Take a Chance and Make Things Happen

Take a Chance and Make Things Happen.

I was at Kings Island, just north of Cincinnati, OH, and enjoyed a beautiful day.  I went on three roller coasters, one of which (the Diamond Back) just last year I had done with my eyes closed and this year I decided to… ok… truth time…

Actually I just sat down on this ride and buckled in and at the last minute wanted off… luckily they didn’t hear me and off we went.  Lol.

So I told myself I was going to do it this time eyes open.

And I am so grateful that I did.

Watch the following video of me fresh off the ride.

VIDEO: Take a Chance and Make Things Happen

The roller coaster ride got me thinking about how you have to take chances to really live… even if the thought of doing it scares the @$&%# out of you.  Because they means you are doing something out of your comfort level.. and you can’t grow without getting out of your comfort level.

This can apply to all aspects of your life.

To what you do with your loved ones.

With your continuing education.

Even building your own business (remember, I can help with this part).  😉

Sure it is scarey starting out, but once things get going it becomes easier.  You’ll even enjoy it as you feel yourself pushing your limits.

The Next Step Is to Take A Chance On Yourself

So what have you been putting off because you are afraid of what might happen?

What should be doing to help your continual growth?

Ask yourself these tough questions, and then ask yourself what would happen if you accomplished these things?  How would you benefit both short term and long term.

Now ask your self about the same things, what would happen if you NEVER attempt these things you are afraid of?  Think about the short term consequences and the long term consequences.

Use this to help motivate you to accomplish your goals and dreams you have put off.  Today’s the day to take a chance and make things happen.

I’ll see you on the roller coasters of life.

Here’s to YOUR prosperity.

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