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New Rainmaker Review | Honest Review of the New Rainmaker Blog Platform” written by Mike Marko.

You probably found this New Rainmaker Review while searching for information about New Rainmaker on Google, or some other search engine.  The reason you found this New Rainmaker review is because Bren and I are experienced bloggers.  We know how to blog so that people can find us.

As part of our business we have developed our own PBN, or personal blog network.  Through this PBN we have gained a LOT of experience blogging on different platform.  This makes us uniquely qualified to write an honest and thorough “New Rainmaker review”.

So without further adieu, let’s start the review.

What is New Rainmaker?

Rainmaker is considered a turn-key website building application that is essentially a modified version of WordPress.  Nothing new here… these are springing up all over the place.

It comes already self hosted, so you don’t have to worry about the installation and hosting of WordPress.  This is always a good idea because you can have a very solid, and secure website in minutes.

The site is built using their Genesis theme. That theme has some child themes that come with it, but basically expect a one-size fits all solution here.

The site you create has ecommerce functionality, membership site functionality, a free content library so you have stuff you can send your list right away, opt-in/squeeze page/landing page/sales page creation, web form creation tools, integration with leading email marketing platforms, and the beginnings of a full affiliate marketing tracking system.

What Can You Do with Rainmaker?

Here are the things they advertise you can do with the Rainmaker blog platform:

  • Create powerful content-driven websites on your own domains.
  • Build membership sites and online training courses.
  • Sell digital products like software, ebooks, and more.
  • Perform sophisticated online lead generation.
  • Optimize your content for search engines and social networks.
  • Absorb cutting-edge tactics and strategy with included training.
  • Avoid a patchwork of plugins, themes, and complicated code.
  • You don’t have to worry about upgrades, maintenance, security, and hosting headaches.
  • You can switch your content to WordPress at any time.

Basically it is a marketing site… you have almost everything you want at your fingertips to promote something online.  You can market any product or service you want, and have social media management tools, all wrapped into one service.

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New Rainmaker Blog Costs

The blogging system cost breakdown at the time of this review is as follows:

The Standard Plan of the New Rainmaker Platform is priced with two options: $95/month (billed quarterly at $285) or $79/month (billed annually at $950).

You can get an additional sites at $75/month (billed quarterly at $225) or $62.50/month (billed annually at $750).

New Rainmaker Review

So what are my first impressions of the New Rainmaker Blog Platform?  Well it’s basically a WordPress platform with a limited theme choice, which people are overcharged for.

Sorry… but I can’t recommend this platform.  Until a few days ago I hadn’t even heard of the New Rainmaker Platform… which to me is immediately a red flag. Let me put it this way… this blog platform is not ranking anywhere except on the rainmaker keyword (and maybe some other obscure keyword phrases that probably very few search for).  The fact that you found this review is also proof of it.  I am not even really trying to rank this review yet you found it.

Some Positives in this New Rainmaker Blog Platform Review

Sure there are some perks, like the social media integration.  I think that is pretty useful.

I also love the idea of any website that can be upgraded, or already is, a member site.  If you are looking long term, eventually you may want to create your own products, etc, and so having your main website already a member site is a huge plus.  Otherwise you may have to create a new website and virtually start from scratch again to get the new site ranking in the search engines (unless you bought an aged domain).

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The New Rainmaker Negatives 

There are several faults I can see with New Rainmaker.

The first negative is the cost.  It amazes me that people will still pay high hosting costs for a WordPress platform.  They offer a two week free trial, but they require you to sign up for a package at the same time.  They are basically expecting people who don’t take immediate action to forget to cancel and thus starting making their quarterly payments.

The integrated email to me isn’t a negative, but it definitely isn’t a positive.  First of all, why do you want your email tied to one platform?  As you grow your business, you’ll want additional sites… do you really want to pay the high monthly costs to have another member-site when a regular site will do?   Plus deliverability of your email is key!  The big email marketing tool providers, like Aweber and GetResponse, tend to have a higher deliver rate compared to other autoresponders.  Personally I like to know that my emails have the best chance of avoiding the spam filters.  And do you really want your email going down at the same time as your website?

The big negative to me, like I mentioned earlier, is the fact that you don’t see the New Rainmaker blog showing up in Google searches.  That doesn’t impress me.  If people can’t find your website, you are at a huge disadvantage compared your competition.  Sure the platform uses integrated social media to help drive traffic, but it is still no replacement to good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Their “features” for SEO are common to pretty much any WordPress theme… so nothing exciting there.

Access to Plugins is Restricted. I can understand why New Rainmaker is a closed platform: some plugins can wreck your site.  Some of them just destroy the code, while others may slow the site down or become backdoors to hackers.  But this does mean that you are restricted from using the thousands of available plugins that help you build and manage a website.

The principles of New Rainmaker is a catch-22.  New Rainmaker was built upon WordPress and is ideal for beginners who want the power of WordPress without the problems that come with it.  But building a website does not mean building a business.  The New Rainmaker training and forum access is design for those who already have some experience with online marketing.  Beginners will struggle with marketing their products on this platform unless they can find the proper training… which you can find online but it will take forever to sift through all the online content.

That’s It for  This New Rainmaker Review

Sorry, I don’t usually give our negative reviews but the New Rainmaker platform is not a blog that I can recommend.  There are so many better choices to pick from.

If you want to see what website platform I recommend, then check out this article.  The New Rainmaker platform will give you options to upgrade to a member site… and then you also get access to superior training.

Picking a website to promote your business online is a very important decision.  Once you make a choice and start building it, you are more or less stuck with it for a very long time.  Make the smart choice.  This is your time to make money online, and achieve your financial freedom


I expect this honest New Rainmaker review helped you!  If you have more questions please feel to contact us by clicking here.

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New Rainmaker Review | Honest Review of the New Rainmaker Blog Platform

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