7 Foolproof SEO Optimization Tips for Content

7 Fool-Proof SEO Optimization Tips for Content - SEO optimization tips

“7 Foolproof SEO Optimization Tips for Content” written by Mike Marko.

As experts roll out their SEO optimization tips year by year, at least one thing stays constant.

Content matters.

High-quality, properly optimized content remains a mainstay of good search engine optimization strategy. As such, it pays to know how to produce such content.

However, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t actually understand how to optimize content. They think producing quality material is enough.

In truth? Sometimes it is.

But given how many others are producing high-quality content now, it often isn’t any longer.

So today, I’ll give you 7 of my proven SEO optimization tips for content. With these, you can ensure that the material on your own website is ideal for your SEO purposes.

This may be just what you need to take your already high-quality content to the next level.

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SEO Optimization Tips for Your Content

There are a lot of SEO optimization tips for content out there right now. But as you can see, I’ve whittled down the list to just 7 of them.

That’s because I think the following SEO optimization tips for content most important as we move further into the year.

Most of them also allow you to better your content not just for search engines but also for humans.

That means you’ll be optimizing on at least 2 levels, which is strongly advisable.

Anyway, let’s get started with my foolproof SEO optimization tips. These 7 ideas should help you advance in your content marketing strategy soon.

1) Consider Intent in Keyword Research

This is possibly the most important of my SEO optimization tips, at least where content production is concerned.

You likely know by now that keyword research is usually the starting point of the content production process.

I’ve definitely talked about it enough in my other search engine optimization articles for that to be clear.

But here’s the thing — you shouldn’t be searching just for high-traffic keywords. It’s not enough to drive traffic to your website, after all.

Instead, your aim should be to drive high-intent traffic to it.

So this point in my list of SEO optimization tips is about making your content even more targeted. Otherwise, you’re likely to get visitors who neither convert nor stay long enough to help your SEO ranking.

Among other things, this means using long-tail keywords. They tend to have higher intent than shorter, more general keywords.

Look in particular for search queries formulated as conversational or practical questions when doing keyword research.

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2) Make Content Readable

Readability is one of my most important SEO optimization tips for content. That’s because it’s becoming more and more important to Google.

Aside from that, though, it also helps you make content more digestible for actual readers.

When your content is more readable, you have more chances to get your message across.

Furthermore, readers are more likely to read through your content for longer.

That ties back to your SEO, because it means site visitors are likelier to stay on your pages for longer periods.

And as I’ve said in previous SEO optimization tips, that improved dwell time sends signals to Google about your content’s relevance.

3) Give All Content a Visual Element

You’d have to be insane not to follow this particular one of my SEO optimization tips.

That’s because we all know people favor visual content. They like images and videos more than text.

So if you have to serve them text, make sure it comes with images or videos.

Make sure your visuals support your text, though. Don’t post an image of a cute cat in an article about SEO optimization tips, for example — unless it’s there to make a point or a joke.

My own advice is to start adding videos to written content. As I’ve mentioned in many other articles, video marketing is only going to get bigger over time.

You might as well take advantage of it by embedding relevant videos into pages with written content.

Don’t forget to check some of my previous articles for SEO optimization tips for your videos, though! Try my piece on how to increase YouTube views, for instance.

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4) Make Your Content Longer

This is one of the content SEO optimization tips that people often misunderstand.

It’s not so much about adding length, mind you, as it is about adding value. You should only be adding length to a post if you have more value to add to it.

This is one of my top SEO optimization tips because it means you’re offering more to your audience. Isn’t that one of the key aims of all content optimization?

Google itself recognizes that long-form content tends to be more valuable to users. Notice that most of the top results for a lot of search terms now hover around or over the 2,000-word mark.

So instead of just writing a short article about how to paint your own bedroom, make an exhaustive one.

Cover all parts of the process in your piece and try to add notes that others haven’t yet.

5) Use Your Keywords Wisely

The very first of my SEO optimization tips for content was about researching keywords and using that for content ideas.

Now let’s talk about using them in the content itself.

First off, make sure your keyword is in the most prominent parts of your content.

For instance, it should be in your title, in the first few paragraphs of the content, and in your meta tags.

That’s because all of these are important enough that search engines consider keywords more important if found in them.

Just try not to pepper your content with your main keyword indiscriminately. Keyword stuffing is still a major no-no — it has been for years now.

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6) Aim to Become a Featured Snippet

This is a bit of a gamble as an SEO strategy, but when it pays off, it pays off big.

Let’s start by defining “featured snippet”. It’s a little sectioned-off bit of data that answers a search query with quick data in Google’s search results pages.

Featured snippets are typically at the top of these pages. That means they occupy some of the best real estate there.

Now you can’t really predict whether or not your content will become a featured snippet for its keyword. However, you can improve its chances of becoming that.

For example, you can optimize it so that it addresses a particular question.

You can also try to provide a “quick answer” to the question in a single paragraph before expanding on that answer in more paragraphs.

Why one paragraph? Because most answer snippets are only a paragraph long.

Finally, be organized. Organized content is easier to mine for snippets.

So create lists, tables, and the like wherever appropriate.

7) Use Internal Links

Sure, this sounds more like something that belongs in SEO optimization tips for site architecture, but it’s nonetheless part of this list.

That’s since internal linking is an important step in content optimization.

Use it to link to other material you’ve already published that can offer value to the reader. Make sure it’s related to the content from which you’re linking.

This helps because it gives search engines yet another signal as to what your content is about.

It also helps readers learn more about certain topics or ideas easily.

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Final Thoughts on SEO Optimization Tips

That concludes my article on SEO optimization tips you can follow to improve your content.

Good content is the cornerstone of SEO. That’s why you need to devote quite a bit of effort to ensuring yours is not only great but also optimized.

Here are the tips I gave to help you do that:

  • Think about intent when doing keyword research.
  • Work on readability.
  • Include a visual element.
  • Make long-form content.
  • Think about keyword placement.
  • Optimize to become a featured snippet.
  • Do internal linking.

All of these SEO optimization tips for content can be of help to you and your website. If you have further questions or suggestions for SEO optimization tips you want to share, please leave them below!

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