Engaging Questions to Ask Your Followers on Instagram

Engaging Questions to Ask Your Followers on Instagram

“Engaging Questions to Ask Your Followers on Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Online presence is a must for businesses that are looking to expose their brand to millions of potential customers.

However, simply having an account on a popular social media platform is not enough. This is even more the case when you are looking to create buzz in a platform as visual-centric and engagement-centric as Instagram.

In order to stand out among the competition, you will need an effective marketing strategy on Instagram. This includes knowing how to manage your account, engage followers, which content to post and how often you will need to post.

And this is where most businesses fail.

Brands often assume that simply posting attractive photos will be enough to attract customers, but this is not the case.

There are more ways to attract and keep followers engaged with your brand. In fact, one has been shown to increase engagement among the Instagram community without fail.

What is that, you may ask? It’s simple: Ask questions.

In this article, we will discuss the questions to ask your followers on Instagram to pique their interest.

Catchy Questions to Ask Your Followers on Instagram

To make sure that your online marketing strategy will be effective, you need to build engagement with your followers. One way of doing this is by asking your followers’ questions that are interesting enough to encourage them to answer.

Below are examples of the different questions to ask your followers on Instagram.

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Get Personal

Don’t be afraid to get personal with your followers. Ask them to share how, where, or when they use your products or services. This works particularly well during giveaway contests, as prizes are proven to be a good way to encourage users to speak out about a brand.

Doing this will effectively expose your brand to your followers’ followers and may even entice them to try your brand on their own.

It is also important to create a unique hashtag for the question that customers can include in their posts. This will make it easier for posts to be filtered, and create buzz at the same time.

Ask Your Followers to Join You in a Q&A

Start a Q&A session with your followers. Allowing them to pose questions about your business is an effective way to cater to their curiosity. Enabling followers to get close and personal with the brand will result in a deeper connection and customer loyalty.

At the same time, results from the activity can provide insights on what areas are in need of improvement.

Have Some Fun

Some big companies like Coca-Cola and Wendy’s use Instagram to engage with their followers through asking trivia questions or making action-driven quizzes. From time to time, they would even go from business-ish to witty and carefree!

Have a go at this wonderful strategy to interact with your followers. These informative activities would definitely leave a good impression on users everywhere, as it could even rake you some new followers up!

This strategy could cater to users who are into trivia and to those who are up for some mental exercises.

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Tag a Friend

Asking your followers to tag a friend over a shared experience, event, or personal preference is an easy way to drive a conversation thread. Consider rewarding your followers who tagged the most number of friends to even further increase engagement. These tagged friends can then be considered as potential customers.

Conversation Starter

To start a conversation, share a post that is trendy or tangentially related to your business. Ask your followers something interesting that you think would lead to increased engagement.

Anything worthy of your follower’s interest will surely be an effective conversation starter. It may be about recent events, latest news, or viral topics – anything!

Quick Surveys

Surveying will give you insights on how your business is performing. Quick surveys will provide helpful insight for you, depending on what you need to know. Use them to know how you can improve your products or services, or even your business.

Advertising Your Business Through Instagram Product PromotionAsk for Comments and/or Suggestions

Ask for helpful advice or feedback from your followers. This will give your followers a chance to feel personally involved in your business’s creative endeavors.

Applying your customers’ suggestions will let them feel that their ideas are highly valued.

A Sense of Belonging

With Instagram, you can connect with your followers and ask questions that pique their curiosity. This will also let you form a community in your posts, because you promote sharing of ideas, experiences, and opinions between your followers.

Oftentimes, people follow an Instagram account because they find in it a community where they can share their passions and opinions about it.

Fill in the Blanks

Another way to increase engagement is by making fill-in-the-blank posts. This is similar to other trivia and survey questions, except your followers will more likely be willing to respond, since there is no right or wrong answer.

To do this more effectively, make sure your fill-in-the-blank is brand-related or linked to an upcoming event or holiday. Ask your followers to tag their friends and have fun with the fill-in-the-blank posts.

Surprise Your Followers

If you want to have a conversation that would definitely increase your engagement, then ask your followers something that would make them explore their deepest imaginations. Let their minds play to keep your thread entertaining.

Consider asking about their dream vacation, alternative career paths, or plans for the upcoming years.

Having this type of conversation with your followers will create a thread that would attract more potential customers. Doing this may make your followers tag their friends to answer the same question, which will then expand the reach of your post.

Final Thoughts on Questions to Ask Your Followers on Instagram

In this post, we tackled some effective tips about engaging questions to ask your followers on Instagram. It’ll help you expose your business an even wider range of potential customers.

To have a fun and entertaining thread that could attract more clients, consider asking your followers questions about their personal interests and trivia that are related to your business or industry.

But don’t be serious all the time. Have fun with experimental posts such as fill-in-the-blank posts or posts that lets your followers share their ideas and suggestions.

If you think that there is more to add on my list of catchy questions to ask your followers on Instagram, feel free to comment below.

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And always keep in mind… have fun!

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Engaging Questions to Ask Your Followers on Instagram - Mike Marko

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