A Practical Social Media Marketing YouTube Guide

Social Media Marketing Youtube

“A Practical Social Media Marketing YouTube Guide” written by Mike Marko.

Every business needs a social media marketing YouTube strategy.


Let’s put it this way…

Would you prefer to watch a commercial or to read a lengthy write-up when learning about a product or service?

Chances are you would rather be watching than reading. And most of your customers are the same.

As a business owner, you may find that selling your products or services is faster if done through video. Consumers themselves are asking brands to produce more videos — about 87% of them, to be precise.

That’s why you may find YouTube to be a handy tool in promoting your business. It’s the second-largest social network, and the biggest video-sharing platform.

If you’re about to venture into video marketing, YouTube has to be part of your social media portfolio.

That’s why I’ve created this social media marketing YouTube guide. Here, I’ll show you the fundamental steps to take for your social media marketing YouTube plans.

By the end of it, you should have learned how to integrate video marketing on YouTube in your overall brand and business strategy.

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Your Social Media Marketing YouTube Guide

YouTube is a colossus among social networks. It dwarfs everybody but Facebook in terms of active users worldwide.

YouTube has over 1 billion users, who spend millions of hours per day viewing videos. It’s the second most accessed website in the whole world.

A lot of its users are individuals sharing or viewing personal videos. But a good number of them are also business owners or marketers.

Because through YouTube, you have a platform to sell your products and services through videos. And to look for videos on products and services if you’re a buyer or a consumer.

The earning potential is enormous. Recent statistics show that every year, there’s been a 50% increase in the channels earning 6 figures annually.

It’s also huge on mobile – 70% of YouTube views are via mobile phones.

And lastly, YouTube is used by 55% of B2B social marketers and 55% of B2C social marketers.

The numbers don’t lie. Your business should be on YouTube, if only to ensure that you’re not falling behind the competition.

So let’s begin with our social media marketing YouTube guide. Let’s get started with the obvious first step — creating a YouTube channel for your business.

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Create a YouTube Channel for Your Business

You need to create a dedicated social media marketing YouTube channel. Its name should be directly related to your brand.

That’s because one of your social media marketing YouTube campaign goals is to build consumer awareness of your brand. For that to work, your channel needs to be easily identifiable and associated with your business.

Besides your brand name, it may help to use keywords related to your product or service.

You want to use keywords appropriate for your niche. These same keywords need to pique interest and make people want to find out more about you.

As for your channel’s description, simply tell your audience in a few words either (or both) of the following:

  • What they can expect from the channel, or
  • What your business does.

Keep in mind that short and succinct is better. Again, part of the reason for this social media marketing YouTube guide is that people generally prefer to watch instead of read.

You can be informative without being lengthy. Just remember to include information such as your website, social media accounts and subscription links in the links section.

Anyway, if you want to say more to your viewers about what your channel is about, you can use a trailer video instead. We’ll talk about that later.

Make sure to upload representative images for your channel icon and artwork too. Here are the dimensions in pixels:

  • Icon = Recommended size is 800×800, displays as 98×98.
  • Banner = Recommended size is 2,560×1440, safest size for both mobile and Web display is 1,546×423.

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Add Interesting Content to Your YouTube Channel

Here’s a quick social media marketing YouTube tip: YouTube marketing success is determined by the number of viewers you attract.

What’s the easiest way to attract viewers? Create videos that have the ability to attract and connect with people.

You can refer to my article on Video Marketing Tools for YouTube for apps that can help. Some of them are used to create content while others are for optimizing it and expanding its reach.

As for the topics of your videos, they’re up to you. Of course, any social media marketing YouTube guide will tell you to keep those relevant.

Relevant to what? To your business and your target audience, naturally.

One of the easiest ways to come up with topics for your social media marketing YouTube videos is to do audience research. Find out what your customers want.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to think about how to present the topics in video format. One of the main decisions there is what type of video you’ll make.

Here are some types of videos that you may wish to consider when creating content for your YouTube channel.

1) Trailer Videos

A lot of social media marketing YouTube experts use trailer videos when trying to get new subscribers. These are videos that consist of 3 parts:

  • An introduction,
  • A description of your channel or what you do, and
  • A call to action.

Here’s a social media marketing YouTube tip for these videos — keep them short. Shorter than a minute is ideal.

Don’t forget to make use of annotations too. Use them to offer viewers a quick and easy way to subscribe to your channel at the end.

2) Testimonials

Testimonial videos are big in social media marketing YouTube campaigns right now. They provide social proof of your business and products.

When making testimonial videos for your social media marketing YouTube campaign, try to pick customers who are well-known in the industry. This enhances the effect of their recommendation.

Look for customers who are eloquent too. The better they are at describing your product, the better the video will be.

3) HowTo Videos

A lot of people go to YouTube to search for how-to videos. So, you might as well create some relating to your products or services.

If you’re not sure what topics to use, try asking your current clients if anything confuses them. Producing videos that serve a direct customer demand is actually a great idea for social media marketing YouTube content creation.

Is there anything about your product or service they’d like to understand better? Is there a task related to your expertise or industry that they need help with?

Providing answers to those questions via how-to videos can be a good social media marketing YouTube strategy.

4) Q&A Videos

These videos, if done expertly, will make you an authority on a subject matter.

Want a quick way to generate content for these videos? The FAQ and Q&A sections from your website can easily be converted into videos and subsequently, uploaded to YouTube.

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Helpful YouTube Features for Marketing

Now there are some features of YouTube that can help you boost your marketing on the platform.

Whether it’s by supplying you free audio content to linking to your sites from videos, they can make your social media marketing YouTube campaign easier.

I’ve listed the most important of these features ones below. You can incorporate their use into your social media marketing YouTube strategy.

1) Audio Library

This is a library of high-quality audio tracks and audio effects on the platform. You can search for free audio that can be added to your videos to make them more interesting.

You can filter the tracks by mood, genre, and duration.  And you can download a track after making your selection.

2) Associated Website Annotations

Associated website annotations allow you to link to your websites directly from the video player. To be exact, they let you link to the sites using cards.

This is only available for accounts in the YouTube Partner Program, though. In addition, you need to verify the site you’re linking to by associating it with your Google account.

After that, you can add cards to your videos with links to your sites. They can include a title, a CTA, teaser text, and even an image.

3) Captions

This is something a lot of social media marketing YouTube guides overlook — but not this one! Captioning is a feature that can help your promotions on the platform.

For one thing, it adds further metadata to your videos (good for search optimization!). For another, it improves the chances of people actually getting your message.

This isn’t just about the non-native-English speakers or the hard-of-hearing either. A lot of people watch videos muted or with the audio turned down.

It might be because they’re in a public place and want to avoid disruption. It may even be because they don’t want to hear anything jarring.

Either way, the captioning feature helps you get around hurdles like that.

4) YouTube Analytics

No social media marketing YouTube guide is complete without this. YouTube Analytics is vital for your marketing strategy. It gives you insight into your own performance.

YouTube Analytics can give you video performance statistics and demographic data. It can even tell you about your main sources of traffic and the devices viewers use to watch your videos.

All of this information can be used to improve your marketing. It can tell you how to build your fan base better, for example.

You can even study your interaction data to get ideas for stimulating more engagement or getting more subscribers.

If you want more information on that, by the way, you can check out my blog on Tips in Getting More Subscribers on YouTube. You may also want to refer to this piece on Smart Ways on How to Boost YouTube Views.

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Final Thoughts on My Social Media Marketing YouTube Guide

Setting up a YouTube channel can be a boon for your business. Video marketing is big now and will only continue to get bigger.

To take advantage of it, follow the advice I’ve given you in this social media marketing YouTube guide.

Start your social media marketing YouTube campaign by creating a dedicated YouTube channel for your brand.

After you’ve created a business channel, you can go ahead and create content for it. Your content can take many forms, including how-to videos, testimonials, and so on.

You can further boost your social media marketing YouTube strategy by making use of YouTube’s many marketer-friendly features. These include its Audio Library, YouTube Analytics, Captioning tools, and Associated Website Annotations.

That should suffice to get you started with your social media marketing YouTube campaign. Please use the comment section below for any questions about my social media marketing YouTube guide.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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