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“Effective and Simple SEO Tips for Beginners” written by Mike Marko.

Do you find SEO difficult and complicated?

Let me tell you this…

SEO, or search engine optimization, is easy and straightforward… but only if you do it right.

Business owners and internet marketers all around the world use SEO on their websites. Why? Because SEO can significantly help a business grow.

To put it simply, SEO is a series of process that allows your target audience and search engines to find your site easily. When your website, or business, is easy to find on search engines like Google, it’s more likely to attract potential customers.

If you haven’t performed optimization on your website yet, then right now’s the best time to do it!

I wrote this blog post to help you learn simple and effective SEO tips for beginners so you can optimize your website.

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Improve Your Ranking with SEO Tips for Beginners

In this blog post, I will tackle more about the SEO basics. If you want to learn the deeper side of SEO, you can check out my other blog How to SEO Websites.

Just as how small baby steps help toddlers walk and run, learning the basics of SEO will also help you take bigger steps on optimizing your website. As you master the very basic of SEO, improving your search engine rank won’t be much of a problem in the future.

So without further ado, here are some SEO tips for beginners.

Register Your Website to Google Search Console

The first step in learning the SEO is to study and use the Google Search Console.

The Google Search Console is a no-charge service by Google that helps monitor and maintain a site’s performance in the search results. If you’re a business owner or a digital marketer, it’s crucial to master the features of Google Search Console.

As you master the ins and outs of Google Search Console, it will be easier for you to identify the necessary improvements or changes that your site needs to achieve higher search engine ranking.

If your website doesn’t appear on the search results, it could be one of the following reasons:

  • Your website isn’t connected to other sites on the internet.
  • You have a newly created website.
  • The layout of your website makes it hard for Google to find it.
  • Google is getting an error while crawling your website.

If you don’t see your site on the search engine result pages (SERPs), you can try submitting your website to Google. Submitting your site to Google gives you a higher chance that Google will see or crawl your site and show on SERPs.

To submit your site on Google, simply visit Google webmaster tools and follow the instructions.

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Always Look for Relevant Keywords

Through the years, the method of proper SEO has changed… and it still does. But one of the key factors of SEO has not changed… yet. And that’s the usage of keywords.

Keywords are a huge factor to a successful search engine optimization. That’s because adding keywords to your website can improve its rank on search engine results page.

Using relevant keywords will increase the visibility of your content on the internet. Here’s how it works…

When internet users want to search something online (maybe a store, a company, a product, a song, or food, etc.), they type in few keywords only. For example, instead of typing what are the symptoms in dogs with high fever, a person might only search for high fever in dogs symptoms.

When people search your business, product, or services using a certain keyword or keyphrase, any content from your website that contains a word or uses the entire keyphrase will appear on the SERPs.

You can use multiple keywords to your website. However, make sure that the keyword that you’re using is related to your business, products, or industry.

Google is strict on their rules regarding keywords. Overstuffing your website or content on your site with keywords can result in having a low ranking on search results.

If you have a small business, it’s essential to use main keywords for your website. To help you figure out the best keyword for your content, consider doing the following;

Think of the Possible Keywords

One of the many ways to find the best keywords for your business is by brainstorming. Yes. Think deeply about it.

If your business is in the clothing or fashion industry, say, women’s bag, try to think of keywords that women would usually type in when searching for bags.

Write down the keywords you think is appropriate for your content. After listing the possible keywords, choose the best possible combination.

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Using a Keyword Search Tool

Another effective way to find keywords is to use tools.

There are a number of keyword search tool on the internet. Each tool has their unique features. Some are free, and some come with a price. Choose the ones that fit your needs and budget.

Below I have listed some of the best keyword search tools:

Find the Right  Keywords

You can also find keywords by yourself by just using the Google search bar.

Just type the few words and let Google finish it for you. Usually, Google will suggest the words that are often searched by other people.

The bottom of the search results will also display other suggested keywords. To give you an idea about it, try searching “SEO tips for beginners”.

If you Google “SEO tips for beginners” you’ll find suggested keywords including the following:

  • Beginners SEO tips,
  • SEO basics 2018,
  • Beginners search engine optimization tips,
  • Search engine optimization tips for beginners,
  • How to do SEO,
  • SEO basics.

It’s advisable to keep a record of the related keywords. Put it in a spreadsheet so you can use it in the future.

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Optimize Your Web Page

Another key factor to a successful website optimization is adapting to Google’s algorithm. That may mean that you need to perform significant changes on your website.

The Google algorithm is the formula that Google uses to rank websites.

A few years ago, Google algorithm prioritized websites that use keywords. If you use a lot of keywords in your content, then Google will put your site in a high spot in the search results.

But today, keyword stuffing will not work anymore.

Google’s recent update prioritize websites that have high-quality content. Doing this isn’t that hard because providing good quality content is part of on-site SEO.

The on-site SEO deals with the visual elements that can be found on the HTML. To know more about it, here are some on-site SEO elements that you can edit to optimize your web page.

Edit Your Page Title

Optimizing your page title and meta description can improve your ranking on the search result. Your page title should clearly describe the content of your webpage. Also, it should have a keyword to better increase your page’s visibility on the internet.

Optimize Your Meta Description

Editing the meta description will increase your chances of having a higher rank on SERPs. A meta description is a short text that appears on search results. It describes the content on your webpage.

Unlike the page title, the meta description won’t appear on your web page. You can only edit it on your HTML code.

Here is the code for Meta description <meta name=”description” content=”A page’s description usually one or two sentences.”/>

Make a Better Content

Like what I’ve said earlier, you can rank high on SERPs if your page has good content. The content could be an embedded video, infographics, or the most common blog posts.

Your web page should have a layout that allows Google to find it easily. The content should be easy to read. The sentences on your content must be short and easy to understand.

Your site should that have the following element to help Google find your page easily.

  • Heading tags – H1, H2, H3,
  • Body content – the text on your page, and
  • Images – the images to support your content.

The name of your images should clearly describe its content. This is needed, so Google knows what’s in the image.

Lastly, don’t forget to include the keywords on your content especially on its heading(H1). It’s more likely that your target audience will read the rest of the content if they see the keyword on your heading.

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Make Use of Backlinks

Google rank a website high on SERPs if it has quality backlinks.

A backlink is a hyperlink that leads the user to another web page or content. Usually, it’s the basis of the website’s popularity. If there are a lot of websites that link to your site, it shows that you’re a reliable source of information.

With that said, having plenty of links that lead a user to your website will help you achieve a high rank in search engine results.

Seek Professional Help

Performing SEO is not that difficult, but it can be daunting especially to non-techy people. If you’re still struggling to understand or to perform SEO on your website, then do not be afraid to seek help.

SEO companies offer SEO services to small and big businesses.

It may hurt your pocket a little bit, but the result will be worth the price… ONLY  if you choose a reliable, experienced SEO company.

Read my blog Why You Should Hire Professional SEO Services to learn more about the perks of having an experienced SEO company working on your site.

Final Thoughts on SEO for Beginners

In this blog post, I talked about SEO tips for beginners. SEO helps in increasing your site’s visibility. The more people know about your business or website, the more likely you are to increase your sales and see your enterprise grow.

To be successful in optimizing your website, you must first master the basics of SEO. Study the features of Google Search Console.

Use keywords effectively, but do not overstuff your website or any content on your site with keywords.

Using keywords on your page title, meta description, and content can increase your visibility on the internet. However, be cautious in using keywords because using it too much have consequences.

If you have more questions about SEO tips for beginners, leave them in the comments below.

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