SEO Cincinnati Ohio Company Red Flags to Avoid

SEO Cincinnati Ohio Company Red Flags to Avoid - SEO Cincinnati Ohio

“SEO Cincinnati Ohio Company Red Flags to Avoid” written by Mike Marko.

Most online business owners stop evaluating their SEO Cincinnati Ohio company once they start working with them. They believe their SEO Cincinnati Ohio company will deliver everything that’s been promised.

As a fellow online business owner, I wish every SEO Cincinnati Ohio company were as clean-cut to work with as that.

But the truth is, not all of them are.

Some SEO Cincinnati Ohio companies will let you down in spite of all their lofty promises. That’s why you have to keep assessing SEO Cincinnati Ohio companies even after hiring them.

Now you’re probably asking how you can do that. How can you know that an SEO Cincinnati Ohio company isn’t doing work that’s actually worth your money?

That’s what I’m going to help you with today. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the most common red flags indicating that your SEO company isn’t trustworthy.

If you see any of these red flags, you may want to look for a new SEO Cincinnati Ohio company. The sooner you do, the sooner you can cut your losses and switch to a better SEO agency.

Is Your SEO Cincinnati Ohio Company Doing It Wrong?

I know how tempting it can be to believe that every SEO Cincinnati Ohio company will take the right steps towards SEO success.

However, you need to be wary of the possibility that your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company might be doing it all wrong.

It’s your online business and your money on the line. Therefore, you should always be cautious of what your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company is doing for you.

However, a lot of business owners hire an SEO Cincinnati Ohio company precisely because they can’t tell right from wrong SEO themselves.

So how can they possibly tell if their SEO Cincinnati Ohio company isn’t performing as it should?

Well, there are still universal signs that show that an SEO Cincinnati Ohio isn’t ideal for your online business.

You can look out for these as indications that you should re-evaluate your current SEO Cincinnati Ohio agency.

You can also use them to screen agencies when choosing the best SEO company. You simply need to interview their previous clients and ask if any of these red flags appeared during their partnership with the agency.

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Signs That Your SEO Company Isn’t Ideal

Before we go into the red flags showing a dubious SEO Cincinnati Ohio company, we have to note first that SEO can definitely seem experimental.

A lot of practices need to be tested first and it requires a ton of patience before you can see a glimpse of success.

But does that mean that you should let an SEO company get away with the perpetual excuse that “you have to wait”?

Not at all! If 5 or so months have already passed with absolutely no results, you’re perfectly justified in asking for an accounting of your SEO agency’s strategy.

Furthermore, if you see any of the red flags below, you may want to rethink your choice of SEO Cincinnati Ohio company.

The following are signs that tell you that your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company may not be as competent as they initially seemed.

1) They Won’t Share Their SEO Practices With You

Firstly, as I said earlier, don’t expect to see immediate success when working with an SEO Cincinnati Ohio agency. It takes time for good SEO to bear fruit.

However, that doesn’t mean you should be trusting your SEO company blindly.

In fact, your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company should be able to show you how plan to achieve your SEO goals. They should also be capable of producing certain deliverables.

The information they give you doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate. At the very least, you should be able to ask for deliverables such as these:

  • An SEO audit of your site,
  • An analysis of your site’s link profile,
  • Optimized content on your site, and
  • Articles with links to your site that are being or have been published on other sites.

That’s in addition to a complete outline of their SEO strategy for your business, by the way.

If they refuse to share any part of their SEO practices, that should be a sign to choose a different SEO Cincinnati Ohio company.

This is because their lack of sharing with you could be a sign that they aren’t making any effort to help your business at all. It might also be a sign that they have something to hide.

Believe it or not, there aren’t really “secrets” to SEO anymore. So if a company’s hiding its SEO strategies, it’s not to protect trade secrets.

I know a lot of people who only find out later that their SEO companies are spamming low-quality backlinks, for example.

They didn’t know because their SEO companies refused to detail what went into their backlink building.

Such low-quality SEO tactics will actually harm your SEO plans because they’re either ignored or penalized by search engines.

So to avoid that, make sure your SEO Cincinnato Ohio company is transparent with you about its plans.

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2) Your Rankings and Traffic Decline

Another sign can be found in your ranking and traffic data. This is why you should still monitor your statistics even after hiring an SEO Cincinnati Ohio company to do so.

A steady drop in ranking and traffic over several months could mean that your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company isn’t conforming to the Google algorithm.

This means that their SEO tactics aren’t meeting what the algorithm needs in order to recognize your SEO content.

Not conforming to the algorithm will severely hurt your SEO progress because SEO revolves around search engines. It’s called “Search Engine Optimization”, after all.

Your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company might also be using SEO practices that are penalized or ignored by search engines. These are usually shady tactics that only get results for a little while, like spamming.

To make sure that you aren’t paying for SEO that isn’t giving results, you should stay up-to-date with algorithm changes and monitor your ranking and traffic.

Doing so will help you monitor your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company’s progress too.

More importantly, you should find out if your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company keeps up with the latest algorithm changes.

During one of your scheduled meetings with them, try asking about the latest algorithm updates. Take note of what they say, then do some research afterwards to see if they’re correct.

If they’re not, then your money is definitely worth spending elsewhere.

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3) They Don’t Offer Ways to Improve

Next, you should remember that SEO isn’t supposed to be a straight upward journey. No matter which SEO Cincinnati Ohio company you hire, there is always a possibility of hitting setbacks.

However, with each setback, an SEO Cincinnati Ohio company should be able to provide you with ways to improve your statistics.

They should have backup plans to try to save your SEO developments and get you back on track.

You should be wary if they can’t provide you with solutions to issues that do appear, like a sudden dip in traffic or ranking.

Competent SEO Cincinnati Ohio companies are always equipped to handle problems in their field.

The fact is, even the best SEO companies will sometimes run into hurdles at some point.

If they’re genuinely worth their salt, they should be capable of overcoming those hurdles.

A setback shouldn’t paralyze them because they’ve seen setbacks before and dealt with them. So if the SEO Cincinnati Ohio company refuses to take action to improve, they aren’t worth your money.

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4) They Use the Wrong Keywords

Now, as an online business owner who wants to rank using SEO, you should know some of the variables SEO depends on. One of these important variables is the keyword.

Keywords are words or phrases that are commonly searched for by your target audience. Usually, you can easily find the right keywords through the use of Google Analytics.

Through Google Analytics, you just need to check the “organic” tab under keywords. Easy, right?

Your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company should then find these keywords and use them in content.

An SEO Cincinnati Ohio company should do their best to get content with the right keywords to rank high on search engine results pages. This makes it easier for your target audience to find you.

Now, if you check your organic keywords and find that their traffic is plummeting or has stopped, that’s a bad sign.

It would be even worse if different keywords are beginning to gain traffic instead.

If this happens to you, then your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company is doing SEO recklessly. You shouldn’t expect your target audience to find you anytime soon.

5) They Add Suspicious Backlinks to Your Link Profile

Lastly, you should always keep an eye on your link profile. It’s free, and you can check it with Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools.

You should know that a link profile affects your SEO. This is because your link profile shows Google how many other sites consider yours valuable enough to link to.

It also tells Google whether or not these sites are authoritative or high-quality ones themselves.

Now, a shady SEO Cincinnati Ohio company will abuse backlinks just to show you that they’ve created some. Usually, they’ll set them up on spammy or low-authority sites.

Doing this can sometimes still help you rank high on search engine results pages. However, the algorithm will eventually detect the spamminess of your backlinks.

When that happens, it can drop your ranking severely.

You could even receive penalties because of this shady tactic. So, having an abundance of backlinks on shady sites can mess up your link profile.

You can clean this mess up by confronting your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company. If they’ve caused it, you can ask them to fix it or even fire them.

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Final Thoughts on SEO Company Red Flags

Do any of those SEO Cincinnati Ohio company red flags sound familiar? If they do, then you should consider hiring a different SEO Cincinnati Ohio company.

You should never let these SEO Cincinnati Ohio company red flags pass. Not only will they hurt your online business, but they’re also a huge waste of money.

In order to check if your SEO Cincinnati Ohio company really is scammy, you should keep an eye on them. You should be wary if you’ve worked for your end of the bargain and they haven’t.

So, if they’re showing signs of shady tactics or if they refuse to efficiently work with you, call them out on it. Look out too for these things:

  • They have no suggestions for overcoming SEO hurdles.
  • They use the wrong keywords.
  • They create low-quality backlinks.

If you see these red flags, maybe it’s time to fire them and find a different SEO Cincinnati Ohio company.

If you’ve partnered up with a scammy SEO Cincinnati Ohio company, don’t lose hope! There are other SEO Cincinnati Ohio companies out there that can do the job better.

If you need an SEO Cincinnati Ohio company that’s worth your money, get in touch with me or leave me a note below. I always answer as quickly as possible!

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