing customers to help you spread your Twitter account. But don’t forget to consider giving them exciting freebies in exchange.

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3. Make Appropriate Contents for Your Followers

Even if you’re using Twitter to market your business, you should rarely make direct promotional tweets. That is the common mistake done by a lot of businesses on Twitter.

People are on Twitter to communicate, not to be advertised to.

Remember that a healthy communication with your followers is important. You must build a relationship with your followers in order to earn their trust, loyalty, and respect.

The frequency of the engagement in your account determines the success of your online marketing efforts. A business page should regularly tweet interesting and relevant content to its followers to increase engagement.

Make the best of the limited characters that you are given. 140 characters. Consider using visuals (like graphics) to increase your chances of engagement and convey messages better.

4. Always Interact with Your Followers

Always respond to every messages, tweets, inquiries, questions, suggestions, feedbacks, or reviews sent to your account.

Remember to be friendly in answering queries (this may seem obvious, but it’s a good reminder). 😉

Aside from sending replies, retweet, favorite or engage with your follower’s tweets as well.


5. Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags

Never forget to use hashtags in your tweets. Unlike the other social media platforms, it’s more difficult to find what you want to read on Twitter.

There are millions of topics and conversations generated on Twitter every day. If you don’t use a hashtag in your special announcements, your tweet can easily get lost amongst the noise.

Hashtags can help you reach out a large number of potential customers. Make sure to use a constant hashtag related to your products and your company to maintain identity.

6. Just Promote Occasionally

The best way to use Twitter for business is to promote occasionally. The tweets on your business account should be 90% good and highly engaging, relevant posts and 10% promoting your business.

In reality, Twitter users are more interested in entertaining content than viewing advertisements. They go to a social media platform like Twitter… to be social.

Therefore, make sure you consider following that percentage if you want to succeed in your online marketing campaign.

If you want your target audience to be more interested in your promotions, give away things like freebies, coupons, and discount codes. This might increase your engagement as well as your sales.

7. Use Promoted Tweets

Many business owners are using Twitter not only because of its huge number of active users, but also because of its useful advertising features.

To help give your Twitter account a boost, consider trying promoted tweets. These looks like common tweets except it will appear on the feed of your target audience even if they are not following you.

Using promoted tweets is recommended whenever you have big announcements to ensure you that your content will reach more of our target audience.

8. Make Sure You Have A Plan

Promoting on Twitter requires effort.

You may receive messages, questions, feedback, and reviews on your account, and ignoring it is a huge mistake.

A plan helps in assuring success with your marketing campaigns, and helps gain the trust and interest of your customers.

Unanswered tweets, mention, and replies leave a bad impression on your customers.

Consider using third-party applications and websites that allow you to automate, schedule, or repost your old tweets. Here are some of the websites that can help you plan and manage your tweets:

Final Thoughts About the Best Way to Use Twitter for Business

Because it functions differently from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Twitter often leaves business owners and marketers confused on how to use it. This leads to it being often overlooked in online marketing strategies.

However, once understood, Twitter can actually be an easy platform to use. It can also prove to be an effective marketing tool to reach your audience and generate public conversation and buzz about your business.

That’s why in this article, we tackled the best way to use Twitter for business. Before you start using Twitter for your business make sure that you fill your bio first. After that, start following your target audience and important people in your industry.

Always provide good, interesting, highly engaging, and relevant content to your followers. And use hashtags to increase your tweet’s visibility and engagement.

Leave any questions you have about the best way to use Twitter for business in the comments section below.

And if you are not using Twitter yet, be sure to check on my article on how to use Twitter for your business so you can get started right away.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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The Best Way To Use Twitter For Business - Mike Marko

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