Generating Network Marketing Leads By Prospecting on Facebook

Generating Network Marketing Leads By Prospecting on Facebook.

One of my favorite ways of generating network marketing leads is by using Facebook prospecting tips. Facebook has over 800 million people that give away a wealth of information like occupation, hobbies, friends, and daily activities on their profiles. Most network marketers don’t realize that there is a goldmine of leads ready for them to use to build their business for the long term.

You can sponsor people for your business opportunity for absolutely free using Facebook. The key of prospecting on Facebook is to look for people that you would prefer to work with and just find out more about them. Remember that when you are prospecting on Facebook your biggest job is to be friendly. Go ahead and make a friend and don’t worry about the “recruiting” part. Just make sure you don’t waste your time with negative or borderline crazy people.

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Here are a few prospecting tips to help you prospect in network marketing:

Tricks for Prospecting on Facebook

1. Use Their Name

This may sound simple, but I can’t tell you how many times people approach me and don’t even use my name. There is a LOT of spammers out there contacting people and pasting the EXACT same message. They completely disregard the “build rapport” stage and go straight for the kill by sending them a link to their business.

And guess what… because of this many people have their guard up when you try to approach them.

By simply including their name at the beginning of the introduction, for example “hey ”, the prospect now knows you sent them a personal message rather than a COPY-PASTE spam message.

2. Start Prospecting on Facebook Locally

Here is something cool to think about… when you approach someone locally you automatically feel like you have some sort of connection. And demonstrating that you have something in common is an important part of building rapport. You now immediately have things you can talk about and if the conversation moves in the right direction you may have the opportunity to meet.

Another great reason for prospecting locally is that if they decide to get involved with your business opportunity you can build locally and have a better chance of keeping them involved. You can do local meetings if you want.

3. The Three Message Rule

You should have at least three messages back and forth before you consider pitching your business opportunity. There are probably exceptions to that rule, but if you use it as a general guideline you’ll do a lot better than the Facebook spammers. This means that you have the initial message, then they reply, counts as one message. You do that for two more messages and then you can ask them if they are open to your business if you think the timing is good.

But NEVER send your link unless the other person gives the go ahead.

If they say they are open to your business, then ask if they would like more information. They will most likely say yes then you can give them the link.

The Final Word In Generating Network Marketing Leads

Keep in mind the key way of making any tactic work online is to play the numbers game. Keep at it, tweaking and refining, until things start to work. What you lack in skill you will make up for in numbers by talking to a large number of people.

Happy Facebooking!

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