How to Pick the Best Six Sigma Consulting Companies

How to Pick the Best Six Sigma Consulting Companies - Six Sigma Consulting Companies

“How to Pick the Best Six Sigma Consulting Companies” written by Mike Marko.

With the overwhelming number of Six Sigma consulting companies today, it may be difficult for you to find the right consultant for your company.

That’s because picking a Six Sigma consultant is a little like picking a new team member. You have to find someone who will fit in without causing too much friction.

Hence, you need to find the Six Sigma consultant who will work best for you and the processes that you already have in place.

That’s easier said than done if you don’t know what to look for, of course. Fortunately for you, I’ll share those things with you in this post.

As a Six Sigma consultant myself, I know how important it is for a consultant to have the right traits, values, and experience. You’ll learn about those here so you can find the best consultant for your own company.

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What to Seek in a Six Sigma Consulting Company

To be honest, finding a consultant isn’t easy.

Sure, you might get swept away by a consultant’s experience, but there’s more to picking Six Sigma consulting companies than that.

In order to navigate your way through the sea of the Six Sigma consulting companies out there, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for.

As I said, I’ll provide a guide to what you should be looking for. You just have to follow this checklist to identify the best Six Sigma consulting company for your needs.

A Passion for Helping Others Succeed

Six Sigma needs a certain mindset to be put into practice. In this case, a consultant should be fuelled by a passion to help others succeed.

This passion will be the consultant’s drive to reach his/her goals. And despite the challenges that come his/her way, you can guarantee that the consultant can work through every obstacle.

When you’re interviewing potential consultants from various Six Sigma consulting companies, see how passionate they are about what they do. This is easy to spot simply by the way they speak about their work.

Also, passion is palpable in that you can feel it once it enters a room. So try to get a feel for each potential consultant’s drive to do his/her work before choosing one!

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Extensive Six Sigma Knowledge

As a Six Sigma consultant, I know everything about the methodology and techniques. This also comes from experience, as I’ve been in the industry for quite a while now.

However, not all business owners know everything there is to know about Six Sigma. For instance, you may not be familiar with the Six Sigma belts and what they indicate about Six Sigma training.

These belts represent a consultant’s knowledge and experience in Six Sigma. Let me break them down for you:

  • Master Black Belt – This level trains and coaches Black and Green Belts. Consultants at this level do more than others, such as developing key metrics and strategies.
  • Black Belt – This level leads problem-solving projects and also trains and coaches project teams.
  • Green Belt – This level helps with data collection and analysis for Black Belt projects. It leads Green Belt teams or projects.
  • Yellow Belt – On this level, the consultant works as a project team member. The consultant is responsible for the process review of improvements that support the project.
  • White Belt – Consultants on this level may not be included in a Six Sigma project team. However, they can work on local problem-solving teams.

Most consultants today have at least a Green Belt of Six Sigma training. Now, when you’re going through Six Sigma consulting companies, of course, the higher the level of the consultant, the better.

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Strong Company Image

As I mentioned, there are now a lot of Six Sigma consulting companies out there. And it can get pretty overwhelming… until you realize that they don’t all present themselves the same way.

One of the things that you should look at when picking Six Sigma consulting companies is how they present their company. How strong is their company image?

The consulting company should have a clear image that shows what they can offer and what they can’t. It should also encourage you to place your trust in them based on their authenticity and professionalism.

Their website can also say a lot about the company. Their online properties should be professional and clear.

When a company has a strong image, whether online or offline, it only means they’re credible. A strong image also is proof that the Six Sigma consulting company knows exactly what they’re doing.

A strong image also equates to an excellent reputation. And when it comes down to it, reputation is very important.

You want to choose only from Six Sigma consulting companies that you’re sure of, right off the bat. That’s why you may want to check out reviews of their services too while assessing them.

Consultants You Can Develop a Good Relationship With

It’s important to develop good professional relationships with Six Sigma consulting companies for best results. To make this happen, you and your consultant should be on the same page.

That’s why you have to choose a consultant who will be the perfect fit for your company. One way to do this is by taking into consideration your company’s culture.

See, employees don’t usually welcome change. Thus, you should find a consultant who’ll have good dynamics with your employees.

To get a picture of how a consultant will fit in with your company, ask about their strategies when solving problems. Look for Six Sigma consulting companies whose approaches fit your company’s culture.

In addition to that, remember that a consultant should have good communication skills. Good communication skills will go a long way to more harmonious relationships in the company.

This can make employees feel at ease with the new strategies being put into place.

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Consultants With Experience

Of course, most people would prefer Six Sigma consulting companies with experience in their industry.

However, you should know that what’s more important here would be the track records of these Six Sigma consulting companies.

You can check the track record of a consultant by simply going online. Search for them and do your own research.

You’ll often be surprised by the amount of information that you can find. It can help you gauge which Six Sigma consulting companies may be your best bets.

On the other hand, if you’re really looking for someone with experience, it’s best that you ask them about their success stories in detail.

You also have to know about their relationships with their clients. If a consultant still has an ongoing relationship with his clients, that only means that he continues to deliver results.

And that’s a good sign. Transforming your company into a more effective organization isn’t something done overnight — you will likely have to work with your consultant for a while.

Hence, you want a consultant you can continue to trust well into the transformative process. If a consultant’s other clients seem to do that, chances are good that you will too.

Consultants Who Will Complement Your Work Life

Your consultant should understand how you and your organization function. When they have a deep understanding of this, they’ll be able to perform better.

The consultant should, if possible, flow with how things run in your company. He/she should be able to create strategies around it that will deliver improvements, not derail what the company has established so far.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Six Sigma Consulting Companies

In this post, I discussed with you how you can pick the best Six Sigma consulting companies for your business.

The trick is to know what to look for. Here are the things you should seek out when picking from among Six Sigma consulting companies for your business:

  • A consultant who has the passion to help others succeed,
  • A consultant who has extensive Six Sigma knowledge,
  • A consultant whose Six Sigma company has a strong image,
  • A consultant who’s good with people,
  • A consultant with a good track record and experience, and
  • A consultant who will complement your work life.

It’s not easy to find the perfect consultant because there are so many Six Sigma consulting companies to choose from now. But as long as you follow these tips, you should find a great one for your company.

Of course, you can always just contact me directly if you want a Six Sigma consultant you can trust straightaway.

Alternatively, you can check out my article on the benefits of a Six Sigma consultant if you’re still not sure what people like me can do for you.

If you have any more questions about finding the best Six Sigma consulting companies, you can leave a comment below.

All that being said, some business owners might still need more help in choosing a 6 Sigma consulting company after this. If you’re one of them (especially if you’re based in Cincinnati), don’t be shy—leave a comment below or contact me!

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