Network Marketing Tips on Presenting

Network Marketing Tips on Presenting

No matter what you are promoting, at the end of the day you have to present to people.  And these people need to be able to believe enough in what you are saying for them to do what you are asking.

Three things to consider when presenting to people are: be authentic, be reliable, and and be real.  And this can apply to any form of online media: blogs, video, or podcasts.

Being authentic means that you need to basically tell the truth.  Don’t fabricate the truth, or even tell “white lies”.  If you are not truthful eventually it will come around to harm you.  If people cannot trust you then they will stop following you.

Being reliable means that your audience will learn that they can rely on your for truthful information.  Try to be as accurate as possible in anything you present.  If you don’t know something, either tell people that you “don’t know” or look up the answer.  By being both authentic and reliable, you start building trust with your audience.

The number one of network marketing tips on presenting is be real.  Be relatable with your audience.  Express the challenges you had with your business.  Talk about your mistakes.  Don’t come across as complaining or whining because it will work against you, but do express the problems you had and how you overcame them.  For example this could even be how you may had struggled initially with your online business… but then also how you overcame those obstacles.  Show that you are not perfect.  By doing this your audience will be better able to relate to you, and you will be the rapport needed for a strong sustaining list of potential customers.  They will realize that they don’t have to be perfect either to do what you are doing now.

Now keep in mind that when you are promoting something it is ok to be the expert… to be able to answer any question they may have.  On the other hand, as a network marketer you need to be relatable to your audience.  If your audience cannot relate to you on a personal level then you will struggle to build rapport.

The following video talks about network marketing tips on presenting.

VIDEO: Learn Some Network Marketing Tips on Presenting to Potential Customers or Affiliates

So make sure you are relatable with your audience.  If you audience can both trust you and relate to you, you build rapport… and with that a strong following.

To learn more about network marketing tips on presenting, click the image below:

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Article: Network Marketing Tips on Presenting

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