10274194_10202595014171406_102833840699391221_n“Every person has embedded within themselves a sacred moment when the soul says ‘it’s time to turn within and know you are already home’.  Each sign, symbol, and synchronicity is ticking of that clock… until the individual chooses to wake up.  There is not one thing in life that does not offer that remembrance and gateway to truth in an intensely soulful and personal way.”  – Simran Singh

DATE: Thursday, September 25


Bren will be interviewing author – visionary speaker – creative catalyst – and rebel humanitarian, Simran Singh.

Simran is the founder of 11:11 Magazine, 11:11 Talk Radio and author of the books, “Conversations With the Universe” and “Your Journey Into Enlightenment” and many more in-depth resources for empowerment and expansion.

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