How to Build a Network of Blogs

How to Build a Network of Blogs” written by Mike Marko.

This morning I was reflecting on how I was going to create job description for my new VA (virtual assistant). Over the past month I have had been “borrowing” someone else’s VA a couple hours a day to help build up our blog network. Now I am going to hire someone full time in addition to help really ramp things up.

But what are blog networks, and how can someone starting from scratch build their own blog network? It can be very intimidating to look at our blog network now and try to create your own. There are a lot of elements to it.

So I am going to break down how to network your blog like we did, step-by-step through the evolution of our own blog network.

So get a notepad ready… we are going into our time machine and going back two years ago.

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How We Built Our Network of Blogs

Two years ago I had no real clue what a blog was, never mind how to create a network of blogs. But we had signed up with Empower Network and we started our first blog, If you go through this blog we really didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t have a lot of training, but we knew we wanted to build an online business.

Starting Our Network of Blogs

We then learned that we needed to have specific blogs dedicated to a niche. This was important in order to have a more congruent site that would be more appealing to visitors looking for a particular topic, and it would help it rank better in Google.

So we created,, and We then started networking most of them together to start creating our network of blogs.


By the end of December, 2013, we were blogging nearly every day. The blogs were growing quickly, and quickly improving in our Alexa ranking and we were getting traffic. But we still had a long way to go.

Growing Our Network of Blogs

Then in early January, 2014, we learned how we really need to have a central hub for our blog network. The reason is that everything you create for your business, whether it be blogs, YouTube videos, social media, guest blogs, etc., all need to eventually lead visitors to one central site: your home base. That home base needs will benefit from the rest of the network of blogs and social media by driving traffic to one central place where you want your visitors to learn everything about you.

We chose the Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Website/Blog for this purpose because the WordPress based website is extremely powerful and flexible, ranks very well by in search engines, and can be turned into a membership site. It became

We then build that website up as our main focus and then added backlinks from our Empower Network blogs to our main website. I want to make a point how important it is to not use free blogs for the main hubs of your network of blogs. The problem with free blogs is that they are free and really free blogs are not free because you pay for them in different ways. You can’t control your ad space (which is extremely valuable for anyone building an online business), and I have heard of websites being shut down simply because they were promoting products online. YouTube and Facebook will do the same thing to you… so never use free sites as the main hubs of your network of blogs. You need to make sure they will be around for the long haul.


Expanding Our Blog Network

Our network of blogs didn’t stop there. We added OnlyWire to our tool suite, so that whenever we posted a blog it automatically created social bookmarks and syndicated our blog on 35-50 sites. That generated more traffic to our blog network.

We then started to build tier 1 backlinks, using Web 2.0 sites, to start helping particular pages to rank. We build between 2 to 50 manual backlinks per webpage or blog post, depending on the competition for the keyword phrase we wanted to rank for. We also added Link Emperor to automatically add more tier 1 backlinks, and then tier 2 backlinks, to help create a HUGE WEB of links from different websites to our network of blogs.

And we are still adding to our blog network even today. Who knows what it will look like in a year or two (but we’ll keep you up to date so you can duplicate our results).

Why Build a Network of Blogs?

A network of blogs has several benefits.  They include:

  • You get your viewers to one main website where they get to know you even better.
  • They provide powerful backlinks to each blog.
  • You expand your reach to get viewers who main be looking for information unrelated to your main blog.
  • You diversify… that way you have a better chance of creating traffic and being successful with at least one site.
  • You can also experiment.  Try different layouts, style, and talk to different audiences with each different blog.

Where Should You Start Building Your Blog Network?

Start with a blog that you pay for (we recommend either the Empower Network viral blogging system or the Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Website).

Publish at least one blog post every day.

When you have at least 20 blog posts, add OnlyWire to start social bookmarking all your blog posts and start driving traffic to your website. I don’t recommend doing this too soon because you want your visitors to have something to see on your site once they get there.

Then if your budget allows get Link Emperor to start building serious backlinks to your website.

Add another paid for blog. Empower Network allows you up to 10 different and unique blogs for your monthly fee.

From there you can start really get into some serious backlinking strategies… a topic for another blog post.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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