Simple Real Estate SEO Tips to Increase Traffic and Home Sales

Simple Real Estate SEO Tips to Increase Traffic and Home Sales - real estate SEO

“Simple Real Estate SEO Tips to Increase Traffic and Home Sales” written by Mike Marko.

There’s a genuine demand for real estate SEO nowadays.

That’s since many real estate companies are using the Internet for marketing. After all, even real estate shoppers now consult the Web to find what they need.

However, most real estate business owners also know just being on the Internet isn’t enough.

Keep in mind that there are also other real estate companies on the Internet. That means the competition here is tight.

Fortunately, real estate SEO can help with this problem.

Today, I’ll talk about real estate SEO and how it can help your real estate business close more deals. I’ll also give some tips to ensure the success of your real estate SEO.

Improve Your Online Presence with Real Estate SEO

As I said before, real estate SEO can help your real estate business overcome its competition.

That’s because its aim is to improve your online presence and visibility where your target audience is concerned.

That’s why real estate companies that aren’t already doing it should consider doing SEO on their websites. This can be the key to their success.

But before we go deeper into that, let’s cover the basics first. Let’s talk a little more about SEO and get to know what it involves.

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What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a series of strategies implemented to increase a website’s or webpage’s visibility on the Internet.

Many business owners use SEO to improve their online presence. It helps them reach the top ranking in search engines’ results pages or SERPs.

Reaching the top rank in search results is often the key to success online. This allows brands to get increased traffic and sales without spending a lot of money on advertisements.

Among other things, SEO makes changes to a website so search engines like Google can find it easily. The changes are made based on the algorithm of the search engine.

This is a continuous process. SEO experts need to regularly update a website so it can sustain its rank.

Importance of Real Estate SEO

Almost all businesses do SEO, including real estate companies. In the latter’s case, they use real estate SEO to increase their leads and conversions for real estate deals.

Real estate SEO also helps real estate companies save money on advertising.

Advertising or marketing real estate can cost a lot of money. This is especially the case if you’re doing it the traditional way such as by posting advertisements on billboards, flyers, TV, or newspapers.

But these traditional methods of advertising can actually be very limited in their audience reach, despite their costliness.

A TV spot, for instance, costs a lot of money yet only runs on a specific day and time. If you want it to be shown more than once, you’ll have to pay more.

SEO, on the other hand, can keep your real estate business site potentially visible at all times of day, all days of the year.

If you do it right, it gets returned to consumers at the top of their search results no matter when they do the search.

Good real estate SEO will put your website in front of your target audience. It does that by helping your real estate company reach the top spot of the relevant SERPs.

Why does the top spot in SERPs matter so much?

Because consumers rarely click on a website on the 2nd page of the search results. Most people will click on one of the links on the first page of search results.

Moreover, the first 3 websites on the search result get almost 50% of CTR (click through rate).

  • The 1st website gets 32%.
  • The 2nd website gets 17%.
  • The 3rd website gets 11%.

Having said that, more people can see your listings if you’re in the top part of the search results. This gives you lots of opportunities to sell more houses or properties to people.  

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Tips for Real Estate SEO

Like what I’ve said, SEO is a continuous process. The same is true of real estate SEO.

Real estate companies should also keep making changes to their websites to keep up with Google’s changing search algorithm. This is needed so they can stay at the top of the SERPs.

With that in mind, many real estate companies just choose to hire SEO companies to do SEO for them. That’s since it’s best to get help from SEO professionals to ensure the success of real estate SEO.

The process of real estate SEO is complicated. There are many different real estate SEO processes that need to be done on a real estate website.

That said, there are a few that you can do yourself if you’re willing to invest a little time and effort in learning some real estate SEO basics.

To that end, here are some tips for real estate SEO:

1) Optimize Your Website’s Metadata

A big part of real estate SEO is concerned with optimizing your website’s metadata. That means making sure to use the right page title and meta description in your webpages.

This helps in increasing the visibility of your content on the Internet. It can boost the attention you get on the SERPs.

The page title and meta descriptions are important factors in SEO. People will click your website if they see the information they need in your meta description and page title.

That being said, make sure to present important information on your website, especially in the meta description.

Presenting the important information will help in getting 85% of home buyers look for detailed information about properties listed on a website.

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2) Always Use Keywords

The words and phrases used in search engines like Google are called keywords. It’s important to use them on your website because they help people find your website.

Keeping that in mind, real estate agents must know how their target market thinks. So it’s best to conduct keyword research.

Doing keyword research can help in ensuring the success of your real estate SEO.

Start your keyword research by thinking of the possible words and phrases that your target audience uses to find real estate listings on the Internet.

List all the possible keywords then type them into the Google search bar. Google will suggest the most searched keywords once you start typing.

Save the keywords you see in Google search. Use them in your content and website.

Google will prioritize your website if you’re using relevant keywords in your content. This will help you reach the top spot in search engine result pages.

Just make sure that you use the keywords strategically. Overusing them might cause your real estate SEO to fail.

Google is penalizing websites that are overusing keywords in their content.

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3) Post High-Quality Content

Search engines like Google prioritize websites that post high-quality content. That means real estate SEO will rely heavily on content.

Due to the recent updates of Google, a website’s content will largely affect its ranking in SERPs.

That means Google will be more likely to put your website in the top spot of the search results if you’re posting high-quality content.

To secure your spot at the top of the SERPs, always post high-quality content. Don’t post copied content — it won’t help you reach the top spot in the SERPs.

Your content should be original and not auto-generated. Also, it should contain useful information and be well written.

Don’t forget to use relevant keywords. As I said earlier, it will increase your visibility on the Internet.

But be sure to avoid overusing keywords. You’ll be penalized by Google if you’re overusing a lot of unrelated keywords in your content.

In addition to that, you must post content regularly. This can have a lot of benefits.

Posting content regularly can bring your more traffic and conversions. Search engines also prefer active (often-updated) websites.

Posting once per day is acceptable. The right number depends on the type of your business and audience.

4) Avoid Using Outdated Real Estate SEO

You must avoid using outdated real estate SEO.

Generally, an outdated SEO process will not help in reaching the top rank in the search result pages. Also, using one can result in heavy consequences.

Google may even remove you from its search results if you’re using outdated and black hat SEO procedures.

Black hat SEO is any SEO practice that goes against search engine guidelines. This is used to get a site to rank faster in search results.

An example of black hat SEO is the accumulation of low-quality (sometimes even paid) backlinks.

Inbound links or backlinks are text links that lead to your site from another domain. Inbound links will give your website referral traffic from another website.

A website with a good backlink profile will have many quality inbound links. Also, it will usually have a better rank in the SERPs.

That’s because search engines want to return valuable or useful results to users. A good backlink profile is an indication that you’re providing useful information to your audience.

Old (and now outdated) SEO techniques involved building a backlink profile that concentrated on link quantity instead of quality. Don’t do that because it doesn’t work anymore.

Apart from that, avoid buying cheap links to assure Google that you have a good website.

Instead of doing that, reach out to high-quality websites when trying to do to build your backlink profile.

Also, earn good backlinks by having high-quality content or hiring a high-quality SEO company.

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Final Thoughts on Real Estate SEO

In this blog post, I talked about real estate SEO.

Generally, SEO can help a real estate business get more leads via the Web. Performed on a real estate website, this SEO can increase its visibility on the Internet.

That’s why even real estate companies are using SEO. Real estate SEO helps them reach more people who are looking for houses or properties.

Real estate SEO works like the usual SEO. It will rely heavily on content, keywords, and backlinks.

It also bears noting that some of its processes are complicated. That’s the reason many real estate companies are also hiring SEO companies.

I’ve given you a primer on how to do real estate SEO yourself, though, if you want to try it. To recap, here are the tips I discussed above:

  • Optimize your website’s metadata.
  • Learn to use keywords well and constantly.
  • Post high-quality content.
  • Avoid using outdated or black-hat SEO techniques.

If you have more questions about real estate SEO, leave them in the comments below.

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Simple Real Estate SEO Tips to Increase Traffic and Home Sales - Mike Marko

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