Tips to Save Money on Instagram Paid Ads


“Tips to Save Money on Instagram Paid Ads” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know that there’s a way to lessen the cost of Instagram paid ads?

Today, many business owners are using Instagram to reach their target audience and provide useful information. In addition to all the other Instagram advantages, ads on this platform are cheaper than traditional ads.

But even if Instagram ads are cheaper than traditional advertisements, it can still impact your budget.  On this fast growing social media platform, Instagram ads tend to be more expensive than some other social media platforms.  But with the huge popularity of Instagram, you can’t rule it out because of the higher cost.

That’s why Instagram is part of an effective Pervasive Presence™ marketing plan.  

That’s why in this blog post, I’ll talk to you about some tips to save money on Instagram paid ads.

Get the Best out of Your Instagram Paid Ads

You should get the best out of your Instagram paid ads if you want to improve or boost your business. As you well know, advertisements can increase your sales and brand awareness.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a large portion of your budget on your ads.  You should make sensible marketing choices to help preserve your cash flow.

And that brings us to the topic at hand.

Let’s find out how to get the best out of your ads without hurting your budget.

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Cost of Advertising on Instagram

Many business owners aren’t using Instagram because ads on this platform are more expensive than other social networking platforms.

The average Instagram ads cost-per-click can be between $0.70 and $1.00. Pricing also depends on the age group of your target audience.

If your audience’s age is between 25 to 34 years old, then you should expect to pay more. Users who are in this age is the group with the highest CPC.

Despite the cost of the advertisements on Instagram, many businesses still use it for two important reasons.

First, the advertisements on Instagram gets more engagement compared to other social networking platforms. And second, there are different ways to save money on Instagram paid ads.

So how do you reduce these costs?

Use Simple Ad Content

To save money on your Instagram paid ads, you need to use simple ad content. Instagram users will more likely engage with fresh and authentic content rather than the overly produced ads.

Simple ad content get more engagement because it makes your audience feel like they’re communicating with a person rather than a business. This can help create a two-way relationship between brand and consumer.

When posting a simple advertisement, don’t just post a plain image.

Make sure that it’s interesting and helps in marketing your brand.  The best way to do this is by creating content that’s useful for your target audience.  

But your posts shouldn’t immediately ask the audience to try your products or services.  Doing this may lose the interest of your audience. Remember that people go on social media to be… social.  

To know more about this, check our Tips on how to use Instagram for advertising.

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Make Use of Video

Just like in other social networking platforms, you also need to post a variety of content. Posting the same content over and over again might cause your audience to suffer from ad fatigue. That’s why you shouldn’t just stick on images, you need to use videos as well.

Posting a video on Instagram gives you a lot of benefits. Video posts can have a higher engagement rate than image or carousel posts.  Also, it has a lower acquisition cost. This means you to get the attention of your target audience without spending too much.

Just a reminder, make sure that your videos are direct to the point. The allowed length of videos on Instagram is just 60 seconds.advantages and disadvantages of instagram

Be Creative in Making Ads

Just like what I’ve said, you need to post a variety of content for your ads. You need to do this not only to save money but because you also need to avoid losing the interest of your audience.

Many businesses fail in marketing on Instagram because of advertisement fatigue. Their audience gets tired of seeing the same ads on their feed. You need to avoid this by trying different combinations of an audience and content.

Create different ads for each group of your audience. Doing this gives you an insight which advertisement works best for your audience.

After finding out which ad gets more engagement, consider giving it a priority on your budget. This can help you avoid spending money on ads that aren’t working.

Post Ads Based on Your Demographics

You can also save money on Instagram paid ads by posting based on your demographics. Make sure to determine if your audience have lower advertising cost first. Do this by dividing them based on location, interests, or behavior.

Narrowing down your audience prevents you from paying for ads that are shown to users that aren’t interested in your products.

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Keep Track of Your Relevance Score

Keeping track of your relevance score is another way to save money on your Instagram paid ads. This will prevent you from posting ads that aren’t working effectively to your target audience.

The relevance score is based on creative, targeting and the results of your ad. If some of your ads aren’t getting impressions, you can try doubling its suggested bids.

Use Dedicated Landing Pages

To guarantee that you’re getting an ROI from your ads, make sure that you’re using dedicated landing pages. It’s advisable to determine what happens once consumers click your Instagram ads.

Your landing page could be a page where the user can buy your products or use your services.

Always remember to never send people to your homepage because it can drive them away. People prefer businesses that give them what they need immediately.

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Choose Budget Daily and Lifetime Budget

Choosing the right form of payment for your Instagram paid ads can lessen your expenses. You can choose between daily and lifetime budget, both of these options have their own pros and cons.

The daily budget allows you to set a daily limit. This prevents you from spending the whole campaign budget quickly. On the other hand, the lifetime budget lets you schedule your ads to optimize your ad delivery.

The lifetime budget’s price is already fixed. You won’t get additional fees based on your ad set’s results.

The right choice for your business depends on your marketing plan. However, if you have a startup business, it’s best to choose the daily budget.

Once you finally know which of your ads are working, that’s when you need to choose the lifetime budget.

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Final Thoughts on Saving Money on Instagram Paid Ads

In this blog post, we talked about saving money on Instagram paid ads. The cost of advertisements on Instagram is more expensive than other social networking platforms.

But despite the cost of Instagram ads, many business owners are still using it. Instagram paid ads gives them more engagement, and there’s a way to lessen the cost.

You can save money if your Instagram ads are simpler and aimed directly at your target audience. Also, you can use video posts because it has a lower acquisition cost and drives more engagement than image or carousel posts.

However, remember not to use the same ads to your audience for a long period of time. It’s advisable to try different combinations of content and audience.

Lastly, you to need plan how you’re going to pay your Instagram ads if you want to save money. The right choice of payment for your ads depends on your marketing plan.

Comment below if you have more questions about Instagram paid ads.

And always keep in mind… have fun!

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