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“Dan Lok Review – Dan Lok’s YouTube Channel: A Must See?” written by Mike Marko.

If you’re reading this post you’re either looking for a Dan Lok review or wanted to know if you should bother to check out Dan Lok’s YouTube channel.

You have seen him popping up all over the place.

I know, because I see him in my feed occasionally.

So is he worth looking into?

That’s where I come in.

You probably discovered this post on the first page of Google while searching for Dan Lok review or Dan Lok YouTube Channel.  Or maybe, you just wanted to see what everyone was talking about.  

Look no further!

In this blog post, I’ll be diving into whether Dan Lok’s YouTube channel is worth checking out.

YouTube Channel of Dan Lok Review

A video is a very demanding form of media.

You cannot hide your personality here.  Your genuineness and your attitude can be readily seen, if not, be perceived by your audience.  

And fakery is frowned upon…

Famous personalities have their own YouTube channel these days.  Almost everybody has one.

You want to check if someone you have heard or been referred is worth following?  Then you should go see this person’s YouTube channel.

Everything is there.  

This person cannot hide or mask his personality with his videos.  You can even check out the other comments on his channel to see what others are saying.

And speaking of what others are saying.

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What Others Say About Dan Lok

I’ve witnessed that Dan Lok can elicit polar opposite opinions from people.  They either believe him and his teachings and diligently follow him.

Or there are others who regard him as a hack.  A scam artist.

That’s why today I want to get to the bottom of these contrasting opinions.  

I will be conducting a Dan Lok review of his YouTube channel.  

As part of this review, I should be able to come up with a definite assessment as to the legitimacy of Dan Lok.  

Is he real or a snake’s oil salesman?

But before I begin this Dan Lok review of his YouTube channel, let’s first talk a bit about Dan.  

Who is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok was an immigrant to this country coming in when he was 14.  He has experienced numerous business failures before he hit success at age of 27.

Now, he’s a world-known entrepreneur, speaker, author, and one of the most prominent experts in internet marketing. He is also known as The King of High-Ticket Sales™ because of his network of multi-million dollar companies.

He is seen by most as a thought-influencer in the world of personal development and business.

As one of the highest-paid business consultants, Dan Lok is teaching people how to build a 7-figure business. He’s doing this through seminars and books.

He has more than 1.5  million followers spread across his various social media accounts.  

Dan Lok’s YouTube channel has almost 1 million subscribers and amassed 13 million views and counting so far.

Let’s see why.

Dan Lok review

Dan Lok’s YouTube Channel Review

I need to be objective and professional with this YouTube channel of Dan Lok review.  

I decided to view this channel as somebody who doesn’t have a lot of idea as to who Dan Lok is.

I will throw away all my previous thoughts and knowledge about the man.

I will just know his name.  

This is the only way that I will be unbiased right from the beginning with this Dan Lok review.

I also realized that I need to have a standard by which I can critic Dan Lok’s YouTube channel.

So, I decided to review him and his videos using six criteria points: channel art, an organization of his channel, technical quality, personality, content, and handling of criticism.

Channel Art

Channel art is basically the layout of the YouTube channel.

Specifically, it pays attention to the banner part.  This is usually the very first thing that a prospective subscriber will see upon accessing the YouTube channel.

An excellent YouTube channel must have an eye-catching banner.

What I see is the following:

I see Dan Lok with his eyes gazing beyond the horizon.  There is also a background photo showing him speaking to an enraptured audience.

The following texts appear under his gazing photo – The Man, The Myth. The Legend.

By viewing this picture closely, the first thing I will definitely say is that he is a visionary.  

His faraway eyes strike me as someone who means business.  

Someone who is knowledgeable and a person of authority.  Someone who hates wasting time.

The viewer should immediately know what the channel is all about just by looking at the banner page.  

The man is dead serious!

I would also say that public speaking is involved here.  He seems to be a compelling public speaker

He knows his stuff and is believable as gathered audience’s reaction in the photo.

Grade: A

Organized Channels

After perusing the banner page closely, I moved to the content of Dan Lok’s YouTube channel.

I am overwhelmed at first for there are a lot of videos here.

But then I noticed that there are sections to help organize the Dan Lok’s YouTube Channel.  It’s very well organized.

There is a NEW TO THE DAN LOCK CHANNEL which is the first one that a viewer will see.

Scrolling farther down, there are distinct sections named as BOSS IN THE BENTLEY, MILLIONAIRE MINDSET, HOW TO SELL HIGH TICKET PRODUCTS & SERVICES, HOW TO INVEST LIKE A MILLIONAIRE and other sections that have similar subjects.

Now, I have an idea as to what Dan Lok is all about.  

He is about money and making tons of it.  

On second thought and after watching some of the videos, he’s not that kind of person.

He is all about changing our mindset.  Also, upgrading our skill set so that we can be High Ticket closers.  

High Ticket items are products that have unit prices exceeding $1,000 per piece.

Making money will be a derivative of these changes.

I scrolled more until I arrive at the end of the channel firmly believing these thoughts.

Except, when I reached the end of his YouTube channel and I see the Bruce Lee section.  

The contents of these Bruce Lee videos show Dan Lok practicing martial arts moves.  He is teaching his colleagues as to how to defend themselves when attacked.

I laughed continuously for about a minute.   I don’t understand the logic of having these videos in a make yourself better YouTube type of channel.

I just rationalized the presence of these videos.  I should be able to defend myself properly from would-be attackers when I am as rich as Dan Lok.

Grade: B (those martial arts videos don’t need there at all!)

Dan Lok review


The third item on my checklist criteria is, a viewer should check the quality of the video being shown.

Also, check for the location settings where the video was shot.

I would say that Dan Lok’s channel passes this standard with flying colors.

The quality of sound in all videos is excellent.  I can hear clearly all the sound from the laughter made all the way to the clapping in the end.

Dan Lok and his companions all look presentable with their custom-made suits and expensive accessories.  All the location settings seemed classy.

Grade: A


Next item to be reviewed is the personality aspect of this YouTube channel.

Dan Lok aced this criterion. The man can speak and I can see why people pay attention when he does.  

He is the real thing.  

He speaks from the heart.  And he knows what he is talking about.

He captures your attention and does not let go until he is finished imparting his message.

You will learn this message and you will take it to heart.  That’s how believable he is.

Watching his videos led me to believe in myself.  

I know I can do exactly what Dan Lok is preaching about.  I can be as rich and successful as he has become.

I just need to change my mindset and upgrade my skill set. The man has got me convinced that this is the right thing to do if I want to change my life.

The videos do not lie.  He is authentic.

Grade: A+


Let’s review the next item which is the content of this YouTube channel.

This is basically an extension of the previous criterion.  They work together.

All the content in Dan Lok’s YouTube basically distills down to Dan Lok, his life, and his teachings.

He definitely knows what he is talking about.

If his personality cannot convince you to go ahead and make the change, listening to his concepts shown in the videos will.

There is logic to what he is trying to teach.  

Some of the things he has taught such as how to start a business with no money are very memorable.  My eyes were wide open after watching this particular one.

Grade: A+

Take Criticism

I barely see any criticism in the comments sections of his videos.

They are not as numerous as the glowing praises the same videos are getting.  

Unless Dan Lok is taking pains in removing almost all of these negative comments.  If he is, then he is doing a good job here.

I cannot tell.

Grade: A

Final Thoughts on Dan Lok’s YouTube Channel Review

Yes, I am convinced 

Dan Lok is a man worth following (on social media, not in the creepy stalker way – LOL).

I am saying this because I am finished with the Dan Lok review of his YouTube channel.  

I will add my name to this channel’s subscribers list.

Dan Lok is serious about sharing his success knowledge with willing people.  He is someone who is willing to be a mentor to these students to ensure their success.

His teachings make sense.  He reinforced my belief about changing oneself before changing the world.

He showed me alternative ways to approach possible clients.  He showed why certain things do not really work the way they are supposed to.

But let’s go back to his YouTube channel.  

I give A as the final grade to Dan Lok’s YouTube channel based on the checklist used.

It’s well worth your time to check his YouTube channel.  Be a subscriber also at the same time.

If only he would remove those Bruce Lee type videos…

If you have more questions about Dan Lok review, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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