Optimize Your Time – Use Other People’s Time

Optimize Your Time – Use Other People’s Time” by Mike Marko.

I am a very driven person.

Over the past few years, once I really established an idea of how I wanted my future to look, I started working towards achieving it.  And things were moving really well until… I found I had run out of time in the day.

I was stuck!

I already stopped watching TV years ago.  I watch very few movies now.  I multitask by doing my training while I work on other things.  And I worked until late at night and on weekends.

But still I had run into a brick wall!  And I was getting frustrated really fast.

It felt like I was losing ground.  I felt out of control.

We were also ramping up for a HUGE IPAS 2 System product launch and I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it.

How was I going to achieve my goals, and create this amazing life with Bren?

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Optimize Your Time – Words from the 4-Hour Work Week

If you have never read the book, the 4-Hour Work Week, you are doing yourself a HUGE injustice.  I had heard about this book from fellow entrepreneurs, but it wasn’t until Bren came home from the library with the book and read it to me on the way home from Wisconsin.

Favorite Tips to Optimize Your Time

The book really is a great source of ideas on how to optimize your time.  My favorite tips were:

  • limit reading emails to twice a day… even going to far as put in an auto response saying you only check your emails at X and Y times and to call if it is an emergency.
  • find ways to eliminate unnecessary tasks that don’t make you money.
  • use other people’s time to offload things you don’t enjoy doing.

Now that last tip was a big one for me.

Bren and I started brainstorming how I could reduce what I did so I could focus on managing our rental properties and the online business, instead of doing all the day to day tasks that were overwhelming me.

Optimize Your Time – Using Other People’s Time

So Bren and I brainstormed and came up with a few ways to reduce what I was doing daily.

Now the key thing to consider is “what is your time worth?”

Is it worth your time to do simple repairs around your home for the day, when you can pay someone $15/hr to do the same job?

That is the thought process you need to have in order to be successful.  Use other people’s time.

Optimize Your Time Using a Bookkeeper

This was the first thing I arranged.  I hate doing bookkeeping… so much so that I was six months behind in my paperwork.

So I found a bookkeeper who was relatively inexpensive.  He will get everything ready for tax season.

In conjunction, I started switching everything to electronic copies of statements and bills.  Yesterday it was extremely liberating when I paid three bills I received by email, then forwarded the emails to my bookkeeper telling him when the funds would be paid from my business checking and what rental properties they were for.

No printing paperwork.

No filing.

No data entry.

It felt AMAZING.

Soon I can see my computer getting a lot less cluttered as I switch more and more to electronic billing and statements.

Plus I free up a lot of my time, and now I don’t have to do something I really hate doing.


Using a Virtual Assistant to Optimize Your Time on the Online Business

The next step was to streamline what I was doing online.  In preparation of the big IPAS 2 product launch, I was creating a lot of tier 1 backlinks.  It was easy but very labor intensive work.  I had to create an article, spin it up to 30 times, and post these spun articles to my over 50 different backlink websites.

I had already been working with someone who had a VA (virtual assistant), and I asked if I could buy some of her VA’s time.  She agreed to 2 hours a day.  That helped build up a lot of links I needed.

While I was searching for a full time VA, she offered me to have her VA full time.  I agreed because I already had a great working relationship with him.

Now he builds backlinks and writes my money pages for me… for less than $2/hour.  Now that is a huge time savings for me… my time is definitely worth more than $2/hour.

Property Manager for Our Rental Properties

I have tried unsuccessfully to find a property manager for our Cincinnati rental properties.  These properties require a lot more “tendering” than my Dayton properties.

Bren and I were on the verge of selling the Cincinnati properties when a work college and I were talking.  He told me that started using this one property manager over the past few months and already had things well under control, and rents were even being raised.  He already had this property manager as his plumbing service for years, so he knew this new property manager was dependable.

So yesterday I contacted the property manager to get some quotes… as I type this I got the quotes in my email inbox.  I am fighting to not read them yet because I am trying to limit how often I read my emails.  But this can be a way to free up even more of my time.

Look at How YOU Can Optimize Your Time

I highly recommend you look at how you can optimize your time.

Get a copy of the book, 4-Hour Work Week, or maybe look for an audio version.

This is one recommendation that can really change the course of your life.  I know it has for me.

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