Take Time for Your Online Business and Make Extra Cash

Take Time for Your Online Business and Make Extra Cash.

Previously, we talked about the important of starting your own business.  A lot of people start off building an online business with the anticipation of making some extra cash with goals like $100/week… $500/week… or even $1k/week.  All of these goals are obtainable, and more, if you take action.

VIDEO: Take Time for Your Online Business and Make Extra Cash

So you want to make some extra money?

Then an online business is perfect.  You can work from home, and the start-up costs are relatively small.

Anyone can do it too… it doesn’t take very much knowledge or expertise when you start.   But it does take a willingness to take time out of  your normal routine or schedule and make it happen.

How Badly Do You Want Extra Cash?

Or an opportunity to quit your job?

When you have a good reason WHY you want to do this, and develop a good mindset, you can make this happen.  With the right motivation you will find time to make this happen.

You have to be consistent and persistent…. not come up with excuses why you have to miss a day working on your online business.

Sure things come up… or you may have a busy schedule… but really these are just excuses.  If you REALLY want to make this happen you will find a way.

My Example

When I first started, I really didn’t have a strong reason why.  I dragged my feet for the first couple months.  For me it took going to an Empower Network event and hanging around successful people to give me the spark I needed to really get going.  You need to find your spark.  And it can come from anywhere.  Now I listen to Tony Robbins and other motivational speakers to get my daily dose of inspiration and mindset adjustment.  Now as a regular routine, after work I hit the gym, work on my rental properties after dinner, then work on the business for 3-4 hours.  I’ll squeeze in some time at work when I can too.  I can do this because I am motivated.  And it didn’t take seeing money coming in to be motivated either because that took a few months to really materialize (mostly because I was all over the place with our business).

So even though it took a while and I didn’t see any results at all at first… I was persistent and consistent until the results did come.  I had no guarantee. .. but I was hungry enough to want to make it happen.  I wanted more than just extra cash… I wanted a very successful business that would eventually replace my full time engineering job.

And it paid off.

Start Making Extra Cash

So start today by going through our free bootcamp training mini-course.  One of the very first videos is about finding your WHY… because without a strong why you will find excuses why you won’t take the time for your online business.

Here’s to your financial freedom!

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Free Bootcamp Training Mini-Course

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Article: Take Time for Your Online Business and Make Extra Cash

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